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  1. It would be nice. If they won't allow the option to remove them, they should at least make them semi-transparent like many real sun shades. I don't know how accurate it all is to reality, though. Do the real life counter-parts with those fully opaque things taking up a good chunk of the windscreen run with them even during night stages? It's like looking through a cereal box in some of the cars. If they're permanent fixtures then they must and I see why the game has them that way, but that seems strange to me.
  2. pyide

    Updated Rain effects

    Did the droplet fix actually make it into 1.6? I was expecting something else I suppose. Like light rain and showers to have smaller but far more numerous droplets that build up and obscure vision if you aren't using wipers. As it is now, you still don't really need the wipers in most conditions, even with the dirt flying up there. Half those giant drops still vanish on their own after a few moments. Heavy rain drops don't obscure as much as they probably should, either, and light snow still does absolutely nothing at all, basically zero accumulation. Any snow should look like heavy snow does now if you go long enough without wiping, and heavy snow could still probably be amped up even more so. The size of the rain droplets bother me the most, I think. A single droplet in this game must be made of 5-10ml of fluid, even in the lightest conditions, it's so strange seeing these large drops in any rain after a fresh wiper pass, it's like nothing I've ever seen in reality. Such a silly and minor gripe I know, but something like that still breaks immersion for me every time they appear. I'd beg you to rework all of it, but that's too much effort I know and I'm sure there's more pressing demands than some relatively minor droplet effects. I'm sorry for even posting all this nonsense, haha. Forgive my idiocy.
  3. Yeah, it should be pretty simple to implement, and performance would not decrease at all if it only goes lower / zooms in and renders less so no worries there. There have been console games with adjustable fovs before so it's not unheard of, they just seem unwilling to do it for whatever reason. The biggest hurdle would be changing the maximum amount on the slider to be the current level of fov zoom on console. I guess that is insurmountable? It's strange the lines they apparently draw with some features. Not unlike adding the trigger vibration of the Xbox One version on PC with supported gamepads. The devs just don't want to do it for whatever reason, even though their F1 games on PC do have that functionality and have for the last few releases. It's silly. More recently, HDR support on PC is another, sure it's still a niche feature, but it exists and plenty of games can do it. F1 2019 PC does but Dirt Rally 2.0 does not.
  4. pyide

    PC stage loading times reduction?

    I'd say you're mistaken based on all the evidence out there, but if that's true then that's some even bigger garbage that needs addressing asap. The impulse triggers do not function at all over USB or wireless with Xbox One S pads in the PC version Dirt Rally 2, there's also no setting in the options to enable / disable it like the last few F1 games from Codemasters... If you search out the feature, all you'll find is people saying they don't work and asking for support for them. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/38008-rumble-trigger-support-for-pc/?tab=comments#comment-427956 https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34879-impulserumble-trigger-support-for-pc/?tab=comments#comment-401545 https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34587-rumble-triggers-on-controllerpc/?tab=comments#comment-400455 https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/38698-add-trigger-ff-on-xbox-controllers-on-pc/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/search/?gidforum=1735466157769688424&include_deleted=1&q=rumble+trigger https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/search/?gidforum=1735466157769688424&include_deleted=1&q=impulse+trigger https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/search/?gidforum=1735466157769688424&include_deleted=1&q=trigger+vibration https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/search/?q=trigger rumble&restrict_sr=1 etc The only way to get any vibration on the triggers in this game is to force ALL vibration feedback used in the game with these dlls https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/byd3pq/how_to_get_controller_triggers_to_sort_of_rumble/ , which isn't ideal at all. It's busted.
  5. pyide

    PC stage loading times reduction?

    Today's patch (1.6) seemed to fix the load times so this 'trick' is no longer needed. Pretty nice! Thank you, Codemasters! Only thing left for me is to get that rumble trigger support for Xbox One pads like the recent F1 games.
  6. As of 1.5, I apparently use them all the time. Even when selecting Soft.
  7. pyide

    Add Trigger FF on XBox controllers on PC

    It's not a bug, they simply don't support it here for some unknown reason. Someone over at Codemasters still on Dirt needs to ask the F1 guys for a hand here, since those recent games used the Xbox One's rumble triggers on PC. It's crazy that this one doesn't. Still disappointing after playing anything that uses them properly.
  8. pyide

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Roadbook - June 7, 2019

    Slightly concerned about this. This does not seem as much of a problem compared to some classes like R2/H2FWD and some others being too ridiculous compared to human world records, and also conditions like night and rain seemingly not affecting the AI times much at all compared to how much they affect humans. Another issue here is that the lower difficulties like Pro and Clubman aren't challenging enough, there was no steady ramp up in difficulty in the Career, which can make Elite feel like a gigantic and unfair spike when reaching it. It's not necessarily a bad thing, really, that's simply when the Career starts to have an actual challenge and become engaging, at least in the classes and conditions that aren't busted. You can no longer cruise by and make top 3 with big screw ups like you can in the first three difficulty tiers. To me it would make more sense to adjust lower difficulties like Clubman and Pro to be more challenging and engaging so you still have to improve a bit before moving on to the next tier before making Elite and especially Masters easier, but even that could probably wait until after some class specific adjustments.
  9. Hardcore damage for some would be a good start. Some more DLC content in the mix would be nice as well. Seems like most every single daily/weekly/monthly challenge is made only of the base locations, outside the "bonus" ones for the most recent DLC releases. I don't have Deluxe so I'm not sure of the D+ ones are any different, but I did purchase the individual locations. I don't see why a 3+ event monthly with say Sweden can't have the prompt to buy the DLC if you don't have it, and forbid you to enter if you don't have it yet, like the bonus DLC events do. @Kjell007's suggestion of all 9 rallys is a good one, especially since we're still limited to 6 in the Career championship, just please don't lock it behind D+ !
  10. I just picked up Germany and this was immediately noticeable. I really don't want to have to mess with audio levels all the time for one location. Has there been any word on a fix coming yet?
  11. Would it be possible to get an update that allows all standard Rally cars be usable on the RX tracks in the custom championships mode and vice-versa? I understand the strict limitations for the Career modes, but why can't we use whatever, wherever in the custom modes for fun?
  12. Co-driver calls are permanently on in replays now. Used to be broken in that turning them "on" in the replay options menu switched them off completely, now setting on or off for the co-driver calls does nothing - whenever there's a car view in mixed or you manually switch to a car view, you'll hear snippets of the co-driver no matter what. Annoying. Oh, and still getting that sound cut out bug randomly. Very annoying.
  13. Why not just flip them? It will take you some adjustment but you'll be better off for it. You need the analog triggers for accel and brake if you want any sort of finer control with a gamepad. For shifting I've always used X & B on the Xbox button layout, with A for handbrake. It's always made the most sense for me. Some people suggest the shoulder buttons, but I've always found that unweildy. But try anything after putting accel and brake on the triggers as they should be and see what works best for you. It's a real shame this game doesn't have the rumble trigger support of the recent F1 games for additional feedback. It's a huge benefit in the games that use them.
  14. pyide

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Also been on the lookout for some Evo X tunes. Anyone got some to share yet?
  15. It goes both ways it seems? Yesterday I forgot to replace the tires at the second service in an elite championship, so I quit back to the menu at the starting line and loaded it up again, and there were automatically fresh tires on (or rather the wear and tear was reset on the old tires) with 3/4 changes left still...