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    What was your last purchase

    Damn, that's not great!

    What was your last purchase

    How long have you had it for then? I've had 2 Logitech wheels (DFGT and G29) and haven't ever had an issue! Sold the DFGT after about 5 years, had my G29 about 2.5 years now :)

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Don't think it's a penalty. Verstappen was alongside and he did attempt to actually make the corner unlike Rosberg a few years ago. If there was a wall on the exit, Leclerc would have conceded earlier. Anyway he shouldn't have left the door open, that was an amatuer mistake. Everyone knows Max will go for a gap if it's there so why leave him the inside? You cover that inside line and he cant push you off... A good example of where this is illegal would be Rosberg vs Max at Hockenheim. He didn't even bother turning in. Just straightlined the hairpin. Rosberg that is.

    3 year predictions

    Remembered this just now. Fair to say it was mostly wrong. However I did get Kimi half right I think :p Also that Sauber call was pretty nice. McLaren and Williams did fight in 2018, mainly for last position though, not 7th. Oh and 2017: Honda being ditched and Kimi re-signing for a final year at Ferrari. Other than that, Renault and Williams fought for 5th, not 4th. RBR didn't manage to fight for the title. Bottas did not rejoin Williams.

    Official Football Thread

    Agree completely about taking those first half chances, we were always going to concede, it was just a matter of when and even after we conceded we didn't look the more likely to go on and win.  I know most people will be saying about how proud they are, (and that's fine because I'm proud of the team as well) but I can't help but feel that might have been the best chance we will get to see a final involving England for a long, long time. If you look back at our previous games in world cups where we have been knocked out it has always been against "big teams", Croatia are a good side but not quite Germany or Argentina.  Worst part is we were only 23 minutes away from the final, just devastating. That and the first half was really quite good, so it's such a shame how the rest went...

    Official Football Thread

    Crazy how this World Cup has gone, never been a better chance to get to a final! It seems as if everyone is getting involved and supporting the team in a way I've not seen before myself. Really hope we can make that final, the Croatia game will be very tight and I can see them dominating the midfield with Brozovic, Rakatic and Modric. The set pieces have been incredibly well done by Gareth and his staff. Imagine if we hadn't worked so hard on them, we'd probably have struggled quite a bit due to our failure to convert a lot of chances from open play. That's my one concern about the next game and possible final really, the fact that we have barely scored from open play. But in a one off match it only takes 1 clear chance being converted to win so there's always a chance :D If we can continue to evolve and improve, I'm really looking forward to seeing how we do in Euro 2020 and WC 2022, the team will only be getting better and more experienced from here, for the most part. Need to find a younger version of Henderson though, he has surprisingly been one of our most indispensable players and he's 28, may not be quite as good in 2022. Also when I say about evolving and improving, that goes for Gareth as well, I think he made an error against Colombia by replacing Alli with Dier and sitting back for example, and again against Tunisia by not replacing an injured Alli until too late. But on the whole he's done a brilliant job. Thought for ages we needed an identity and system and finally we have something, and a man who is prepared to do something a bit different to the other recent England managers going with a 3 at the back and ditching the old has been's like Rooney and Hart. Honestly England in tournament football without Rooney is so refreshing... 

    The Game Thread!

    I used to love Mario 64, but I don't think the Switch has enough 3rd party games (even then, would they have a big playerbase?) to justify the purchase. I'd play Mario Kart and probably pick up Mario Odyssey, but this is the issue I had with the Wii U, just not enough games or there is 3rd party games I own - I already own Skyrim (about 3 or 4 times over) and Rocket League for example. I'd love to actually know if a big game like CoD WW2 came out on Switch exactly what size the player base is.

    The Game Thread!

    Probably for the best you're not interested in it, can't see EA changing much between now and launch in terms of the multiplayer. Really disappointing what they've done with the multiplayer considering how much potential there is there :(  It's pretty much the reason I would have bought it...

    The Game Thread!

    Battlefront II looks so great visually, and the campaign stuff is no doubt going to be good but the whole loot box stuff in multiplayer is just awful, are you getting it on launch sj?
  10. AMSKRR

    The weather thread

    The weather is horrible IMO, cannot stand this heat. 29 ffs
  11. AMSKRR

    The PC Thread

    Yeah that's right, that's why I found it weird :p  The only reason I can think of  was that I was trying out a VPN and after it installed, it changed. I have since removed the VPN but this stayed. It removed the default TAP drivers and replaced them with their own. I of course deleted those TAP drivers when I removed the VPN.  As you said though, its probably nothing to worry about but you know what its like when something changes on your PC and you just don't get why, even if it doesn't matter, it bugs you ;) 
  12. AMSKRR

    The PC Thread

    Just reviving an old thread here quickly.  Why would my PC be telling me on the internet icon in the bottom right of the screen that I'm connected to "Realtek PCIe GBE" rather than my BT Hub?  The internet still works its just weird, I'd quite like to fix it if possible but Google hasn't helped much :/ 
  13. AMSKRR

    The Game Thread!

    Happened to me at Monaco. I started on the hardest compound with the idea of running Ultra soft last stint. Then with two laps to go, I get that message about tyre compounds. I was so mad as much of the AI did the same as me but the opposite way round. Hugely unfair as I was on for a podium.
  14. AMSKRR

    The Game Thread!

    Ive got to buy a few things, FIFA, MW Remastered and Civilization VI. I'll probably get BF1 at Christmas on offer or something.  Second half of the year is always expensive :(
  15. AMSKRR

    The Game Thread!

    I do agree that it's not much of a WW1 game, Verdun is far better at being a realistic WW1 game. But I do appreciate the new setting nonetheless.  I thought the voice over was bad too, I turned it off. Cool that they used the WW1 British Naval phonetic alphabet, but it is strange that they go to such lengths to make that realistic and then give everyone automatic weapons.  Shame that they've picked WW1 and sort of half arsed it. It's a decent game but they should have gone all in with WW1 like Verdun did.