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  1. DozUK

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Thanks very much
  2. DozUK

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Hi, I've joined the discord group but so far don't have permission to post on the recruitment page. This competition sounds great, I would love to try a Fiesta R5 although I'm not the fastest if possible. Happy to join a team if anyone will have me or solo if not 🙂
  3. DozUK

    Date and content next update?

    I can't wait to read her tell all book, sure to be a best seller in the sim racing community
  4. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Fair enough, they posted that an hour ago. It must be my lack of sleep making me touchy, I was up till till the early hours last night
  5. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Part of the issue is absolutely no acknowledgement from Codemasters about this. Christina wrote yesterday to say it's out on Steam and midnight for consoles. Dirt twitter has tweeted in the last couple of hours that Germany is out but it's the people who have paid in advance once again who are left frustrated. This thread alone has been going for 19 hours and numerous people have replied to the tweet. It's clear they are aware but to have no acknowledgement to paying subscribers is just blatantly rude to put it midly!
  6. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Still not on PSN store paying customer or not
  7. DozUK

    Season 1 Germany

    Not there for me in UK either, this isn't good enough. It's the last part of season one for christ sake, shouldnt be having teething problems
  8. DozUK

    Tomorrows Patch ?

    It's the patch to contain the Germany DLC. It happened with Monte and Sweden so no surprise really
  9. DozUK

    Weather options

    That's true but by nature of the game only providing a small number of set routes, the game itself encourages practice in this manner. In fact, it's no different than Gran Turismo in that sense. An evolution of Your Stage would have been the best way forward
  10. DozUK

    Golden Days

    I personally have no problem with the FFB in fact I quite like it, to the point I'm worried that I won't like the changes here. I'm also not experiencing any bugs or issues. I was fed up with the night and rain stages but that's been tweaked. Love the DLC and the DLC plans, I'm having a blast with the game. It's extremely playable for me, loving it
  11. Yeah if you finish the challenge and come out so it says completed you can then view current standings, this is now fully scrollable. Unfortunately you can't go straight to bottom (You can to top though) so you need to manually do this.
  12. You just page down to the bottom. I've found (PS4) that I have to come out as when viewing the first leaderboard it shows when paging down it auto goes back to me before I hit the bottom. This doesn't happen when I come out though and I can view the bottom quite easily. There are differing amount of participants in each though, the reason there was less on the Escort is as you imply it's difficult to control so most people will do challenges with easier cars until they've mastered the harder ones. TT is what surprises me, I'm 11th on one track in Australia (And I'm not that good) but when I go to the bottom it's out of 60 odd yet in community events participants are in the thousands. I know you get credits for this as an incentive but your times are gone after completion, TT is your hall of fame hang your hat on it proof of power. I though they would be more popular than they are
  13. DozUK

    Best R5 car

    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll test drive a couple but I'm edging to the 208 however let's see in the test drive. I've just got promoted to clubman so want to ditch the Lancia and try a different class in the next championship
  14. DozUK

    Still no news on FFB update?

    I thought you got a refund and was busy enjoying WRC 7? I smell a rat
  15. DozUK

    console setups for dirt rally 2

    Absolutely spot on, thanks for doing this