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  1. Moustagua

    MFD in the Steering wheel???

    Yes, i made a mistake!!! i correct it ...
  2. Moustagua

    MFD in the Steering wheel???

    ATM is how it's called in the french version of the game... and i don't know of it's called in english. But you have understand that i talked about the menu where you can check the tyre wear, statuts of the car etc....
  3. Hi, Codemasters, Id' like to know if it is possible to have the MFD menu in the screen of the steering wheel (only for the cars who have a screen of course : F1 modern and F2). I play only with the cockpit view and the MFD which is deported on the bottom right of the screen is annoying to me. And I think to have it on the streering wheel would be more immersive.