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  1. On 8/13/2019 at 7:34 AM, KittyFit90 said:

    Arrgh my G920 racing wheel has packed it, turning sharply in either direction seems to disconnect the G buttons, only fixable by power cycling the wheel. Have contacted the retailer re: a replacement. Lets see...crossed fingers.

    How long have you had it for then? I've had 2 Logitech wheels (DFGT and G29) and haven't ever had an issue! Sold the DFGT after about 5 years, had my G29 about 2.5 years now :)

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  2. 7 hours ago, couger1981 said:

    I didn't watch Austria but did see a replay between Max and Charles which was deemed to be a racing incident. To be far though it looked like Max didn't start turning until the middle of the corner as he steering wheel was still straight and collided with Charles forcing him off. Everyone is saying the Stewards have been consistent with their penalties of late but thinking back to Canada Vettel did the same with Hamilton forcing him off without colliding and got a 5 sec penalty as a result. Whats everyones take of it?

    Don't think it's a penalty. Verstappen was alongside and he did attempt to actually make the corner unlike Rosberg a few years ago. If there was a wall on the exit, Leclerc would have conceded earlier. Anyway he shouldn't have left the door open, that was an amatuer mistake. Everyone knows Max will go for a gap if it's there so why leave him the inside? You cover that inside line and he cant push you off...


    A good example of where this is illegal would be Rosberg vs Max at Hockenheim. He didn't even bother turning in. Just straightlined the hairpin. Rosberg that is.

  3. Quote

    - RBR to gain an upper hand, Ricciardo takes his first title just ahead of Verstappen. Ferrari and Mercedes neck and neck for the next 4 spots every week.
    - McLaren, Renault and Williams fight for the next best 
    - Raikkonen retires, finally.
    - Ferrari hire Verstappen after he falls out with the RB team.
    - RB promote Sainz
    - Sauber are bought by a constructor like VW or Aston Martin

    WDC: Ricciardo, Verstappen, Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen 
    WCC: RBR, Mercedes, Ferrari

    Remembered this just now. Fair to say it was mostly wrong. However I did get Kimi half right I think :p Also that Sauber call was pretty nice. McLaren and Williams did fight in 2018, mainly for last position though, not 7th.

    Oh and 2017:


    - The Ferrari, Mercedes and RBR drivers will fight for the title all season, Raikkonen, Bottas and Verstappen will drop off due to either mistakes or reliability. The other 3 will all go to the last race with a chance and it ultimately ends in a Vettel win, the hype was real all along.
    - McLaren get sick of Honda and ditch them for 2018. 
    - Alonso joins Mercedes for 2018
    - Bottas rejoins Williams after Massa retires
    - Raikkonen signs for one more year 
    - Renault and Williams fight for the best of the rest

    Honda being ditched and Kimi re-signing for a final year at Ferrari. Other than that, Renault and Williams fought for 5th, not 4th. RBR didn't manage to fight for the title. Bottas did not rejoin Williams. 

  4. 1. Which teams will win races this year?

    Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull only. However if another were to win, I'd go for Alfa Romeo or Renault at a mad race like Baku.

    2. What will be the best race result for Renault?

    3rd position

    3. Which team will score more points: Haas or Racing Point?


    4. Which driver will out-qualify his team mate most often?


    5. Will Valtteri Bottas stay at Mercedes for 2020?

    Nah, he wont impress and Mercedes will stick in Ocon after the Ferrari pair steal their constructors crown.

    6. Which rookie will score the most points (including Giovinazzi)?

    Norris. I think Russell is the best rookie but, the Williams wont be as good as the McLaren.

    7. Who will take the most pole positions?


    8. Who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race?


    9. And who will take their place?


    10. Which driver will collect the most penalty points for driving infringements?


    11. Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix?


    12. Who will crash out of the most races?


    13. Which drivers will take their first podium this year?

    Leclerc, Gasly.

    14: What will be the biggest driver market shock for 2020?

    Ocon in for Bottas.

    15. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided?

    2nd last race, whichever that is.

    16. What will be the biggest political story of the year?

    McLaren and Renault falling out? Really not sure this year. Maybe as Jiggy said, something involving Rich Energy. 

    17. What will be the most entertaining race of the year?


    18. Who will finish last in the constructors’ championship?


    19. Who will win the Driver's championship?

    Vettel, just. Hamilton will be the closest challenger, followed by Leclerc.

    20. Who will win the Constructor's championship?

    Ferrari, and I think it'll be comfortable. 


