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  1. I'm honestly just saying, because I was surprised. As I said, the first few and last few laps were top quality but the rest I was actually surprisingly bored. 2007 race was no better either, they showed that on wednesday.  A classic title decider but not a classic race without that context.
  2. Probably an unpopular opinion, but having watched the 2008 Brazillian GP on sky last night, I have to say that other than the first few and last few laps, it was a fairly dull race. Average at best. The race for the lead was massively one sided (Vettel challenged for a bit, Alonso too until Massa ran off), Hamilton was in position I believe for most of the race until the rain came down, Raikkonen had a quiet race. Probably 10-15 genuinely exciting laps, and the rest were just meh. Granted, the last few laps were particularly exciting. The 2012 race (which is currently on) has just been non-st
  3. It's just stupid. If we want an open cockpit, keep an open cockpit. If you want a close one just redesign the cars around that ffs FIA. Stop ruining the look of the cars. 
  4. Eh, I disagree. It's such a fast circuit and some of the corners like Maggots and Becketts are fantastic to watch cars go through.  I love Monza, but would anyone suggest that it has better corners/more challenging corners than Silverstone? It's mainly long straights with chicanes, with two 90 degree corners, and a long hairpin. But it is classic and fun to watch and race on games.
  5. Pathetic, how can we seriously lose a track like Silverstone??
  6. I don't think saying "Muslim" with the quote mark helps the situation, no point denying they're Muslim. It's just important for people (And most do) to see that Muslims are not all terrorists. 
  7. The weather is horrible IMO, cannot stand this heat. 29 ffs
  8. You're probably right to be honest mate, wouldn't surprise me at all if they're doing dodgy stuff like that all the time. There is many products you could label "business expenditure" if you think hard enough for a reason to need it. But I think its fair to look at these types of things and consider the alternative reasons! 
  9. To be fair it could be for the next day delivery. If he orders a lot from there it works out cheaper to just buy Prime. 
  10. I would have voted tory in 2015 (Lib Dems were down and out, I don't like Ed Miliband, UKIP lol), but after the last couple of years I've really learnt what utter, utter scumbags they are. Especially on their stance when it comes to selling arms to Saudi Arabia. I mean they were all for a British company selling Nerve Gas to Syria as well. I refuse to vote for a government that is going to gas kids once we leave the EU, which is all that is stopping us being the no.1 dealer to tinpot dictators and Arab warlords, it seems. Not to mention the personal record of Theresa May, who I detest. Corre
  11. Voting system needs to change as well, absolutely mad that we still use FPTP
  12. I'll be voting Lib Dem for sure. Wont get in my local seat though :/
  13. Haha, that's hilarious, love that guys reaction.
  14. I could definitely see McLaren switching if this year is a total failure again. The progress, if there is much, is too slow. 
  15. I hope you did the responsible thing and burnt that house down @RevolvingPrawn
  16. When you say circuit identity, do you also mean things like the Silverstone wing or Ferrari World? Things dotted around the circuit? @MBKF1
  17. That is an awfully long signature. Too short ffs codemasters fight me
  18. I'd love to see Ricciardo smash Lewis and take the title :) 
  19. I'm happy for Nico, he's got his title, he's got his family, he's got all the money he needs and he is riding off into the sunset. Sad to see him go though.
  20. Yeah that's right, that's why I found it weird :p  The only reason I can think of  was that I was trying out a VPN and after it installed, it changed. I have since removed the VPN but this stayed. It removed the default TAP drivers and replaced them with their own. I of course deleted those TAP drivers when I removed the VPN.  As you said though, its probably nothing to worry about but you know what its like when something changes on your PC and you just don't get why, even if it doesn't matter, it bugs you ;) 
  21. Just reviving an old thread here quickly.  Why would my PC be telling me on the internet icon in the bottom right of the screen that I'm connected to "Realtek PCIe GBE" rather than my BT Hub?  The internet still works its just weird, I'd quite like to fix it if possible but Google hasn't helped much :/ 
  22. Well he posted the same on Instagram so I guess he's just being a nice guy. Nico is human after all and has just achieved his life long dream...
  23. Mmmm salt supplies are in full stock Too short m8
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