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  1. AMS97KRR

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Don't think it's a penalty. Verstappen was alongside and he did attempt to actually make the corner unlike Rosberg a few years ago. If there was a wall on the exit, Leclerc would have conceded earlier. Anyway he shouldn't have left the door open, that was an amatuer mistake. Everyone knows Max will go for a gap if it's there so why leave him the inside? You cover that inside line and he cant push you off... A good example of where this is illegal would be Rosberg vs Max at Hockenheim. He didn't even bother turning in. Just straightlined the hairpin. Rosberg that is.
  2. AMS97KRR

    3 year predictions

    Remembered this just now. Fair to say it was mostly wrong. However I did get Kimi half right I think :p Also that Sauber call was pretty nice. McLaren and Williams did fight in 2018, mainly for last position though, not 7th. Oh and 2017: Honda being ditched and Kimi re-signing for a final year at Ferrari. Other than that, Renault and Williams fought for 5th, not 4th. RBR didn't manage to fight for the title. Bottas did not rejoin Williams.
  3. AMS97KRR

    2019 F1 Season Predictions

    1. Which teams will win races this year? Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull only. However if another were to win, I'd go for Alfa Romeo or Renault at a mad race like Baku. 2. What will be the best race result for Renault? 3rd position 3. Which team will score more points: Haas or Racing Point? Haas. 4. Which driver will out-qualify his team mate most often? Verstappen 5. Will Valtteri Bottas stay at Mercedes for 2020? Nah, he wont impress and Mercedes will stick in Ocon after the Ferrari pair steal their constructors crown. 6. Which rookie will score the most points (including Giovinazzi)? Norris. I think Russell is the best rookie but, the Williams wont be as good as the McLaren. 7. Who will take the most pole positions? Vettel. 8. Who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race? Nobody. 9. And who will take their place? Nobody. 10. Which driver will collect the most penalty points for driving infringements? Magnussen. 11. Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix? Leclerc. 12. Who will crash out of the most races? Giovinazzi 13. Which drivers will take their first podium this year? Leclerc, Gasly. 14: What will be the biggest driver market shock for 2020? Ocon in for Bottas. 15. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided? 2nd last race, whichever that is. 16. What will be the biggest political story of the year? McLaren and Renault falling out? Really not sure this year. Maybe as Jiggy said, something involving Rich Energy. 17. What will be the most entertaining race of the year? Baku. 18. Who will finish last in the constructors’ championship? Williams. 19. Who will win the Driver's championship? Vettel, just. Hamilton will be the closest challenger, followed by Leclerc. 20. Who will win the Constructor's championship? Ferrari, and I think it'll be comfortable.