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  1. I use an Xbox one controller on PC and use automatic gears. I have raced a few times with manual gears and done reasonably well but find I'll need to remap the controller buttons in order for it to feel comfortable.
  2. I have purposefully lowered my safety rating to A just so I can find ranked games more frequently. Once I hit S the lobbies became sparse at non-peak times.
  3. Also worth noting that the damage system is favourable to the AI too, especially on simulation damage. I got rear ended on on Spa and my front wing disintergrated, but the AI that smashed into my rear end only had minor wing damage... I mean that is ridiculous... It's almost like your car has the simulation damage on but the AI has reduced damage on.
  4. DICE were the masters of this regarding Battlefront 2. There was a thread which was basically just a fan art thread, people posting their drawings and screenshots etc, the mods and developers would frequent that post on a regular basis to compliment the art work and even post their own. There was also a Star Fighter assault mega thread, which had countless suggestions, balancing idea's, level design improvements and also content idea's for future updates - it was the most organised thread on the forum which had no arguing or bickering, just exploration of ideas. Not one mod/dev comment un
  5. Something that I've noticed especially in Ranked qualifying, is that even if it's a mistake that costs you time, such as your rear wheels slipping out causing you to go wide on an adjustment, you still get a penalty. That isn't really fair considering I'm not gaining or maintaining my lap time. It should only count if you gain time or maintain your lap time. For example if going wide costs you 0.3 and you end up qualifying 5th instead of 3rd, that should be punishment enough, no?
  6. I play on 101 difficulty and I only see drivers crashing if they're in the DRS zone and wiggle like in the video above with Sainz crashing out on Baku. The only other time I've seen a big crash from an AI car is on Spa at Eau Rouge in the wet, when both Mercedes went side by side up the hill and both ended up in the wall. Aside from that, I more or less have to cause the accidents to happen, if I want them to happen(I don't unless it's Kmag, screw him). In terms of mistakes, I've seen a lot from the AI, but nothing massively significant. A slight wiggle when they're coming out of a corner
  7. I actually don't understand this... Each season your garage moves to where you finished in the constructors the season before. Why is that excluded from the license? Did Mercedes not want to give up their pit garage spot?
  8. I think this just shows that there needs to be something more than what we have in career mode, because the money and R&D points just becomes useless. We need something to invest in, like your own engine, a second team/F2 team, your own test track, etc... Edit: Also interesting to see that McLaren had the 2nd best car, but finished way down in the points lol. Also Lewis Hamilton is still racing at 45? Nice... xD
  9. Toyota makes a return to F1, but this time they bring in their fabled Rally partner Castrol. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/myteam-toyota-castrol-power-1-ultimate-pack.34931/ All credit goes Double R who created it, it's a really, really nice livery.
  10. Seasonal calendar changes is a must for 2021 in my opinion. It's arguably the only thing that stops me playing after I have the best car and won both of the championships, I just get bored of the same race calendar. Also, it should be noted that in my current save(season 4 out of 10), I have everything upgraded on the car, all of the facilities are maxed out and I'm on course to win the championship for my second season(comfortably I might add). With that in mind, I have nothing to spend my money or R&D points on except contracts and regulation changes at the end of the season. So how
  11. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Alternative save
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