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  1. After being burned so many times in the past by EA I'll still be extremely wary of this buyout, but fingers crossed EA continues their recent trend of actually leaving developers alone to create games, without sticking their greedy paws into it and ruining things like they did so much in previous years (I still haven't forgiven them for dead space 3 and killing off visceral games) I hope your trust is not in vain. Merry Christmas 🤙 (Oh and we want a F.O.V slider in DR3 on the new consoles 😂) (P.P.S RS1700T audio recording? about time we got to play it in a codies title 🙃)
  2. I'm at work at the moment and I was having this issue so I will check when I get home in 3 hours. Fingers crossed... 🤞
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