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  1. Yes, I know I can place whatever is shown on the screen wherever I want, but I was talking about having it all right on the steering wheel screen like real drivers have all the information on it. Obviously, this could be an option which can be activated or not according to our choice. And of course, if this is enabled, the MFD display at the bottom right would not be visible in cockpit mode. I think it would make the game more immersive. Some retouched images of what I'm talking about:
  2. yeah, it's a good idea to know which assists other players used in a multiplayer session... And i don't understand as well why nationality flag of the player disapeared in multiplayer in F1 2021.... It could be cool to add them too...
  3. yeah, it's a shame that this panels disapeared in this opus...
  4. It could be great, for those like me who use the cockpit view, to have the possibility to have all the MFD on the steering wheel screen.
  5. Yes it would be cool to have this in ranked session too...
  6. Personally, I would prefer to have the possibility during the practice sessions, when in the garage to speak with the engineer to adjust the car setup as in Project cars 2 but in voice. For example, you make a lap, you come back to the garage and Jeff asks you how the car is. And then you can say for example: "I have oversteer" and Jeff automatically changes the configuration of the car to fix it.
  7. Yes you are certainly right, but I know a French YouTuber who played F1 2020 with a guitar for Guitar Hero for a joke and he did better times than me in hotlap (with the aids activated of course) LOL .... It's very frustrating,LOL. And this is where I realize that I am not very good but I try to improve myself and that is why I always play without aids in order to surpass myself...
  8. yes it's true, let's refocus the debate, we have digressed a little about the cockpit view, but that is not the point. To come back to the helps in ranked multiplayer which could also be good, it would be to create two separate zones: one with authorized helps and another without help a bit like the pro mode in career but for the multi ranked. On the other hand, I am aware that playing without the aids for those who play with gamepad is complicated. It would then also be necessary to distinguish what type of controller is used by each player and to also take this into account during matchmakin
  9. Ok thank you for this explanation. I always play cockpit racing games because I find it much more immersive ... Even if it's harder ... I prefer it that way ... I have more fun and it allows me to think that I'm really sitting in the car and actually driving it (for sure with VR it would be even better, but it's still too expensive). With the T-cam view I have the feeling of driving a remote control car ... And in some games with the rear view it is worse ...
  10. I don't understand why people says that the cockpit view is unrealistic???? Can someone explain it, please, because i saw video taken from camera inside the helmet of the driver and it is really close of the cockpit view. But, ok, it would be more accurated with the stereoscopic effect and head mouvement of the VR version, but for a "2d" representation of the view, i think it's good enough for a game.
  11. At least it would be interesting to have an indication of the aids and views used by the players. This would allow us to better situate ourselves in relation to others. And I also think that the rewards in points and level of security should be increased for players without aids and in cockpit view. A kind of bonus what ... (for that, I do not know if it is not already the case, but I doubt it) ...
  12. I agree with that ... Personally I play at the wheel with all aids disabled and from the cockpit view with the halo activated to be in conditions as close to reality as possible. And it annoys me to be overtaken by guys who are in automatic and with ABS and traction control or who play from the T-cam view which allows you to better see the turns coming. It is not fair play. They obviously have a big advantage on me. What would be good is that the matchmaking takes into account the assists used and only offers sessions with people using the same aids. It would also be interesting if the aids us
  13. I'm agreee with that... Or just add the possibilité to access the option tab during this time to be able to returne to main menu. I'm fed up to have to close the game and restart it without the possibility to return on main menu simply by pressing a button when we are stuck for waiting a player. This black screen with the players' name and the turning circle that indicated that a player is waited is so boring....
  14. Hi, Does anybody know how to unlock Racenet gloves and helmet in F1 2020??? I have unlocked the racenet suit and the car livery but i can't use the gloves and the helmet. Please help me!!!!!
  15. I have the same problem. Two out of three times when I launch the game the steering wheel goes into 180° mode instead of the 360° that I set in the Logitech profiler software for this game. And when I launch the game directly through the profiler it does the same thing ... I have to restart the game several time to have it corrctly in 360°... It's borring...
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