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  1. After being burned so many times in the past by EA I'll still be extremely wary of this buyout, but fingers crossed EA continues their recent trend of actually leaving developers alone to create games, without sticking their greedy paws into it and ruining things like they did so much in previous years (I still haven't forgiven them for dead space 3 and killing off visceral games) I hope your trust is not in vain. Merry Christmas 🤙 (Oh and we want a F.O.V slider in DR3 on the new consoles 😂) (P.P.S RS1700T audio recording? about time we got to play it in a codies title 🙃)
  2. Never heard so much utter garbage in my whole life. Wrc 'feels' faster because its 30fps, in this day and age that's an absolute joke. Audio is gash, visuals too, physics are broken as cars can bounce and take off at the slightest hint of a tap, and be stopped dead in their tracks on the smallest of objects. Co driver sounds like hes giving a WW2 news report on a radio broadcast. Only thing it has going for it is the amazing track design and half decent ffb Also, if you think dr2 is slow, it's you, not the game, git gud ya scrub 😂, when you are flat out on the absolute edge it's ha
  3. FH drops to 1080p in 60fps mode on X Dr2 is 4k on X and has been since day 1. Fh4 drops to 1080p in 60fps mode, exactly what wrc8 should have imo, a 1080p 60fps mode for X and pro Dirt games have never had dynamic weather. Project cars has amazing dynamic weather though, time of day and even seasons, all with full grids which makes me wonder sometimes that it's possible in other racing genres
  4. Looks awful, sounds awful, co driver sounds like he's about to jump in a spitfire and defend the white cliffs of Dover, physics look like we have teleported back to 1997 and v rally has just landed, epic store on pc, 30fps on all consoles, even X.... staying well clear of that abomination 😂
  5. I'm at work at the moment and I was having this issue so I will check when I get home in 3 hours. Fingers crossed... 🤞
  6. I'm just glad they've confirmed it. Can you send me a link or something to see the post please?
  7. Even when Mcrae lost a wheel in one? 🙈😂
  8. I thought it wasnt the wrc one because they have never mixed car classes in a pack, and the golf kit car isnt a 4wd wrc car. So then I assumed it was another fwd, same as the 3 cars coming before it, the maxi, seat and golf, and it could fit in the same class as them. There were fwd pug 206's in many classes back then But if the community manager confirmed it, wohoooo!
  9. That fair enough. Where did they confirm it? As to me it looks like another fwd
  10. Look at the car releases, 3 fwd's and a 4wd wrc car mixed in? But I suppose it could be 3 of each. I hope it is, love the 206 wrc
  11. There doesn't need to be, there were plenty of fwd 206's competing in other classes. If the golf kit car is Alistair mcraes yellow one from 1997 1998 it could be in the same class as that and the maxi/ seat that are also coming before this pack
  12. And if you check, they have never mixed cars, they are always in the same class. The golf kit car is fwd, cant see them putting two different car classes in one pack together, even all the car packs after in season 4 are not mixed classes
  13. The Pugeot 206 doesnt say wrc, it just says rally. If the golf kitcar is a fwd, I'd say the Peugeot is too, and not the legendary wrc version
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