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  1. It's a good job you wasn't a gamer in the 80's and 90's. A game came out and that was it. You'd have hated it mate
  2. DozUK

    Tyre strategy

    That would have been great, such a shame as it's a big miss. I had taken a break from the game but I've since now bought seasons 3&4 to complete the line up and loving it again. Just a shame about the tyre strategy
  3. DozUK

    Tyre strategy

    Hi, I'm just looking at tyres again. Most of the threads related to when the game first came out but there have been many patches since then and I'm not sure if the whole tyre thing has been updated as when first released it was pretty much bland when it could have been a great feature. I get that in career with only 2 runs before a service that softs is a no brainer but does surface temperature come into play? For example, irl, softs are fast unless they overheat so is there a difference running softs in say wales where it's cold against running softs in Australia or Spain? Would you get a time advantage running meds in a country where the track is hot against a soft? This feature could have been so cool but it's just half cocked and only really has any bearing in a club championship or a custom one. Even then, without temperature effects and pressures it's still not much of a gamble. Has anyone had any enjoyment from the whole tyre feature? I have no idea why they made such a fuss about it and video's explaining the feature then put service stations every two stages in career. This alone was ripe to be patched, even randomising it would have brought some sort of strategy into play. Looking at the WRC site for the upcoming Mexico rally it says: Expect to see both medium and hard compound tyres, the latter more likely in the afternoons when drivers face higher temperatures and hard-packed roads. and for others that are in the game: Finland: Packed gravel roads mean medium compound tyres will be the template choice, but soft compound rubber is also available. Argentina: Both medium and hard compound tyres available, with the focus likely to be on medium. Germany: Hard compound rubber available for hot and dry conditions, with soft option for wet or cold weather. A full wet tyre is available in case of very heavy rain. All I read is that everyone uses softs and never hards which alludes to a failure when implementing the whole tyre thing which is a massive shame.
  4. DozUK

    Saving wheel settings

    I get I must be being dumb here but I can't see a method of saving my current wheel settings. I can see an option to load them, but not to save? Any advice of what I'm missing please? Thanks Mike
  5. DozUK

    Grid ultimate edition

    Ultimate edition is now on PSN Store for £21, standard for £17. Will be buying Ultimate tonight, bargain!
  6. Quick question, if the person setting up a championship in clubs has DLC entitlement, can players invited in who don't have it compete?
  7. Don't worry about this, I was awful in my first season. Was finishing in the bottom 5 each run. The 2nd season, I won the championship with a rally to spare (Which I didn't even bother competing in). The only thing I different I did was take my time and not be so focused on winning. Take it in stages, split the field into segments and make your goal to finish in the segment above and not trying to get first place. Continue this approach until you do finish 1st. By taking your time and improving your drive, your times will get faster and eventually you will get up the grid.
  8. DozUK

    Something is coming closer...

    I reckon they've got it cracked 🙂 Spring 2020
  9. DozUK

    Something is coming closer...

    Your Stage 2.0
  10. DozUK

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Thanks very much
  11. DozUK

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Hi, I've joined the discord group but so far don't have permission to post on the recruitment page. This competition sounds great, I would love to try a Fiesta R5 although I'm not the fastest if possible. Happy to join a team if anyone will have me or solo if not 🙂
  12. DozUK

    Date and content next update?

    I can't wait to read her tell all book, sure to be a best seller in the sim racing community
  13. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Fair enough, they posted that an hour ago. It must be my lack of sleep making me touchy, I was up till till the early hours last night
  14. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Part of the issue is absolutely no acknowledgement from Codemasters about this. Christina wrote yesterday to say it's out on Steam and midnight for consoles. Dirt twitter has tweeted in the last couple of hours that Germany is out but it's the people who have paid in advance once again who are left frustrated. This thread alone has been going for 19 hours and numerous people have replied to the tweet. It's clear they are aware but to have no acknowledgement to paying subscribers is just blatantly rude to put it midly!
  15. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Still not on PSN store paying customer or not