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  1. Fair enough. The news will probably relayed soon enough, but when someone publishes on his linkedin profile that today was his last day , etc etc.... and I didn't personnaly complain on FFB. In the company I work in, some product and marketing directors were fired due to bad results of apps that didnt math the target a couple of month after launch, so I'm not that ignorant.... sorry. @RodgerDavies is right, I'm probably overestimating the marketing director role in this case, as it is more technical than marketing. Agreed. If we can now go back to the initial question which was around telemetry and keyboard support I'd be gratefull if someone from CM could give info on this. Topic renamed to be more technical
  2. Hello, It looks like the marketing director has left very recently..... maybe related to the VR stuff and the difficult launch of DiRT 2 (FFB issues), or maybe not but thats not the point of this thread. I have regularly posted the same question over and over (at each patch in fact, sorry for being repetitive, so quite a few times) on features missing on the consoles : keyboard support and UDP telemetry. I understand that if consoles are 1% of the sales, and that only 1% of console gamers are interested in the feature, then it is useless. But I hope that console sales is higher than 1% and it looks like I'm not the only one asking those features. Keyboard is supported on DiRT Rallye, and some of your games support UDP on consoles (I implemented F1 2017 for XSim). Why not DiRT 2.0 ? The data is always formatted the same way in all your games and is ready to be sent for god's sake ! It is just one config item away in the UI (target IP address as in F1) or even no config at all if using UDP broadcast as some other games are doing.... Could we get a clear statement on the console support for keyboard and telemetry (just like the "no VR on consoles for DiRT 2" which is clear) ? What will be the direction the new marketing director will take ? Support more racers using consoles ... or not ? Offer same experience no matter the hardware platform (consoles vs PC, oculus vs other VR headset) or not ? Thanks for taking time to read this, hoping I'll get some answers. Vincent.
  3. Too bad for the VR support on consoles.... and thanks for the dirt-fish ! Any hints on keyboard and UDP telemetry for consoles as well ? Thanks.
  4. vinceps34

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    I whish (and have been asking for it for quite some time now) keyboard/button box support for PS4 , in addition to UDP telemetry so we can enjoy fully our racing rigs, even on consoles. Thanks.
  5. vinceps34

    telemetry udp ps4

    Now we have a nice FFB back, there are still 2 important things missing for consoles : - UDP telemetry (broadcast to UDP for example) - Keyboard support Thanks for the FFB, allowing us to drive/drift/slide again without fighting with the wheel !
  6. vinceps34

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Agreed. Strange how this changes the all game / feelings. Now it is playable for me according to my own standards. Still lacking keyboard support and telemetry though...... but I guess this will come in next patches. Funny to see this massive improvement as if they just forgot to tick the PS4 Pro improvement checkbox when compiling the game 🙂
  7. vinceps34

    New Patch Out - PS4

    Well, 500MB patch installed on PS4. Can't spot any differences. Still no keyboard support, no telemetry, still blurry and fancy lighting. Going back to other finished/fully playable games while waiting for a real DiRT 2.0 and not just a game where we beta-test and do the work of the QA team (based in India probably ...). I'm really really disapointed, and it seems I'm not the only one.
  8. vinceps34

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    Well. Patch installed on PS4 and as expected : no keyboard/button box support and no telemetry. Fits the release note sadly, no (good) surprises. What does it take codies to implement something that already exists on PC ? For keyboard, it should be straightfoward. For UDP telemetry, it would be a matter of adding a dialog box so the player enters the IP destination. They did it for F1, why not for DiRT ?? Or even easier : UDP broadcast like pcars and thats it ! (but please, send all telemetry details so we can have motion....). For now I'll go back to other telemetry enabled games. Cheers.
  9. vinceps34

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    9.8 gigs on PS4..... Hoping it will include keyboard at last, and possibly UDP telemetry
  10. vinceps34

    Dirt 2.0 UDP data out specs

    It has been the same data since DiRT 1.0 and other codemasters games. Nothing new. And just nothing for console players
  11. vinceps34

    Dirt 2.0 UDP data out specs

    Good news then, no rework needed. Just waiting for UDP output on PS4 now.......
  12. vinceps34

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Supported Peripherals List

    Once again, no keyboard/button box support on PS4. And sadly, no UDP telemetry. I guess keyboard/button box will come in a later patch. For UDP/telemetry I feelit is going to take longer, if it ever occurs (I'm still waiting for that on DiRT 1.0 and DiRT 4). Too bad PS4 are not considered as simracers .... but why does F1 series has telemetry and not DiRT ??? Seems unfair as the game engine is the same. Even UDP broadcast like Project Cars would make me happy (and avoid you to rework the GUI to add an IP manually)! More and more simracers are asking for this feature https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/dirt-rally-2-0-ps4-udp-and-vr.13080/#post-173116 Any news on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. vinceps34

    Dirt 2.0 UDP data out specs

    From the original link which includes some offset calculation updates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UTgeE7vbnGIzDz-URRk2eBIPc_LR1vWcZklp7xD9N0Y/edit?usp=sharing Should DiRT 2.0 have new fields/structure, I'll update accordingly. Just hoping DiRT 2.0 on PS4 finally supports UDP .... Edit: patch 1.03 installed, and no UDP option. No keyboard/button box support either on PS4. Once again I was too optimistic
  14. vinceps34

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I didn't go through all 39 pages of the topic but the first post didn't mention UDP anywhere. I hope UDP telemetry can make it to DiRT on consoles (you made it on F1 2016, so why not DiRT which uses the same UDP structure ?) At least, on DiRT 4, please please please  o:) As a minimum for sim racers : speed/gear/RPM yaw/pitch/roll heave/sway/surge (all can be actually calculated from current UDP seen in the PC version) Thanks !