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    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Three WEEKS? ... I give up.
  2. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Lemme have a look. Nope, no update for me. Maybe your system cache ran out and it had to redownload the Day 1 Patch again.
  3. TheKazzyMac


    Agreed...I have yet to try the online portion of the game, my commentary was based strictly on the career mode. Until I have tried the online I will not know for certain but I will take your word at it. Try using the ariel atom openwheeler on a long track like spa. The straight gives you time to get behind and see whether the tow is working. On this car it seems quite a lot, although I agree on others it can feel virtually non existent. Slipstream is strongest in open-wheel cars. It's there in every other discipline but much, much weaker. It's not noticeable at all unless you get up near top speed. I always get caught out by the slipsteam in open-wheelers lol. End up going too fast into a corner because I'm not used to suddenly hitting 160mph+ in a dallara..
  4. TheKazzyMac

    race net leader boards question,

    I just had to look myself. NWR are 1st, they're a 360 club. None of us cheat so yeah, club leaderboards are global. I'm guessing player leaderboards are platform-specific.
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    race net leader boards question,

    If you're talking about NWR or CGS, those are both 360 clans, so I guess the multiplayer leaderboards are separate but club rankings are not.
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    Chevrolet Cruze...glitch?

    The Cruze doesn't really drive like it's on 'rails' for me. It's pretty slippery. It's just because it's front-wheel drive; spinning FWD cars out is pretty much impossible unless you're six years old. I find the BMW 320i to be as much a match though; better acceleration out of corners and better high-speed grip at the cost of a lower top speed and being a little harder to drive. I can't drive FWD cars worth squat so I'll stick with the beemer.
  7. TheKazzyMac


    I say 95. I enjoy the aggression they have, as generally it's more involving and more action than the sterile on-rails racing lines of Forza and Gran Turismo. Perhaps the AI could have more awareness around sharp corners but eh, they're not really much better in Race '07 so I don't mind it. :p I'd give 100 if Codemasters didn't make them cheat on straights though. There's really no need for the rubberband in a game that's been marketed as being more realism-based than the last games. I'd rather lose to an AI car that's simply driving the track better, as opposed to an AI car that's beating me because it has unrealistic acceleration/downforce..
  8. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Back it up to a USB stick or the cloud. So long as you don't delete it from there, then when the patch comes out you should be able to simply reload it and it should work (theory, anyway). Since Grid 2 I've always kept a periodic backup of a 'working' save. I've got three save files; my last 'working' save on hard drive, the 'working save' backup on cloud, and my most recent (but corrupted) save on a USB stick for when the patch comes out. Given that @Loore said on Twitter last Monday that the patch is undergoing QA tests, I wouldn't be surprised to find the patch comes out this week - perhaps tomorrow, even. But yeah, the amount of time this has taken (nearly a month now!) has put most people off of the game, which is a shame because it's a really good game whilst it works. I plan to spread the news of the corrupted-save patch like wildfire so hopefully a lot of people will come back once it's out. Well, that's -once- it comes out...
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    Please calm the A.I down.

    Custom Cup is great for that. Ravenwest tend to come mid-pack since all the cars end up with all the same upgrades.
  10. TheKazzyMac

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Yeah, I've pretty much just given up whining about it and I've gone onto other things. Been playing a lot of Mario Kart. Whenever this patch works I'll contemplate going back to it, but the damage has probably already been done.
  11. TheKazzyMac

    Pest control

    Problem is that the good drivers would get it too, it's a no-win situation. As much as I hate it, Grid 2's difficulty in using votekicks in large lobbies is probably better. Yes, it meant the assholes got to stay in, but then they couldn't boot you out either...
  12. Well - what good is high top speed if you can't take advantage of it? The Agera is obviously the fastest-accelerating car, yes, but it's also a butt to drive and it's terrible around corners compared to some other cars. The Bugatti from what I've been told handles like a dream but doesn't have the grunt either. The Zonda is the slowest car and I don't doubt that, but it makes up for it by maintaining speed through low and medium-speed corners on circuits that are impossible to get to high speed on. On a circuit track? Yeah, the Agera will probably thrash the lot, and I personally hope the occasional circuit starts to pop up in street playlists to spice things up. But, from my own experience, the Zonda is just far more consistent in speed through corners, and is a lot easier to drive to boot. I haven't managed to crash it once, whereas the McLaren P1 was sliding all o'er the place. Apparently the Agera's brakes are crap too. Note - the Agera was only the best car on Grid 2 because of the handling mechanics favouring powersliding over actual driving. The Agera was horrible around corners and because of that fact alone in Grid 2 it was an advantage. However, under more realistic physics the car is all straight lines and no corners and that's a good thing, it means that there's more metagame than just 'one car' for once. ;-)
  13. TheKazzyMac

