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  1. You say I'm wrong, but how am I wrong? Just because the USB poll speed on a PC is higher than on a console, that doesn't mean the game itself will respond that quickly. I play a lot of games on console and PC using the same controller, internet connection and monitor (I have both a 1ms GTG gaming monitor and a 32ms Samsung TV), and the response times are completely the same regardless of platform and excluding the latency caused by the display itself. You misread what I said, and are also not taking into account that the reasons that most Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers have lag are because the
  2. The only difference that should be between the consoles and PC versions are the speed that the game accepts inputs (aka controller/wheel inputs) because usually those things are tied directly to the frame rate - i.e. at 30fps the game reads pad inputs 30 times a second, 60fps 60 times, etc. The key here is that the underlying physics is the same across each platform - 1000Hz in terms of physics speed, and the physics behave separately to the frame rate. Nascar probably ties the physics to the frame rate (as some games such as Blur did) but Grid doesn't. The only difference is that
  3. Great, good for you, theres nothing like a mothers love huh, you are the type of person only a mother could love so yeah, it explains a lot, I'm guessing she is still breast feeding you, reads you stories at night to make the big bad monsters go away..... Awwwww its just tooo adorable seeing you and your Dora the explorer  pyjamas! As for Bromance? I pretty much dislike everyone here, just the fact is that I Dislike you more than I dislike him. ;) Even me? Shot in the heart. :-(
  4. Oh god, when I saw that Audi I had a nostalgiagasm. Is it 4WD like it was in the original Toca Touring Cars? (I don't actually know if it was 4WD in real-life in the real BTCC seasons those years or not) Looks a bit out-of-place to everything else though, being the only car that doesn't look like a shoebox :P but I won't complain.
  5. If I remember, He was all high & mighty with text abuse on the steam forum "a la française" toward a group of people which resulted from a temporary ban. I don't think he got banned from VAC or from a proof of cheating. That name sounds mighty familiar though and makes me think "He deserved it." =/
  6. I preferred the R8 and 722GT over the bugatti; at higher speeds they actually had better acceleration and the Bugatti was a bit slidey. the 722GT is slidey too but predictably so. Only reason the Audi wasn't higher-tier was because its handbrake is garbage compared to the other cars. I never saw anybody perform well in an F1 GT on 360 or a Zenvo. They were decent for drift events though.
  7. I never lost to a Bugatti on Grid 2, ever. Tier list on Grid 2 was: Agera, Huayra, R8 LM, Bugatti, 722 GT, in my opinion. The Bugatti wasn't really a good car; I could beat it easily.
  8. The problem with that is people have been saying that used cars degrade the same way a new one does. If a used car with 7,000 miles degraded like new car did, it would fall apart before turn one. I say level just to be on the safe side, because, new or used, the cars level up the same. If you want to get technical, it would be mileage that you put on the car, not just total mileage.  This is apparently what it is. It's based on player-driven mileage. Like I said, I have cars with vastly different levels but similar driven distance and they degrade at the same rate.
  9. The livery my racenet club has is good for race/time attack events as all the sponsors are race/distance-oriented. I've started making custom liveries just for drift events though, as there's a few drift sponsors that can easily net you 30-40K+ in a drift event if you stick them all on (there's one that gives $1,500 for a 400K drift which on Okutama can be done 15-25 times quite easily). I never really intend on repairing a drift car because it's probably irrelevant but that money is going to be useful for my (now old and weary) BMW touring car.
  10. Repair costs are based on distance driven, not level. I've got a level 50 car with as much mileage as a level 25 car (due to random stuff I've done), and both degrade at the same rate.
  11. Donington is in the touring cars DLC pack that Loore said is to release next week.
  12. Yeah, I've noticed a few people who will take me as 'soft' because I attempt to avoid collisions and because I'll brake early when I'm on the inside because I know I won't get into the corner without hitting them and will take that as an excuse to assume I'm easy to pass. I'm easy to pass if I know I'm not entitled to the corner, lol, and then these people who take me as 'soft' get upset when the roles reverse, I take a corner because I'm ahead and on the outside, and they then end up using me as a wall around the corner. Some of the best races I've had have been ones where people have been c
  13. I haven't seen you on GAS yet. o_o I remember racing you on Grid 2 though... then again I rarely ever do custom cups because of those damn AI glitches / l-lap indy oval things.
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