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  1. On 8/13/2019 at 7:34 AM, KittyFit90 said:

    Arrgh my G920 racing wheel has packed it, turning sharply in either direction seems to disconnect the G buttons, only fixable by power cycling the wheel. Have contacted the retailer re: a replacement. Lets see...crossed fingers.

    How long have you had it for then? I've had 2 Logitech wheels (DFGT and G29) and haven't ever had an issue! Sold the DFGT after about 5 years, had my G29 about 2.5 years now :)

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  2. 7 hours ago, couger1981 said:

    I didn't watch Austria but did see a replay between Max and Charles which was deemed to be a racing incident. To be far though it looked like Max didn't start turning until the middle of the corner as he steering wheel was still straight and collided with Charles forcing him off. Everyone is saying the Stewards have been consistent with their penalties of late but thinking back to Canada Vettel did the same with Hamilton forcing him off without colliding and got a 5 sec penalty as a result. Whats everyones take of it?

    Don't think it's a penalty. Verstappen was alongside and he did attempt to actually make the corner unlike Rosberg a few years ago. If there was a wall on the exit, Leclerc would have conceded earlier. Anyway he shouldn't have left the door open, that was an amatuer mistake. Everyone knows Max will go for a gap if it's there so why leave him the inside? You cover that inside line and he cant push you off...


    A good example of where this is illegal would be Rosberg vs Max at Hockenheim. He didn't even bother turning in. Just straightlined the hairpin. Rosberg that is.

  3. Glad to see him get a seat, not only because he is also from Norfolk but because talent has trumped money it seems. If I was Ocon and Mercedes had paid for that seat for Russell I'd be fuming, has there been any news on that?

    Looks like I'm going to cheering on Williams next year, what a turn of events.
  4. What other options did they have, realistically? I thought they were very limited. 

    Thing is, I don't think Kvyat is bad at all, he is talented enough to warrant a seat. But like you said Hughsey, if he isn't ever going to get back to red bull it's pointless. But I think if he performs well be can get back there, the Kvyat we saw at Toro Rosso in his first season was worthy of a bigger move so there's no reason he can't rekindle that. 
  5. fIsince08 said:
    The thing with Vandoorne is, debut aside, he hasn't ever had a standout performance. If you look at the likes of Leclerc, Gasly or further back Hamilton and Vettel or even Webber, they all had good signs early on.

    Vandoorne hasn't.
    I kinda forget he is racing sometimes. Do think it would be good to see him against a driver like Sainz but you're not wrong.
  6. I don't really understand why McLaren didn't keep Vandoorne to partner Sainz. Norris can stay in F2 for another season if he doesn't win the title, and they get a proper test of how good Vandoorne is, Alonso is not a fair comparison at all. I expect Norris to be a success though. 

    Absurd decision IMO, but that's been the story of McLaren for years now, stupid decision after stupid decision. Short-sited decisions as well. Chucking out a guy who has been convincingly beaten by Alonso, only to hire someone convincingly beaten by Hulkenberg....

  7. Hopefully. Sainz/Vandoorne has to be the dullest McLaren line-up in my lifetime. No race wins or podiums between them, neither look like potential champions from what we have seen. Norris should walk into that team if he lives up to the hype next year. 

    I hope we don't see McLaren go the way of Williams.
  8. I do agree with you, there's definitely some obstacles to overcome which is why I don't see them being the dominant form of car any time soon.  The one about the grid being stretched already is the biggest problem, and then as you say, there is the need to make electricity greener using wind/wave/solar rather than fossil fuels. But yeah, like I said, an alternative has to be found to petrol. Whether that is Hydrogen or electric, who knows? 

    It's for this reason that F1 should avoid electric cars, I really cannot see them being dominant in the next couple of decades. Leave Formula E to drive development of them, F1 can continue with its hybrid route and can adapt down the line to either fully electric or Hydrogen, whichever looks most likely to be the future. Re-asses in 2031, a decade after the major changes coming in for 2021.
  9. Hughesy said:
    See whilst the initial extraction may be worse than petrol car pollution/oil extraction, the recyclable properties of Nickel may make it a better option long term. Oil will run out someday, and Nickel/Electricity will not. Even if oil was greener, it's not sustainable and therefore green or not, it will be gone one day. 
    And as we know the electrical use is not as polluting as the use of petrol. Over time the overall energy used in production and running of a petrol engine will overtake a battery. 

    This quote sticks out to me: “We have to get smarter at recovering and reusing the vast quantities that we have already extracted from the earth, rather than relying on continued pursuit of new reserves of ever poorer quality and at substantial environmental cost.”

