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  1. Damn, 64 using my Hungary predictions. Coming for you @RevolvingPrawn 
  2. Man, totally forgot to do this. I blame the terrible calendar layout.

    The PC Thread

    Yeah, I couldn't think of where else to save money, save the operating system. But Yeah, I made sure I bought a decent CPU when I made mine, GPU is AMD but whatever, I'll upgrade soon anyway :p 

    The PC Thread

    Let me put it this way bud, a 12 fps jump in Crysis 3 for less than a tenner makes it a lot better ;) But yea, Nvidia drivers and ShadowPlay will always make it worth getting one of their cards over AMD. Plus less heat and less power usage like Hughesy said :)  Glad you're willing to use the key shop for the OS dude, talked to quite a few people who worry about using them but out of the numerous things I've bought from them before I've always received the key I bought :)  And no trouble ;) I used the Neos for my grandma's PC too and just wanted to make sure you weren't gonna get a fan that wouldn't be useful to you. Yeah, I'll probably go for an Nvidia when I make upgrade my GPU. My CPU is pretty solid I though, cost enough.  G2A is quality, games on there are often cheaper than anywhere else. Annoying that VAT is now on there though, didn't use to be.

    The PC Thread

    Ok, fair enough, I didn't really know how many cores is considered good enough :p  GPU is only a little better but I guess being Nvidia makes it worthwhile.  And yeah, I've used G2A before, I didn't think to look on there for W7, so that is a good idea. And yeah that was a mistake actually haha, didn't notice that.  Thanks for that :)

    The PC Thread

    Just gaming really. Obviously the CPU saves a lot of money this way, I found this one on reddit and figured something at that price must be ok for gaming, this is the reddit post. https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/2s6kt3/build_complete_400_console_killer_g3258_xfx_r9/

    The PC Thread

    Haven't posted in here for a while, but anyway.  My brother was thinking about getting a PC, so I put together this: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/AMS97F1/saved/ZVZ323 Do you guys think that is decent? Is there anywhere that you can save money that won detract from the power of it? How does it compare to my one? This is mine: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/AMS97F1/saved/4HbQzy They're pretty similar other than the CPU's, but how different are they? I know a bit about PC's but I don't really want anyone to go spending £500 on something when it could be cheaper but still the same or spending a ton of money on something not really powerful enough.
  8. Damn , 33 points won :L
  9. Imagine winning a round with less than 30 points :L
  10. Is it really possible that no one got over 50 points lol ???
  11. Quali 5 5 5 Race 0 0 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 Oh Christ, 15 for Quali and 9 for the race :lol:  24. 
  12. Quali 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Vettel Race 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Vettel 4. Kvyat 5. Ricciardo 6. Raikkonen 7. Bottas 8. Massa 9. Sainz 10. Verstappen
  13. AMSKRR

    Project CARS

    Just been playing this recently and Je sus Christ the AI is the worst. Like they have no idea where I am. Apparently Je sus is censored? 
  14. QUALI 5 5 0 RACE 15 15 15 (+30) 3 15 0 0 0 0 0 103 I think!
  15. Quali Hamilton Rosberg Vettel Race Hamilton Rosberg Vettel Raikkonen Bottas Massa Ricciardo Verstappen Kvyat Hulkenberg
  16. AMSKRR

    Official Football Thread

    If England won the Womens world cup, it would be cool. But it will never be the same as the mens team winning it for me.  But aren't USA and Germany both miles better?  Also, someone pointed out on Reddit that USA vs Germany and England vs Japan was very WW2-esque 
  17. AMSKRR

    Formula E Thread

    I'm going to make more of an effort to watch this next year, I only watched 2 of the races in the end :/  I never really know it is on until it has finished lol
  18. Qualifying 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Vettel Race 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3.Vettel 4. Raikkonen 5. Bottas 6. Massa 7. Grosjean 8. Hulkenberg 9. Maldonando 10. Ricciardo
  19. Would have been joint first places under my rules ;)
  20. You won Belgium and Russia last year... Oh wow, didn't even remember that. I just remember whenever I come 2nd :L
  21. In the entire time I've done this, I've never actually won a round. I feel like the Netherlands at the World Cup :( :p
  22. @AMS97KRR 94 ;) God Damn it lol  EDIT: Oh but I submitted first haha :p
  23. Quali 5 5 0 Race 15 15 3 15 3 15 0 3 15 0 94 I believe. Alright I guess, got 5/10 spot on :D
  24. Qualifying 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Vettel Race 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Vettel 4. Raikkonen 5. Bottas 6. Massa 7. Ricciardo 8. Grosjean 9.Kvyat 10. Verstappen