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  1. @CV65 - I look forward to seeing your name at the very top of the leaderboards for all stages...I mean, it's an "arcade game", so you should be pretty fast. Yeah, then I look forward to putting you in my rearview mirror, son. Why is it that children these days feel that the whole world should listen to them whine and moan? Your parents do because they have to...we do not. Keep it to yourself, son. Nobody cares!
  2. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hello Codies. DiRT 4. It's fun. Thank you guys for working on it. Seriously. I like the Rallycross portion of it. That said, it doesn't "feel" as authentic as DiRT Rally does. The stages in DiRT 4 become recognizable far more quickly than anything in DiRT Rally. I think because the structure becomes clear in DiRT 4, where as in DiRT Rally, those are actual, real-life roads. Not to mention that the co-driver calls aren't in the same league. Again, I think because of the random stage generator of DiRT 4. In short, I really hope the team will not abandon DiRT Rally. If you don't make a DiRT Rally 2, then I really hope that at bare minimum, DLC is made for "DiRT Rally", 'cause it's truly an amazing achievement.
  3. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    You can create "Custom Events" which you can win in game credits. You can go up to the level that you're attained in your Championships. The benefit of this is one, you will upgrade your car in this mode, which will make you more competitive in your Championship, as well as win credits to purchase another vehicle.
  4. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I "WOULDN'T" change a darn thing... forgive the typo
  5. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First suggestion. Create an "Around the World" trophy. A player will earn one once they're logged 40,045 KMS. In specific rallies, make it possible to see your individual stage times as the event is in progress (in single player, as well as on-line events and league play). Also, be able to see specific stage times after an event so you can see where you need to work on finding speed through specific sectors. Other than that, I would change a darn thing. Going into month number 5 and this hasn't lost one iota of appeal, to me at least. Still, on console right now, there is not one racing title that comes close to DiRT Rally. Simply incredible!!!
  6. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    Or join an Xbox One league. I've found that leagues bring a whole new level of competition. I hope that next time around, everyone will be able to compete across multiple platforms, because from what I've seen, the really fast guys are PC players...and it's always best to measure yourself against the best.
  7. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    Yes. Yes it does. And it's AWESOME!!! That said, go the extra mile and get yourself a Pagnian Next Level Raching Wheel stand and you'll be in rally heaven!!!
  8. Whenever I apply the handbrake, it always seems as though I lose too much speed to keep the car to maintain a power slide all the way through. Last night, however, I discovered that once I feel my rear starts to come around, drop a gear and get on the throttle to keep it coming all the way around.
  9. Habsolute

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    DiRT Rally is a technical achievement. There were some concerns regarding the console launch, and it seems that there was a whole lot of worrying for nothing. Simply amazing and I imagine companies like Kyloton could tear a page from Codemaster's book of efficiency and doing something right the first time. I have WRC 5 ('cause there wasn't anything else available) and there is truly no comparison. The former boasts all the rallies in a WRC year...but one stage in DiRT is the equivalent of an entire rally in WRC 5. Epic stages. Epic sense of speed. Truly well done, Codies. Some of the concerns I was referring to would be compatibility with the Logitech G29 with the Driving Force Shifter for the PS4. Some of the things that I had read were scary to me, considering the cost of my racing rig. I'm pleased to announce that it works beautifully. Literally plugged it in and drove. No issues whatsoever. It take me awhile to figure out how to assign my shifter as a handbrake (4th gear works super well) but once I got my head out of my...ahem...it actually turned out to be pretty simple. A couple of elastic bands around the shifter and all you need do is let go and it disengages. I've read that some people aren't happy with the FFB and honestly, I can't figure that out for the life of me. I also play Project CARS a lot, and the FFB in DiRT is FAR superior...not that there's anything wrong with the FFB in PC...it's just that I find DiRT is better. I can feel every wheel perfectly. Very helpful in Monaco and it's ice patches. So, at this point and my 8 hours I've put into it (only got it on launch day) and 700+ KMS driven. I'm confident I will be rallying for a long, long time moving forward. With that said, I want more. Tour De Course (France) would be an ideal location. I like asphalt...and currently Germany (which is ridiculously cool...and also my first rally victory) is the only place you can do that. Poland is pretty tootin' cool too. Just sayin'...  Africa used to be cool...and brutal on cars. I imagine a lot like Greece...which I find to be the hardest location so far. Anyway, while I've never been someone who purchases DLC's for stuff I've already paid handsomely for. I would, however,  pay Codemasters for anything you put up there to expand this already awesome rally simulation. Thank you all for your hard work. I personally think it's paid off in spades.