    So does that mean that most of what we need is already out there just waiting to be recycled? And it does seem that the process could be cleaner according to the article. 

    I should add, I'm not some huge fan of electric cars. 
  10. Hughesy said:
    Electric being green is bs. The rare metals that the batteries and motors need create a lot more pollution than petrol cars. Then there's the fact that most electricity isn't produced via wind or other non pollutant means. FE are basically like vegans, they think they are better than you and will throw it in your face whenever they get the chance.
    Is there much evidence to support this claim? I find it difficult to believe.

    And I should add, whilst extremist vegans annoy me, they are not the majority. As usual its just the internet fanatics, most real people are not like that. Secondly, it is apparently better for the environment to be vegan. But I enjoy meat and dairy too much to give it up :D . 
  11. Hughesy said:
    Well if Renault didn't think Sainz was good enough for them, then I can't see Red Bull thinking he's good enough for them. 
    Maybe, but it depends what Red Bull want. A Bottas type driver who can pick up wins when No.1 isn't able? Or a direct threat to Max? 

    Renault don't have that luxury, they need two top drivers, and they've got one in Ricciardo. Who can say how good Hulkenberg really is? He has Sainz pretty well covered so far just as Max did in 2015, so next year is a golden opportunity for him. 

    If Hulkenberg somehow beats Ricciardo, I wonder where he will stand on the radars of the big 3 teams? 

  12. I'm not sure that a budget cap would really help either because you still need to finish high enough to make the big bucks. I guess it would slow down the development of Mercedes and Ferrari but those teams have so many recesses and experience that they would still be able to make huge strides in development.
    Well the pot would be more evenly shared, so those who finish last like Williams get more than they do now. And yes Ferrari and Mercedes would still have the advantage in terms of personnel for now, there is nothing saying that in future other teams couldn't spend more wisely and jump up to the front. It benefits teams that are more efficient with their spending! 

    And if you're including the wages of your staff, which I assume we are, then you would have to seriously consider how much you spend on them anyway. Do you have enough cash left after you've bought the best aero team to actually develop other areas sufficiently, or have top level staff elsewhere? And of course this affects the drivers you choose, for smaller teams do you take a pay driver and totally free up part of the budget for R&D to push yourself up the grid car performance wise? Take a chance on a  rookie like Sirotkin, Harltley or Leclerc and hope your car is good enough to make up for any weaknesses? Or do you go for 2 world champions and hope you have a good enough car? 

    I don't know how it treats engine manufacturers though, perhaps engine costs are written off as not everyone makes them in house? Instead I guess each engine department could have X amount to spend. FIA could even fully or partially subsidise the engines or something.

    If nothing else it would make the sport more attractive for potential incoming teams and more sustainable for any teams currently in it. The turnover of teams is laughable in F1 history, how we have let some true giants of the sport die is a joke. Like Jiggy said, once a team dies, it's dead 99 times out of 100. And even the Lotus that came back into F1 in the 2010's was not the "real" Team Lotus of the 1960s-1990's.
  13. Jiggy said:
    Meh, it happened to Lotus and Tyrrell and Brabham and Ligier. People couldn't believe it at the time either because they've known those teams when they were competitive and winning championships. Back then, those were the teams deemed too big to become backmarkers, but that's what they ended up being.

    So with that in mind, when it comes to privateer-teams, it can also happen to the great British teams of our generation in McLaren and Williams. Maybe they won't even be on the grid in 5 years. Unless you're a factory team, it seems like your time in F1 is limited always. And that's even the case for factory teams, but they always are able to come back one day if they'd want it. Like Toyota or BMW. But for the privateers, when they're gone, they're gone forever. Unless the name gets bought by some dodgy Malaysian dude who needs a gimmick and drags it through the mud like Tony Fernandes and Lotus.
    Lotus theoretically could return, as Lotus Cars exists - based in the same place as the old F1 team. But I doubt they make close to the money required, it would probably kill them as a company. F1 has just become far, far too expensive. Even a team like Force India, who came 4th last season is in trouble and scraping by race to race.
  14. Agree completely about taking those first half chances, we were always going to concede, it was just a matter of when and even after we conceded we didn't look the more likely to go on and win. 

    I know most people will be saying about how proud they are, (and that's fine because I'm proud of the team as well) but I can't help but feel that might have been the best chance we will get to see a final involving England for a long, long time. If you look back at our previous games in world cups where we have been knocked out it has always been against "big teams", Croatia are a good side but not quite Germany or Argentina. 

