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  1. Do you still get access to this if you buy season content bundles after release? Or only if you had them prior?
  2. I'd have to guess concerns that some PC users would be able to easily unlock/hack/mod to make available all the content of the full game on PC? Sounds like you're still basically downloading the whole thing on console if it's 70gigs! That's crazy. But then it's not a demo, it's a trial where you can pay to unlock the rest of it?
  3. Why the heck did they leave out the weather this time? Finland in Dirt Rally had rain. What's the point of reducing variety in the weather conditions on rally stages? (remake or not... more is better than less).
  4. The Ford Fiesta RX2 always has a cracked windshield and windows once I'm on the track in any event or time trial. Repairing does nothing if I'm doing a full RX event, and it always looks fine in the service area, but once I'm in the car it's totally busted.
  5. @ebarbs27 @HAMW05WC2014 @AlexSpartan316 @DaleRossi @JosephM635 @Selsis I hope you folks (and all other cockpit drivers) weren't hoping for a prompt fix to those busted gear indicators in Greece! I was wrongly expecting them to patch this already, but it's looking like it may not even make the next major update due in a few weeks time. Thought you may want to know since I haven't seen any potential timeframe mentioned here for this issue. From /r/dirtgame:
  6. Yeah, but having the option for those that want it would still better than not having the option at all. You could still choose to not ready up until you have the info you need... What he proposed is a manual ready up check to skip the forced times, not an automatic skip or a shortened timer. And I 100% agree with him there, the forced waits with no option to skip when it's just my friend and I doing some laps is pretty ridiculous.
  7. Is that every stage for you? I've only noticed it on the new Greece stages, and only the daytime variants (manually enabling lights does nothing as well). Edit* not just daytime, also at dusk. Anyway, same issue here with the R5 Peugeot:
  8. What was in today's 4.8GB Steam update? Did they forget to include Greece with the 1.8 patch which said those files were added? I can't find any details.
  9. I'd be happy with something basic like allowing all cars and classes to be drivable on all RX tracks and Rally stages in the custom modes. It's still not totally custom when there are arbitrary restrictions. Someone made a mod for this for Dirt Rally (ACAT), and it was really cool. More versatility there since it opened up Pikes Peak to all cars as well. It was sort of buggy, but something Codemasters themselves could sort out if they wanted to.
  10. Speaking of the 2001 Subaru interior, what's up with these always overbright bits in the dash? It's real distracting, looks so unnatural in action.
  11. Here are some quick results since the 1.7 patch using all those recommend settings on i7 4790k & Nv 2060, I'll type out what's different. 60hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 1 - larger, longer frame drops 60hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 2 - smaller, minor microstutters, almost imperceptible at times. 75hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 1 - longer drops 75hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 2 - big spikes are uncommon but do happen in all setups, generally more like the smaller ones @ 60hz Pre 2 and visible in this. 75hz + 72fps Gsync cap + Max Pre-rendered Frames 1 - pretty
  12. Also been on the lookout for some Evo X tunes. Anyone got some to share yet?
  13. Thanks. Suppose it doesn't matter as I just learned after posting that you cannot modify DLC cars anyway.
  14. How difficult would it be to make some of these pure black sun shades which take up a significant portion of the windscreen semi-transparent so you can still see out of them? Or is it possible to just remove them entirely? I don't care much about authenticity as much being able to see the instruments and the road ahead from a cockpit view that isn't zoomed up against the glass.
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