  5. It's that time of year again where we can review our predictions for the season :) 

    1. Which teams will win races this year?
    Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull - CORRECT 

    2. What will be the best race result for Haas?
    4th - CORRECT (Grosjean, Austria)

    3. Which team will score more points: Renault or McLaren?
    McLaren - WRONG

    4. Which driver will out-qualify his team mate most often?
    Hamilton over Bottas - WRONG (Believe it was Alonso-Vandoorne)

    5. Will Kimi Raikkonen remain on the grid for 2018?
    Assuming you mean 2019, then I think no. But I don't think Leclerc will replace him. - WRONG 

    6. Will Fernando Alonso remain on the grid for 2018? (2019?)
    Yes. - WRONG

    7. Who will win the FIA pole position trophy?
    Hamilton - CORRECT

    8. Who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race?
    Everyone seems quite secure right now in my opinion, I don't see a replacement happening due to performance. - CORRECT!

    9. And who will take their place?

    10. Which driver will collect the most penalty points for driving infringements?
    Sirotkin - WRONG

    11. Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix?
    Ricciardo - CORRECT

    12. Who will crash out of the most races?
    Stroll - WRONG

    13. Which drivers will take their first podium this year?
    Vandoorne, and Sainz - WRONG HAHA

    14: Whose engines will Red Bull use in 2019?
    Honda - CORRECT!

    15. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided?

    16. What will be the biggest political story of the year? 
    McLaren looking like complete tools after Honda come good, not sure if that qualifies as a political story though. If Haas are very quick there could be some controversy over the car and any Ferrari involvement with it. - HALF RIGHT?

    17. What will be the most entertaining race of the year?
    Germany - MAYBE?

    18. Who will finish last in the constructors’ championship?
    Sauber, but Williams will give them a run for their money. - WRONG 

    19. Who will win the Driver's championship?
    Hamilton - by a distance unfortunately, I think it could be the dullest season since the Schumacher years in terms of the title fight. - CORRECT

    20. Who will win the Constructor's championship?
    Mercedes, again. - CORRECT

    9/20, but 16 and 17 are certainly up for debate. Happy with number 8/9, normally happens at least once!

  6. UP100 said:
    I feel like Ocon's penalty was too big considering there wasn't that much wrong with the move. I mean Ocon was the quicker driver, (5 tenths quicker if I read the data correctly) but he chose a **** place to try and overtake. I feel f1's harshest penalty (when not counting DSQ) for that is kind of unfair when looking at every other causing the collision penalty... and also considering Ocon was told to look at his rear mirrors when a similar incident happened in Baku between him and Raikkonen. Apparently Whiting said that it didn't matter to the stewards that Max was the leading car when the incident happened... Honestly I doubt that.
    It was funny though how the Finnish commentator started yelling how Ocon only got 10 seconds stop & go when that's the harshest penalty you can give. The experts just quietly sitting there and wondering should they tell him.
    It was stupid to try it on the lead car there, when you're a back marker you can overtake leaders, but you should do so in a risk free manner. 

  7. Glad to see him get a seat, not only because he is also from Norfolk but because talent has trumped money it seems. If I was Ocon and Mercedes had paid for that seat for Russell I'd be fuming, has there been any news on that?

    Looks like I'm going to cheering on Williams next year, what a turn of events.

  8. fIsince08 said:
    Vettel this year is Hamilton in 2011. Crashtastic.
    Even more so than 2014. Undeniable brilliance with random self-destruction mixed in. 

    Ferrari need to have a massive talk and reflection on this season, nothing about it has been good enough aside from the cars raw pace. Useless having a fast car if its operated and worked on by monkeys. 

    What Vettel was thinking going for a move there only God knows, we can only hope for the sake of future competition that Vettel learns from this season and becomes a bit more like Lewis post 2011. Or perhaps Leclerc can be the one to challenge Mercedes. I don't mind at this point, but we really need another title going down to the wire.

  9. To be honest Vettel didn't have much of a chance to show his pace. In the first part of the race the top guys were all conserving tyres, then Ferrari pulled out another strategy masterclass and put him on the US behind Perez and ultimately because of this he had to conserve his tyres which dropped off a cliff anyway. But this race should prove that the Ferrari isn't quite as fast as people have been led to believe, Mercedes have done a great job to get that car working in Singapore and in the hands of Hamilton it's difficult to beat.

