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    Career mode AI on elite level

    It seems that they went and added hardcore damage as a difficulty modifier now, that was nice! Did not see that listed in the patch notes.
  2. pyide

    PC stage loading times reduction?

    Doesn't seem to work for everyone, but still worth trying out for sure. Was posted to reddit and this guy with a Ryzen 1700x says it did nothing for his long loads. And above Pistro here with the Pentium G4560, although not sure if that's just the mechanical HDD holding him back. Perhaps core/thread count has something to do with it in addition to SSD? Mine is a 4core/8thread 4790k cpu, that Ryzen is 8core/16thread, and that Pentium is 2core/4thread afaik. Still curious to know why it has any effect at all for some configs, I've never seen adjusting the cpu affinity have such an impact on load times before. Performance/fps up or down a bit, yeah. Never this sort of thing. It makes no sense to me.
  3. pyide

    Career mode AI on elite level

    For me it's less of an issue than Pro and to some extent Clubman not being challenging enough, it feels like we went through three championships of absolutely no competition and jumped into hardcore competition with Elite. Like now, the real game begins and for some of us it's mainly bashing your head against the wall, driving as perfect as you can and still coming outside the top 20 in some setups. I'd rather be challenged than not even have to try, so it's great that the game is finally putting up a fight, but there are definitely some stages/locations and conditions which the AI seems extremely unbalanced next to the world records, though. Also, it would be more interesting if there was more to the difficulties than just some extremely hard to catch AI times - why isn't hardcore damage enabled as you progress (or why is it not an option!)? Why does the tire wear system even exist if you never need anything but softs outside of the snow & wet tarmac stages? They really need to something about that, reduce & randomize the amount of services per championship as the difficulty increases? I don't know, but something to make you consider maybe using medium or hard tires once in a while. the whole thing seems pointless right now.
  4. pyide

    PC stage loading times reduction?

    Here's a quick comparison: https://gfycat.com/CreamyLavishAlbino
  5. pyide

    PC stage loading times reduction?

    Ah, searched here before and found nothing, tried again in all forums and this one appeared with the same solution: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35464-long-loading-screen-fixed/#comment-417799 but really, for what it did I'm surprised I haven't seen more people talking about.
  6. pyide

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Fwiw, I hadn't seen any unexpected moments for a while in the career but there was an AI crash on the side of the road in one stage in my previous championship (Pro). Haven't seen anything since then, hard to say if that feature is broken or extremely rare and random. Hard for me to gauge the degradation at times as well. Some stages do seem rougher than others but I'm not sure if that's just the way they are, if it's also random, or the feature is in effect. I do know the details / menu event overviews always say full degradation for absolutely everything but that's clearly not always the case. So that stuff could definitely be a bit more informative. You should have an idea of what to expect from the next stage before you get out there.
  7. Thanks. Suppose it doesn't matter as I just learned after posting that you cannot modify DLC cars anyway.
  8. How difficult would it be to make some of these pure black sun shades which take up a significant portion of the windscreen semi-transparent so you can still see out of them? Or is it possible to just remove them entirely? I don't care much about authenticity as much being able to see the instruments and the road ahead from a cockpit view that isn't zoomed up against the glass.
  9. pyide

