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    DiRTy Gossip

  2. The S1+S2 DLC package (Deluxe Upgrade), didn't go on sale for 3 months after release in late May, even though the full bundle of the base game+deluxe (Deluxe Edition) was on sale a month prior in early April. We're still only 2 months and some change from the introduction of S3+S4 (Aug 26th). It will likely see the first discount during the upcoming holiday / Thanksgiving / xmas sales if they stick to a similar timeframe of S1+S2's separate discount. Bundles of everything are always different, and are there to entice those who don't have the game at all yet.
  3. I'd have to guess concerns that some PC users would be able to easily unlock/hack/mod to make available all the content of the full game on PC? Sounds like you're still basically downloading the whole thing on console if it's 70gigs! That's crazy. But then it's not a demo, it's a trial where you can pay to unlock the rest of it?
  4. Why the heck did they leave out the weather this time? Finland in Dirt Rally had rain. What's the point of reducing variety in the weather conditions on rally stages? (remake or not... more is better than less).
  5. The Ford Fiesta RX2 always has a cracked windshield and windows once I'm on the track in any event or time trial. Repairing does nothing if I'm doing a full RX event, and it always looks fine in the service area, but once I'm in the car it's totally busted.
  6. pyide

    Dashcam/Rumble triggers

    It's frustrating that they still don't have them in there while F1 on Steam does (and has for a few years now), and now apparently the Windows Store version of DR2.0 supports them? I haven't downloaded via Game Pass to verify since I would miss that feature even more in the version where all my DLC lives.
  7. @ebarbs27 @HAMW05WC2014 @AlexSpartan316 @DaleRossi @JosephM635 @Selsis I hope you folks (and all other cockpit drivers) weren't hoping for a prompt fix to those busted gear indicators in Greece! I was wrongly expecting them to patch this already, but it's looking like it may not even make the next major update due in a few weeks time. Thought you may want to know since I haven't seen any potential timeframe mentioned here for this issue. From /r/dirtgame:
  8. pyide

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yeah, but having the option for those that want it would still better than not having the option at all. You could still choose to not ready up until you have the info you need... What he proposed is a manual ready up check to skip the forced times, not an automatic skip or a shortened timer. And I 100% agree with him there, the forced waits with no option to skip when it's just my friend and I doing some laps is pretty ridiculous.
  9. Not just daytime, the dusk condition in Greece is doing the same to plenty of cars, too. Hope it's fixed real soon.
  10. Is that every stage for you? I've only noticed it on the new Greece stages, and only the daytime variants (manually enabling lights does nothing as well). Edit* not just daytime, also at dusk. Anyway, same issue here with the R5 Peugeot:
  11. pyide

    DiRTy Gossip

    What was in today's 4.8GB Steam update? Did they forget to include Greece with the 1.8 patch which said those files were added? I can't find any details.
  12. It's hard see a difference, especially with the TAA blur in action, but it seems like a mix of things - such the amount of and repetition of character models, the number of ones which are animated, and the distance which the render from extremely low levels of detail to the higher ones that look more like people. I still don't understand why it's such a drastic difference in performance in low to ultra, it's really kind of insane considering you can't really tell a difference when driving by them fast on a stage. If you need performance you should be turning them off entirely or using the lowest setting, low still gives you the atmosphere of having spectators and at night you'll still see the roadside flares and camera flashes, but you'll get way more fps than the higher settings. I've been using low since the start and can't say I'm missing anything there. It's not like I'm stopping and staring at them, I'm generally focused on the road ahead.
  13. They should probably rework the D+ into S3&S4+ or something else to avoid confusion with previous Deluxe owners here. Deluxe no longer applies to current and future content, and the D+ events were always Deluxe ownership specific (hence the D!), but now that's no longer true. They tried to outline what the color coding of the logo means in the recent roadbook update, but obviously it's not good enough and not everyone will see that, either. I never bought Deluxe, but even though I owned the specific cars and tracks being used in those events, I could never enter them. Which I'm totally fine with, it's a special bonus for Deluxe owners specifically. No different here with S3, though even I still assumed D+ meant Deluxe at first until they mentioned otherwise in the update. The branding is definitely confusing to those out of the loop.
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    DiRTy Gossip

    I'd be happy with something basic like allowing all cars and classes to be drivable on all RX tracks and Rally stages in the custom modes. It's still not totally custom when there are arbitrary restrictions. Someone made a mod for this for Dirt Rally (ACAT), and it was really cool. More versatility there since it opened up Pikes Peak to all cars as well. It was sort of buggy, but something Codemasters themselves could sort out if they wanted to.
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    DiRTy Gossip

    Speaking of the 2001 Subaru interior, what's up with these always overbright bits in the dash? It's real distracting, looks so unnatural in action.
  16. What's going on with these always brightly lit portions of the dash in the otherwise darkened interior on the new subaru?
  17. Purchased the new 2001 Subaru Impreza on Steam, and it's not showing up in the My Team / Garage / Career / Community Events portion of the game at all. It's only available in the Free Play modes. Update: Working today. Can delete this.
  18. pyide

    New seasons (year two) or new rally game?

