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  1. Dirtfish AND VR? I'm certainly jumping back in over the weekend!!!
  2. I've been binge watching Hoonigan's YT channel recently and Rhys Millen does a great job at explaining the corner numbers in rallying for anyone interested (time stamp embedded) :
  3. I did feel that Gymkhana 10 was a bit of a letdown, not really sure why though. I think its because they've pushed the boat out more stunt wise each time but this one was a little more reserved. Possibly due to the multiple locations but I did feel that watching the series first then Gym10 again was better. The Focus definitely seemed to lumber around in comparison to the smaller wheelbase of the other cars, one of the best looking though in my opinion.
  4. I watched The Gymkhana Files over the weekend and it was heartbreaking watching Ken having to tell Bakkerud that the Hoonigan RX team was no more. You could tell how much he loved it by how upset he was. Man that was one hell of a docuseries, would thoroughly recommend to anyone.
  5. Yeah me too, I guess its easier to access for most people though as its in front of them and a lot of people use it anyway. I just forget its there half the time lol.
  6. I did wonder, I don't use Discord all that often especially that chat which has so many people and moves so fast
  7. This video is great! I'm also apparently the 10,000th viewer which is quite satisfying lol
  8. His liveries are very out there and most would say obnoxious but I just love them. Whoever the graphic designer is does a fantastic job I just see it as another source of fire spitting 😉
  9. Ken has come across as a humble dude, he's never been a guy who tries too hard or thinks he's a great driver. He's a guy who's earn't his money and is enjoying his passion, something 99% of us could only dream of. He gets hated on by jealous internet trolls with nothing better to do. Fun fact, when I went to watch the World RX Championship at Lydden Hill and he wasn't racing at the time, I saw Ken standing on his own next to the track for quite some time just watching the racing. I didn't see any other drivers around doing the same, maybe for other reasons but he just looked like he was e
  10. I've still not watched that, keep meaning to! Who knows. as much as I think his car looks dope, I hope they aren't "bastardising" too many originals. I don't even know how many are still in the wild lol
  11. He's already had one but crashed it and it burnt to a crisp:
  12. Very important life lesson: Don't believe everything you hear. That's how we got Brexit.
  13. Don't believe anything anyone says about stuff like this unless they can back it up with a source, I'm including myself in this. I heard we are going to be getting an open world Wales instead of dedicated stages plus PSVR support tomorrow.
  14. Are you kidding me, that is just speculation, don't throw around things like this if its not been confirmed by anyone from CM!!
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