    Worst part is we were only 23 minutes away from the final, just devastating. That and the first half was really quite good, so it's such a shame how the rest went...
  15. Crazy how this World Cup has gone, never been a better chance to get to a final! It seems as if everyone is getting involved and supporting the team in a way I've not seen before myself. Really hope we can make that final, the Croatia game will be very tight and I can see them dominating the midfield with Brozovic, Rakatic and Modric.

    The set pieces have been incredibly well done by Gareth and his staff. Imagine if we hadn't worked so hard on them, we'd probably have struggled quite a bit due to our failure to convert a lot of chances from open play. That's my one concern about the next game and possible final really, the fact that we have barely scored from open play. But in a one off match it only takes 1 clear chance being converted to win so there's always a chance :D

    If we can continue to evolve and improve, I'm really looking forward to seeing how we do in Euro 2020 and WC 2022, the team will only be getting better and more experienced from here, for the most part. Need to find a younger version of Henderson though, he has surprisingly been one of our most indispensable players and he's 28, may not be quite as good in 2022. Also when I say about evolving and improving, that goes for Gareth as well, I think he made an error against Colombia by replacing Alli with Dier and sitting back for example, and again against Tunisia by not replacing an injured Alli until too late. But on the whole he's done a brilliant job. Thought for ages we needed an identity and system and finally we have something, and a man who is prepared to do something a bit different to the other recent England managers going with a 3 at the back and ditching the old has been's like Rooney and Hart. Honestly England in tournament football without Rooney is so refreshing... 
  16. That layout looks better to be honest. I don't really see what you can do to improve what we have now, perhaps take a different route to extend the run down to the Nouvelle chicane? That would remove Portier by going left somewhere after 7. But then it might require a lot of work to the roads...
  17. Only 3 or 4 threads in this section have even had a post in the last month. 

    And in the F1 section most the time there is only a new post on race weekends or when a major piece of news comes out. I remember the "good old days" when the F1 section was full of "discussion", even in the depths of winter. 
  18. Hughesy said:
    Maybe mine was still launch stock, although I didn't get it on day of release it wasn't long after I got it.

    I can only justify it as I got the money for nothing. I went ahead and bought one and I'm just transferring 200gb of data lol. I won't be playing it today I doubt, as I'm still suffering from an illness. Unless you have a 4k TV it's a bit of a waste, although it improves performance at 1080p. What I didn't realise is how big the pro is, it's the same as an Xbox One, yet the Xbox One X is smaller than both and a lot more powerful. 

    Your CPU is being wasted slightly. I did think about putting this money towards a new GPU when the next gen is released, but GPU prices are increasing because of miners and its going to price me out of a high end GPU. I still see my PC as my main platform, but if I can't justify the cost I won't upgrade, whereas before I was upgrading every year or two. When I started PC gaming, high end GPU's were £300-£350, now they are £500+
    Yeah, I agree, it is a bit of a waste without 4k. I can't afford 3 4k monitors personally, and I'd rather have 3x1080p than the one 4k. For now anyway.

    The RX 480/1060 is about 200-300 depending on the version so luckily it's quite affordable and I should be able to run most games on high/ultra again. But you're right, the prices are a bit insane for the top ones. a 1060 is reasonable, then you get the 1070 for 360+  which is stretching the limits for me, and the 1080 at over 500, well that's me priced out. But then I think I'd be better off building an entirely new PC if I was looking at a 1080. 

  19. My original controller had that problem Hughsey, I thought it was purely an issue on the launch controllers? I got a second one a couple of years ago (It's the 20th anniversary Grey one) as a result of the rubber wearing off, and that one has been fine! 

    As for the hard drive space, I've not had any issues either, but then it isn't my main platform. I probably buy 1 or 2 games a year for it, such as F1 (You can delete that data every year and replace it with the new game) and I only buy that on PS4 because of league racing, if it wasn't for that I'd probably buy it on PC, if I bought it at all.

    I couldn't really justify purchasing a PS4 Pro based on those circumstances, as much as I'd like one at some point, I'd rather upgrade my PC's GPU to like a 1060 6GB (or even an 8GB RX 480, I have heard it might be a better long term card). I want to buy Kingdom Come Deliverance on PC, but I'm not sure if my r9 270x will be able to handle it that well, the rest of my PC is good enough.

    I was doing a benchmark test the other day and it said something along the lines of, my PC is running at 40% of the benchmark, but putting a 1060 in makes it up to about 80 something % instantly. So that's become a priority, I'm sort of wasting my CPU (i5 4760k, haven't overclocked it yet) on such an average GPU, a bottleneck I suppose. I'm probably making no sense at all to you :p 
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