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  1. How long have you had it for then? I've had 2 Logitech wheels (DFGT and G29) and haven't ever had an issue! Sold the DFGT after about 5 years, had my G29 about 2.5 years now :)
  2. Don't think it's a penalty. Verstappen was alongside and he did attempt to actually make the corner unlike Rosberg a few years ago. If there was a wall on the exit, Leclerc would have conceded earlier. Anyway he shouldn't have left the door open, that was an amatuer mistake. Everyone knows Max will go for a gap if it's there so why leave him the inside? You cover that inside line and he cant push you off... A good example of where this is illegal would be Rosberg vs Max at Hockenheim. He didn't even bother turning in. Just straightlined the hairpin. Rosberg that is.
  3. Must have been interesting for him to read his own obituaries and tributes, if he saw them!
  4. Glad to see him get a seat, not only because he is also from Norfolk but because talent has trumped money it seems. If I was Ocon and Mercedes had paid for that seat for Russell I'd be fuming, has there been any news on that? Looks like I'm going to cheering on Williams next year, what a turn of events.
  5. Apparently Wehrlein is now in line for the seat, so Kvyat and Wehrlein with Hatley out the door? Not a bad line up if that ends up being the case.
  6. What other options did they have, realistically? I thought they were very limited.  Thing is, I don't think Kvyat is bad at all, he is talented enough to warrant a seat. But like you said Hughsey, if he isn't ever going to get back to red bull it's pointless. But I think if he performs well be can get back there, the Kvyat we saw at Toro Rosso in his first season was worthy of a bigger move so there's no reason he can't rekindle that. 
  7. Didn't expect Kimi to sign for Sauber for 2 years, expected him to just leave. I do wonder if 2019 is 1 year early for Leclerc but time will tell. Should be fun to watch whatever happens.
  8. I kinda forget he is racing sometimes. Do think it would be good to see him against a driver like Sainz but you're not wrong.
  9. I don't really understand why McLaren didn't keep Vandoorne to partner Sainz. Norris can stay in F2 for another season if he doesn't win the title, and they get a proper test of how good Vandoorne is, Alonso is not a fair comparison at all. I expect Norris to be a success though.  Absurd decision IMO, but that's been the story of McLaren for years now, stupid decision after stupid decision. Short-sited decisions as well. Chucking out a guy who has been convincingly beaten by Alonso, only to hire someone convincingly beaten by Hulkenberg....
  10. Hopefully. Sainz/Vandoorne has to be the dullest McLaren line-up in my lifetime. No race wins or podiums between them, neither look like potential champions from what we have seen. Norris should walk into that team if he lives up to the hype next year.  I hope we don't see McLaren go the way of Williams.
  11. I do agree with you, there's definitely some obstacles to overcome which is why I don't see them being the dominant form of car any time soon.  The one about the grid being stretched already is the biggest problem, and then as you say, there is the need to make electricity greener using wind/wave/solar rather than fossil fuels. But yeah, like I said, an alternative has to be found to petrol. Whether that is Hydrogen or electric, who knows?  It's for this reason that F1 should avoid electric cars, I really cannot see them being dominant in the next couple of decades. Leave Formula E
  12. See whilst the initial extraction may be worse than petrol car pollution/oil extraction, the recyclable properties of Nickel may make it a better option long term. Oil will run out someday, and Nickel/Electricity will not. Even if oil was greener, it's not sustainable and therefore green or not, it will be gone one day.  And as we know the electrical use is not as polluting as the use of petrol. Over time the overall energy used in production and running of a petrol engine will overtake a battery.  This quote sticks out to me: “We have to get smarter at recovering and reusing t
  13. Is there much evidence to support this claim? I find it difficult to believe. And I should add, whilst extremist vegans annoy me, they are not the majority. As usual its just the internet fanatics, most real people are not like that. Secondly, it is apparently better for the environment to be vegan. But I enjoy meat and dairy too much to give it up :D . 
  14. Maybe, but it depends what Red Bull want. A Bottas type driver who can pick up wins when No.1 isn't able? Or a direct threat to Max?  Renault don't have that luxury, they need two top drivers, and they've got one in Ricciardo. Who can say how good Hulkenberg really is? He has Sainz pretty well covered so far just as Max did in 2015, so next year is a golden opportunity for him.  If Hulkenberg somehow beats Ricciardo, I wonder where he will stand on the radars of the big 3 teams? 
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