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  1. My Formula C car has: -27 races -16 wins -20 podiums My Formula B car has: -56 races -33 wins -52 podiums
  2. I've won more with my Formula B car yet it sells for 165k... it's level 62 whereas the Formula C car is level 38. 
  3. Hi, I can sell my Formula C car online for 600k, also my friend sold his Honda Civic for 1.3 million. I was wondering if anyone else got this glitch and if you can repeat it.
  4. Hi, I get 4 lags like every 10 races. It basically happens at a random point whilst racing. There seems to be no pattern on what track it happens on ect... I lose like 4 seconds when this happens so as you can imagine it's pretty irritating. I'm on Xbox 360. Does anyone else get this problem and is there a solution?
  5. Can you link me the actual URL for this step by step method?
  6. Hey, is there any way to make money fast apart from just doing races? Like an exploit kinda...
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