    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    Hard to compare pure total numbers when one has been out for years and the other only months. You also gotta remember Dirt Rally launched at $20 in Early Access which was a great deal for all the content and updates that followed, and has been on sale as low as $8 after everything was complete. While Dirt Rally 2 was a $60 game at launch and costs even more for the returning Dirt Rally 1 content. Not quite the same impulse buy although it's already been on sale for $45. If you look at the average & peak players from the steamcharts history, Dirt Rally 2 and Dirt Rally 1 are fairly comparable, with DR2 doing better at initial launch. The numbers could definitely use some boosting, and VR support will have a minor effect when it happens, as will future sales that are deeper discounts. In a few years time, the overall numbers for DR2 may wind up similar to the first Dirt Rally. I'm not sure there's a way to relaunch it that would have a great impact, racing sims are a niche genre to begin with and Rally is a niche within a niche. Although it would be interesting to see how the console numbers compare with PC.
  10. The issue there is the TAA blur (Temporal Anti-Aliasing), and what you need is either an option to disable TAA like you can on PC or a post-process sharpening filter to reduce the blur. I doubt either will happen, but for now you might have some success increasing your display's sharpness setting when playing from default to like 70-80. It won't look as good as if the game had it's own post-process sharpening method with adjustable slider or even an injected filter like Reshade Lumasharpen on PC, but it should help a bit. Try it out. I know I cannot play on PC without lumasharpen. Even a little but goes a long way. Compare RE7's default TAA and with post-sharpening to see the effect it can have on clarity and blur reduction. More and more games using TAA include their own sharpening to counter the blur, either forced on or an option for it, but many like this one still don't. And sine others don't give you enough control over the amount and can appear over-sharpened and ugly. Codemasters could easily add their own adjustable sharpening option to help console players here. I would appreciate it on PC, too. Reshade does the job but it'd be nice to not need that external solution.
  11. I've posted about this in bug threads on the steam discussions, specifically this visual glitch only occurs when Screen Space Reflections are enabled, so it's something inherent to that specific graphical option. Here are the shots I took showing it in action:
  12. Time trial mode is restricted by design for competitive purposes. All of them you cannot choose the time of day yourself, it's really only choose Dry or Wet depending on the type of leaderboard competition you're after, and the majority of them are Daytime except the two wet locations mentioned previously. That's 2 variations out of 12 in the default rally location time trials that have a non-Daytime at all, see for yourself. If Monte Carlo had a "wet" or perhaps full "snow" covered tarmac variation, then maybe you might see a different time of day the developers had chosen for that specific time trial, but probably not considering 10 of the 12 defaults are Daytime Clear or Daytime Cloudy/Overcast as mentioned. And fwiw, only Argentina wet has any active weather at all with Heavy Rain, the rest of the wet options are just overcast/cloudy, but again in custom mode you can put any type of weather on any of them. Same goes for the time of day. The fewer leaderboards the better for this stuff, not that time of day has a huge effect on ability to drive outside of night, but the more variations they have the more leaderboards there would be for every car type. This keeps it simple and competition contained to just two separate leaderboards for every stage (dry or wet), with just the one for Monte Carlo as you know.
  13. Aren't the time trials the exact same time of day and weather conditions for everyone to provide a truly even competitive setting? And most do have 2 settings to choose from (dry or wet), but Monte Carlo is the same road conditions across the board. The only ones to use a non-daytime time of day are Argentina & Poland for the wet (dusk & sunset, none of them are at night). You gotta do a custom championship if you want to alter the time of day and everything else to your preference.
  14. Same goes for the snow on the windshield in Monte Carlo, there's no accumulation of droplets, anything that hits the screen disappears after a second so there's also no reason to use wipers at all there. I assume the upcoming Sweden will be exactly the same. The dirt stages that are wet at least have mud that hits and sticks after a while so you may need to activate wipers briefly to clear, but yeah the rain drops themselves vanish on their own after a second, so the wipers are fairly meaningless for rain and snow. Plus both the rain and snow fall effects themselves look extremely poor. Older games were far more convincing with weather all over. Not just from other devs like SMS's PCARS, but Codemasters own previous games. It's really bizarre that a modern game with graphical upgrades all over has worse weather visual effects than some 5-10+ year old releases and also the previous entries in the Dirt series. I don't know if the bug thread is the place to discuss the look of this specific stuff, but I would definitely say the fact that rain and snow hardly impacts visibility on the windscreen is a legit issue that needs to be fixed.
  15. pyide

    Impulse/rumble trigger support for PC

    Please and thanks