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    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    I'll believe it when I see the patch but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I actually enjoy playing this, I want to give it the credit it deserves and get it finished.
  2. TheKazzyMac

    If Codies think.......

    Yeah, I've seen them fuck up under braking a few times, it's always funny. They still do that even with rubberbanding turned off.
  3. Me too but if i have time i´m gonna force it with the Brtish Cars Pack wich it seems to happen, but i´m scared that in this point there´s no much to do it. Salute. P.s. or with the new Coupé DLC......also i´m scared with the car 22 or so; garage slots around 21-22-23 is causing this issue too. The $0 glitch is irreversible. Once it happens, that car is buggered. It doesn't matter which garage slot it's in. You can't sell the car, and attempting to drive it results in a crash after finishing the race. I heard it's caused by cars in the 'used' section going out-of-stock. The only true solution is to just use Loan Cars and not your own. Although, even if I sell all of mine, my game corrupts so ... I'm stuck.
  4. TheKazzyMac

    New tracks on the way

    I've myself seen references for a 'Sprint' mode and Hong Kong and California in the game files so, there's at the least some truth to this. Whether the other tracks are there or not I can't say, I can just go on what I've seen whilst looking around :P
  5. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    I've given up on waiting. I'm buying my Xbox One today. I can guarantee that "Grid 3" or whatever Codemaster's Next-Gen Game is won't be on my 'to-get' list though since I've been waiting a whole friggin' month to resume playing GAS and I'm still at an impasse over something that should have been fixed within a week. No offense to Loore but I've just run out of patience over this whole farce. Perhaps you should consider some proper closed-beta testing like what games such as The Crew and Destiny did to ensure that there are no major multiplayer issues like this in the future ...
  6. TheKazzyMac

    If Codies think.......

    You can't be serious I can easily prove the rubberbanding exists. The AI are terrible without it - and the Oakley Cruzes keep coming 5th/6th with it off lol.
  7. TheKazzyMac

    If Codies think.......

    The only problem I have with the AI is that unless you're exactly 50% alongside them at a corner they act like you aren't there. Plenty of times on Abu Dhabi I've had them fly into me around the last corner and smash my car into the wall because I was next to them, but then when I was behind or ahead of them in other laps they would keep a car's width from the same wall. Funny. They show they can give room when nobody's there but crush me in the grandstands when they know I'll get out of the corner faster... It's okay though, I just do it back to them in the next lap and usually end up making them come last. :) Also, turning rubber-banding off makes them noticeably less aggressive, especially under braking. They're just absolutely rubbish without it on though.
  8. TheKazzyMac

    New tracks on the way

    Touring cars around Donington and Silverstone would be fantastic. ... If I could play the game, that is. :L
  9. Nope, it's not that. I do have the Black Edition but so does the only other member of my club. And I'm not even using a Black Edition pattern for the club livery. I THINK (I'm not really sure, obviously) that inviting someone to join your session / joining a session through Steam causes this problem, as almost every time when I did this, the club livery wouldn't show up. Start the game normally, get in the Custom Cup, search for the session and join it "manually", and the club liveries are always available to select. I found that I have to manually go and check the RaceNet Club listings on the Online menu before I can use Club liveries. Otherwise I show-up with just [] for my Club and the liveries are unselectable. Checking the Club listing (essentially forcing a connection to RaceNet there and then) fixes it for me for the rest of the session.
  10. TheKazzyMac

    If Codies think.......

    I'll lighten up when I'm able to resume my career, because I'm two seasons away from being level 9 in everything and I am not starting over ¬_¬
  11. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    September will be too late, everyone will have gone to Destiny and Forza Horizon 2.
  12. TheKazzyMac

    Last week's Racenet Challenge cheat...

    PC version is full of cheats, so I'm not surprised and it's why I only play online on PC in closed lobbies with friends. The AI on Hard and Very Hard are competent enough to make the races challenging for us. :) -edit- and if it's on PS3 then - free online, that's all I will say. Most of these console hacks will probably stop once people have to start paying for PS+ to play online ;-)
  13. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save: Could CM please Comment?

    Make a backup of your save file if possible. There is a reported patch that is mooted to possibly be on the way towards being considered being released in a week or so that will fix it, so unless you want to lose your SP progress / MP levels/cars then you should back the savefile up.
  14. TheKazzyMac

    How to disable rubber banding

    Codemasters don't want to. lol. Loore didn't even want to admit that the game had rubber-band. On the other side, if I can completely thrash the AI in touring cars on Very Hard using a pad, when rubber-band is disabled ... I think that the guy who ran all the benchmark times and whoever 'taught' the AI to drive need to learn to drive faster. If they did that they wouldn't need to cheat :D
  15. TheKazzyMac

    How to disable rubber banding

    I'm playing with rubber-banding turned off (hopefully, I just renamed the file). AI actually seem a little more competent in street racing now. I just had an epic 6-car race for about 5 laps of a Barcelona street circuit. Was much more fun than with rubber-banding turned off, and Ravenwest were hopeless (race was won by an Intel Viper SRT which is funny because they're usually terrible in street lol.)
  16. TheKazzyMac

    maximum amount of club members?