    Pest control

    It's funny because half the time I was getting votes winning from 4th. Or finishing 2nd. Yeah, jealousy. That's why I just start smashing up whoever starts it all off. :)
  14. TheKazzyMac

    Pest control

    Well, all I know is that as soon as I see him show up I put a votekick on him, and I'm not the only one who does. At least when I get booted out of a lobby it's because people are sick of me winning, as opposed to because they're sick of me trashing their cars. Haha.
  15. TheKazzyMac

    Touring Car Racing League

    I was wondering who added me the other day. Guess it was you. :) I can get involved, once save game corruption is fixed (should be next week). I can't guarantee I'll be much good though, I can't drive FWD cars worth crap. :-)
  16. TheKazzyMac

    Corruption Tuesday?

    Interesting, they can put patch available a few hours after a problematic update of Gran Turismo 6, but it could take up to a month for the same thing if it come from CodeMasters ??? How is that ?!? :( That make no sence, Poly Digital patches have priority over CodeMasters patches at Sony QA group ??? It's quite possible they were aware of the issues these patches were designed to fix whereas CM might not have been. I think it's more that Rockstar is such a big company that they can probably pay Microsoft/Sony to skip the QA process or they get so heavily involved in it themselves that Microsoft don't really need to do anything... or that's what it seems to me. Still, hearing that the patch is in QA is good news. Hopefully we'll get it next Tuesday and I'll be able to play the game again.
  17. Rumblings of corrupted saves are all over the forum, it's why I haven't played GAS in about two weeks. I refuse to play until I can use my own cars again. .-. And yes, I play on 360. I haven't even bothered playing the PC version because I'm that annoyed about it.
  18. TheKazzyMac

    Please calm the A.I down.

    They drive just like the average online scrub / wrecker does, so I don't see the big deal with 'em. :-)
  19. TheKazzyMac

    Pest control

    It's funny because I remember him cursing me out for using the Merc on Okutama on Grid 2 and he demanded I race him in a Skyline. He took to calling me a 'rabbit' and trying to wreck me, and then I accidentally picked the Skyline on Algarve, trashed him and was just like, 'you were saying?' I don't even try to understand him. I just laugh because he's so bad at the game. Honestly, the game should count a retirement on peoples' stats. he'd stop retiring from 2nd place or trying to take me out when I lap him if it made his average finishing position 8th lol.
  20. TheKazzyMac

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    I'm not going to vote until the save corruption glitch is fixed because otherwise I'm going to give it 0 for being bloody unplayable.
  21. TheKazzyMac

    Pest control

    He's gone to terrorising custom cups now? What a tool. He must have gotten sick of being votekicked out of playlists.
  22. TheKazzyMac

    Glitched Cars - Glitch No More....(maybe)

    Given that when my Boss Mustang glitched it was when I bought several cars in succession it's likely that I did buy the car before the model loaded. Bit odd that it would affect anything but next time I'm on the game I'll give it a look.
  23. I'd join for the touring car stuff, but it depends whether the corrupted-save patch comes out before then as I'd need to get my BMW 320i levelled up a bit more.
  24. TheKazzyMac

    An idea for kick votes

    Well yeah, it's the fact that I do race and pass clean that gets me the votekicks, usually by the ones that are trying to hit me, and then obviously I prove to them that I can beat them both driving fairly and unfairly. if I'm going to get booted out I make sure to give whoever instigated it hell. It's the same strategy I used on Grid 2 as well and it usually resulted in people rather literally giving up - to the point that when I'd catch them up they'd just pull over and get the hell out my way because they didn't want to get involved with me any more xD. My age-old adage - "I can go around you, or through you. Either way I'm going past. It's your choice whether you want to come second or come last." :3 (I'm not a deliberate troll. I respect everyone that races fair and plenty races I've been cleanly and legitimately beaten so fair's fair.)
  25. TheKazzyMac

    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    That's weird, I never came across anybody on Grid 2 that I couldn't beat. The only people I raced that were consistently as good or faster than me were some of NWR and CGS. If there were any cheaters on that game in online lobbies I certainly never came across them.