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  1. Personally, I like the Google Nexus phones. They have a nice GUI and they get the new android software first. So if I were you, I'd pick up the latest one of those. I have the Nexus 5 but I believe there is a newer one. Plus they have no buttons on the outside which just looks awesome IMO.
  2. Maybe they've delayed it to add a basic career mode, having seen the negative reaction? One can hope. There would be no shame in delaying it further to add more to it, as I've said before. Scrape together a career mode, which should not be difficult as they've been copy and pasting it since 2011. Add some small things to it and bam, tons more people suddenly interested. Then, if they get time, scrape together some kind of online mode that will keep people playing. Sprint races are cool for a while, but there is no sense of progression...And ultimately, progression is something that people l
  3. Last seasons game was far better...
  4. Yeah, I bet he is glad haha And that goal. Incredible. 
  5. Hopefully Villa can get the next goal...Make it interesting.
  6. Exactly. I don't think it would really be possible. How could we take 1 month or so out of the football calendar in Europe? It would disrupt leagues, cups, European competitions...I just don't see how it would work personally...Maybe the season would have to end in June, but then that might disrupt other things.. Also, it could mean that some players end up away from families at Christmas, because although it is due to end on something like the 23rd December, Christmas travel is not exactly reliable is it? 
  7. If Russia lose it then I think it's goes to USA as they came second, or was that for the next one? That was Qatar. Everyone who ended up voting for Russia 2018 actually told Prince William, David Cameron and Beckham they would vote for England. Last minute bribes or just lying?
  8. Ah, second biggest. Which is bigger? Nou Camp maybe?  I don't see it either, which sucks since they bribed their way too it. Plus, look at what is going on with Russia right now...I was torn between USA and Australia though. USA came second in the votes and they've actually done something good for the football world this week.
  9. The thing is though, it is not to late to change location. And if Russia gets it (through unfair means might I add), England or indeed Europe in general, cannot get it again until 2030...2022 and 2026 must be somewhere other than Europe. And that is only the earliest it could get it again, it could easily go back to south America in 2030 and it's just crazy.  I'm 18 right now, I'd be 33 the next time Europe can hold it if we don't get 2018...And we haven't held it since '66. FIFA just hates England I guess. We've got a better case than almost anyone to hold it then, we've got the history,
  10. Hopefully. Then we just need to give 2018 to England and all is right. Oh and USA gets 2022.
  11. yeah but unless they get the chance to play though how can they shine that's the problem and show what they can do. There may be more to it but that's where for me the root of the problems are. They're not going to get the support they need if they can't get in their clubs first teams Good players generally get into the first team. There's good players coming through the leagues and through clubs own youth academies, but compared to Spain, Germany, France, etc, they're pretty average. Its such an easy excuse to blame foreign owners and players when there's clearly a huge problem with
  12. Exactly this. 100%. I mean look what we did with Scholes and now Carrick. Both fantastic players to run games, and both overlooked in favour of Gerrard or Lampard...
  13. John Terry is a disgrace to the national side and shouldn't ever be allowed back in it. Lets not forget that Cole is also a terrible person. Gerrard punched someone at bar. Numerous other people have done some stupid things. Terry is one of the greatest English players ever, and we don't even use him...
  14. I know a lot of people like to say Carrick is not that good (For some reason that is beyond me), but we've missed a huge trick by not playing him. Just look at his effect on Man United, he turns an average looking side into a team that can destroy Liverpool and Man City...Carrick, Henderson and Barkley would be a quality midfield. Front 3 of Sterling (maybe), Rooney and Welbeck could be good too.  Plus we need to try and get Terry back in the team IMO. 
  15. When did you decide not to care about England anymore out of interest?  They really do annoy me most of the time, but personally, I can't not like them.  Probably 3 or 4 years ago. I just stopped caring. Its been the same old stuff for the past 20 years, just not worth investing time in. Coverage on ITV obviously doesn't help, but the management and FA need a drastic change if anything good is to happen. Yeah you make a good point. I think since 1996 Euros or maybe 2002 WC, we've been poor...It annoys me that Hodgson is in charge for 2016. I get the feeling it will be yet anot
  16. Haha, no way man. That was the best moment ever as a United fan for me, so never :p 
  17. I know it is emotional sometimes :L  But I really would love to see England win the WC again. Like more than anything else in football right now. I've seen United win a UCL, a league and league cup. All I want to see now is an FA Cup for United to complete the set :p and of course, for England to win the WC and heck, even the euros would make me go crazy. Just anything pls England... I really should go to the Euros next year in France to watch England. Would be such a great experience, especially since it could be 2030 until we get the World Cup in England.
  18. When did you decide not to care about England anymore out of interest?  They really do annoy me most of the time, but personally, I can't not like them. 
  19. I support United because it was the first team I saw on TV, i was like 8 and I'd never seen it before...And my granddad likes them too. But no one else in my family likes football...So yeah... Don't support Norwich City, but I do follow their results. They don't get broadcast much and no one ever took me to their games, so that is basically why I never grew up supporting them... It is difficult when you love football, but no one else in your family, that could take you, does. 
  20. Man United and England :)   I also follow Norwich, but I am not a "fan". I was born there, so yeah...
  21. I really hope the Americans lock up Sepp Blatter....
  22. Quali  5 5 5 Race 3 8 8 (+20) 3 0 0 3 0 0 0 Oh dear God that is bad. 60 I think... Yeah, thanks for that Merc...
  23. Lol, not really difficult :p 
  24. So the Eurovisions is basically (Not much has changed) all about voting for your mates. Germany, France and the UK got something like less than 15 points in total...
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