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  1. i downloaded the season pass but it wont let me download it and i didnt get the extra 5 slots anyone else having this issue?
  2. i would love to see downhill again or any downhill track like grid 1 
  3. i play on ps3 and theres crews and were 2nd place on club leaderboard rankings overall. having a good time so far online drifting with friends im liking the online play so far just lacking tracks is my only complaint.
  4. its fun but you only get to drift with 1 person with or without collisions with 12 people in a drift lobby. you only get 5 drift tracks forward and reverse and you can set up laps on each race so i like it so far but its going to get boring playing the same 5 tracks over and over and over!!!
  5. I would pay for a drift DLC for sure i really do hope they add more drift tracks and drift cars soon!!!!
  6. tandem would be awesome 2 but new tracks would be cool 2.
  7. im like the drifting so far only thing is there is only 5 tracks to drift please consider adding more drift tracks i would love to see grid 1 tracks again sense i can't play grid 1 online as the servers ended years ago but i loved all the tracks from grid 1 like freestyle mode and sabuya or however you spell it. it would be cool to drift the whole track instead of drift sectors make it a full lap drift.
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