    It's 100.
  17. TheKazzyMac

    PLZ FIX K&N Motorsport

    Don't they show up in Street too? They have liveries for the Furai and P1.
  18. TheKazzyMac

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I've got bad eyesight so I make better use of arrows / direct look-back than I can do with mirrors. :/ Still, didn't Loore say somewhere that they were going to add a virtual mirror for PC? I don't need it because I race only single-player on PC, but it's better than nothing. (btw for those that have been hyping up The Crew's cockpit, from what I've seen of the beta there are no mirrors either... might be something that pops up as an ultra-high graphics option or between beta and release but don't hold your breath.) I WOULD like if at the least they could make the cockpit dashboards work. Why they don't is beyond me.
  19. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Who said it/where was it said that selling all your online cars fixes the corruption issue? I'm probably going to go try that now and see if I can progress any further through career... all my cars are low-level anyway so it's not like I'll lose much. -edit- didn't work. shame.
  20. I beleive most people play racing games on the controller on consoles rather than with a wheel. If you make a racer as sim like as possible, i hear (don't know for sure) it is almost impossible to control with a controller, you have to use a wheel. And therefore you do not make a game for the casual gamer and that reflects in the sales figures. for me the handling is good with a controller on GA. Most people seem to be fairly happy with the wheel handling as well. I like it. It's an accessible game. If I wanted more sim like I would buy a PC and then go and get a wheel and some other sim, but I don't want that. Writing an email to cm complaining that the handling is not sim like enough is like writing a letter to land rover and telling them their cars aren't fast enough and they should build sports cars instead. Yeah, proper sims are pretty much impossible to play without a wheel. I'm taking Race '07 as an example here, which is for all intents a WTCC sim; I can't play that with a pad at all, the cars are impossible to keep under control or to get around a corner properly. I can only play that game using a wheel. On the subject of GAS, sim-based youtube channels and racing channels such as Team VVV and InsideSimRacing have played GAS with proper sim rig setups, and they recognise that it's not proper sim in any way but realistic enough that the skill of a sim is there for those that like that stuff, but still letting people of a casual base or who use controllers to be able to learn and get good at the game. It's been proven to me that a wheel -does- have an advantage on this game, as a player in my xbox clan uses a wheel and is three seconds faster per lap than everybody else (this isn't because we're crap either, we're all top-end players on either Grid or on Grid 2). People that complain that GAS 'isn't sim enough' forget that it's not trying to be a sim. They similarly need to loosen up and play the game as what it is - a game where you can just have fun. When this game works, it's brilliant. It's realistic enough to require skill and challenge, but forgiving enough that you won't crash the car that easily.
  21. I believe that for custom cups, qualifying should be an option. Let's pester them so they add it in as a patch later on. :-)
  22. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupted save fixed itself?

    Just checked mine. Nope, still corrupted. Oh well.
  23. @kubica4 at least he can type and spell properly, I can't take you seriously enough because your spelling and grammar is worse than my 12-year-old sister's. Besides, developers are rarely perfect at their own games. Every game I've played I've raced the developers on and, whilst they're very good at the games, there will always be more than enough people who become much better because the developers spend their time developing the game and can't put thousands of hours into practicing on it. I should know this because I've raced for some of the most competitive championships on Trackmania ESWC and Trackmania Nations Forever - namely STC and Nations Cup (I think STC4/5 and NC3/4). The developers of Trackmania are good at playing Trackmania, but compared to the top50 of that game (which I was close to at one point) they are rubbish. Same with Blur. Bizarre weren't that good at Blur. It wasn't as popular as GT, Forza, etc, but it was still a brilliant game. I was ranked 2nd on it. I had the world record on Cargo Run for almost two years, and I think I still have the Front Runner mod record (or at least I'm 2nd or 3rd). By the way, if I ever see you on 360 I am going to smash your car up just because you irritate me. Have fun.
  24. TheKazzyMac

    @loore patch progress please .

    You can repair cars in the pre-race lobby. You don't have to back out to the main menus to do it. Although I haven't really noticed much of a performance difference so, myeah.
  25. TheKazzyMac

    Online Race.

    Use Loan Cars. -edit- So I don't seem like a complete snark answering this at 2am - the cars you are trying to use are probably 'bugged' (check the garage - they should have a sale price of $0). The only workaround is to use the loaner cars until the patch is released that's supposed to fix it.