    Ferrari are a joke of a team when it comes to strategy calls. It wouldn't matter if Vettel hadn't bottled Germany and France, the team would have thrown it away somehow, which would have been even worse than the current situation IMO. I thought what Martin Brundle wrote on Vettel & Ferrari was interesting. Link for those who missed it: https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/32420/11490197/why-ferrari-must-share-blame-for-sebastian-vettels-mistakes 

    And Bottas, what an embarrassment, Hamilton cruises to a win with pace in hand and he can't even close down Vettel on dead tyres or even a God damn Renault...Just give the seat to Ocon or Russell already.

  10. What other options did they have, realistically? I thought they were very limited. 

    Thing is, I don't think Kvyat is bad at all, he is talented enough to warrant a seat. But like you said Hughsey, if he isn't ever going to get back to red bull it's pointless. But I think if he performs well be can get back there, the Kvyat we saw at Toro Rosso in his first season was worthy of a bigger move so there's no reason he can't rekindle that. 

  11. fIsince08 said:
    The thing with Vandoorne is, debut aside, he hasn't ever had a standout performance. If you look at the likes of Leclerc, Gasly or further back Hamilton and Vettel or even Webber, they all had good signs early on.

    Vandoorne hasn't.
    I kinda forget he is racing sometimes. Do think it would be good to see him against a driver like Sainz but you're not wrong.

  12. I don't really understand why McLaren didn't keep Vandoorne to partner Sainz. Norris can stay in F2 for another season if he doesn't win the title, and they get a proper test of how good Vandoorne is, Alonso is not a fair comparison at all. I expect Norris to be a success though. 

    Absurd decision IMO, but that's been the story of McLaren for years now, stupid decision after stupid decision. Short-sited decisions as well. Chucking out a guy who has been convincingly beaten by Alonso, only to hire someone convincingly beaten by Hulkenberg....

  13. Hopefully. Sainz/Vandoorne has to be the dullest McLaren line-up in my lifetime. No race wins or podiums between them, neither look like potential champions from what we have seen. Norris should walk into that team if he lives up to the hype next year. 

    I hope we don't see McLaren go the way of Williams.

  14. I do agree with you, there's definitely some obstacles to overcome which is why I don't see them being the dominant form of car any time soon.  The one about the grid being stretched already is the biggest problem, and then as you say, there is the need to make electricity greener using wind/wave/solar rather than fossil fuels. But yeah, like I said, an alternative has to be found to petrol. Whether that is Hydrogen or electric, who knows? 

    It's for this reason that F1 should avoid electric cars, I really cannot see them being dominant in the next couple of decades. Leave Formula E to drive development of them, F1 can continue with its hybrid route and can adapt down the line to either fully electric or Hydrogen, whichever looks most likely to be the future. Re-asses in 2031, a decade after the major changes coming in for 2021.

  15. Hughesy said:
    See whilst the initial extraction may be worse than petrol car pollution/oil extraction, the recyclable properties of Nickel may make it a better option long term. Oil will run out someday, and Nickel/Electricity will not. Even if oil was greener, it's not sustainable and therefore green or not, it will be gone one day. 
    And as we know the electrical use is not as polluting as the use of petrol. Over time the overall energy used in production and running of a petrol engine will overtake a battery. 

    This quote sticks out to me: “We have to get smarter at recovering and reusing the vast quantities that we have already extracted from the earth, rather than relying on continued pursuit of new reserves of ever poorer quality and at substantial environmental cost.”

    So does that mean that most of what we need is already out there just waiting to be recycled? And it does seem that the process could be cleaner according to the article. 

    I should add, I'm not some huge fan of electric cars. 

  16. Hughesy said:
    Electric being green is bs. The rare metals that the batteries and motors need create a lot more pollution than petrol cars. Then there's the fact that most electricity isn't produced via wind or other non pollutant means. FE are basically like vegans, they think they are better than you and will throw it in your face whenever they get the chance.
    Is there much evidence to support this claim? I find it difficult to believe.

    And I should add, whilst extremist vegans annoy me, they are not the majority. As usual its just the internet fanatics, most real people are not like that. Secondly, it is apparently better for the environment to be vegan. But I enjoy meat and dairy too much to give it up :D . 

  17. Hughesy said:
    Well if Renault didn't think Sainz was good enough for them, then I can't see Red Bull thinking he's good enough for them. 
    Maybe, but it depends what Red Bull want. A Bottas type driver who can pick up wins when No.1 isn't able? Or a direct threat to Max? 

    Renault don't have that luxury, they need two top drivers, and they've got one in Ricciardo. Who can say how good Hulkenberg really is? He has Sainz pretty well covered so far just as Max did in 2015, so next year is a golden opportunity for him. 

    If Hulkenberg somehow beats Ricciardo, I wonder where he will stand on the radars of the big 3 teams?