    The game hasn't even been out for a full year, there's really no need for another sequel to Dirt or Dirt Rally next year, possibly the year after that. I'd be glad to have more Rally locations and potentially some Hill Climb content in future seasons of 2.0, but I could also see them dropping most support after Season 4. The fact that they still haven't done any actual new Rally locations for DLC makes leads me to believe it's just too much of an undertaking for however many of the original team is left on this game, even if they were just creating new stages for existing locations where the bulk of the visual asset work is already done. At most they may possibly add some additional cars and liveries, but yeah. I also don't see a lot of the current bugs and issues being addressed. A small number of fans will definitely stick with it and want more, but racing games and sims are a niche genre to begin with, and rally is a small niche within that niche. Harder to justify the time and effort for new content creation for that small of a fanbase, even if they're rabid. I'm suprised they're doing a season 3 & 4, but most of that stuff had to have been planned and in the works from a long while back. VR support gave the game a small uptick in users (likely returning but probably some all new holdouts), though I'm guessing that really didn't move the needle like they were expecting given all time that stuff took. The game was half-priced for a good while, too. But then VR dirters are a niche within a niche within a niche. It's still great they went and gave them what they wanted, busted as it may be for some.
  19. Has this bug been acknowledged by the devs yet? I think it has ruined every single full RX event we've done with AI in the mix.
  20. Here are some quick results since the 1.7 patch using all those recommend settings on i7 4790k & Nv 2060, I'll type out what's different. 60hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 1 - larger, longer frame drops 60hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 2 - smaller, minor microstutters, almost imperceptible at times. 75hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 1 - longer drops 75hz + Max Pre-rendered Frames 2 - big spikes are uncommon but do happen in all setups, generally more like the smaller ones @ 60hz Pre 2 and visible in this. 75hz + 72fps Gsync cap + Max Pre-rendered Frames 1 - pretty much consistently stuttering. 75hz + 72fps Gsync cap + Max Pre-rendered Frames 2 - less frequent stutters, but the same severity. I had ran all these setups without the graphing first to be sure it wasn't an influence, and experienced pretty much the same results judging the stutters by my eyes. The afterburner graph just highlights what's happening and how often visually on the frametime and framerate graphs (ignore the big drops and spikes at the end, those are me alt-tabbing out to screenshot the graph). Generally the stutters are random, although sometimes they do occur at similar sections of the same routes. Sometimes they're tiny and sometimes they're huge. Sometimes they're very frequent, sometimes I'll only see a handful in a race. I've really found no fool proof way to eliminate this random stuttering entirely, only lessen it. Pre-rendered frames set to 1 is worse than 2 or 3 in my experience. Vsync with framerate maxing refresh rate is generally the best, but still stutters, sometimes they're minor, sometimes major and can influence a run and even cause a wreck. Vsync unfortunately adds too much additional input lag, even with the pre-rendered frames set to 1. Gsync active and fps capped below refresh rate stutters just the same, the engine doesn't really seem to like framerate caps or variable sync technology all that much, although pre 1.7 I definitely had Gsync working a lot smoother in Dirt Rally 2.0 with nearly no stuttering most of the time as long as pre-rendered frames were set to 2 or 3 (1 introduced an insane amount of stuttering), and this was still better than vsync due to the input lag reduction. Gsync generally smooths out minor framerate and frametime variances in all other games that I've tried, but here the stuttering shines through that as if variable sync isn't even active, but really the engine or game itself seems like it's struggling / hitching / hiccuping at random no matter what. On the graph they just look like simple frame drops and frame time spikes, but every one of those is like the game is skipping or dropping those frames entirely, causing the visible stutter, even with Gsync. Also worth mentioning that if I increase the resolution (downsample from 4k for example) and crank up the details so I'm actually not maxing the refresh rate or hitting the fps cap and the framerate is variable below, Gsync appears to be working since there's none of these frameskip type stutters or screen tearing, but this wildly variable framerate isn't an ideal way to play, and some sections of the events it will still reach the fps cap or refresh and resume the stuttering again. Post 1.7 update, the game can also totally break down, this is what the graph looks like when that occurs @ 60hz & Pre-rendered frames 1 - when this happens, the contols become unresponsive in both the game and menus, and nothing I've tried fixes it outside of a full system reboot. Yet it can still be like that after a clean launch, it can happen after some time in game, it will likely happen if I play the game for some time, quit out, and reload it later, even an alt-tab out and back in can introduce it. This never happened to me before 1.7, and now it's happening more frequently than the audio drop out bug ever did. Something is seriously wrong somewhere! *I think I've nailed this down to a controller issue. Unsyncing and uninstalling my Xbox One pad and moving my bluetooth receiver to a different USB port seemed to rid the game of these occurrences, but only this game was afflicted with that issue when using the gamepad which is very strange and leads me to believe the game is still at fault there. If anyone is still experiencing similar breakdowns and unresponsive controls after 1.7, do try to completely reinstall your main input devices for this game. Other minor observations: The game does not seem great with framerates above 60fps, but it still works where it counts to some degree. Running at my display's 75hz refresh certain things are no longer smooth, like looking around the cockpit with the right stick, the opening service area camera zoom in, as well as the finish line camera after an RX race. The car basically teleports along from that camera at 75hz while it renders smoothly at 60hz, and likewise the camera stutters a lot more at 75hz compared to 60hz when there's any movement to them, manually controlled or scripted, inside and out. Yet normal replays do not appear to exhibit this behavior. Another odd thing I've noticed is that the game will always stutter way more frequently after Windows10 has previously gone into sleep or hibernation mode and then woken, compared to a fresh reboot. I cannot make any sense of that as it's only game I'm currently playing which does this.
  21. pyide

    New rally tracks outsourced

    There's a solution already available for liveries, at least on the Steam version with Workshop support. Codies had this in Dirt Rally for sharing tuning setups and it was great, and should have been extended to also include user made liveries, but those Workshop setup sharing features were missing from 2.0 - wound up being a real downgrade for the sequel when it could have been improved upon. Afaik, Codemasters would not be subjected to any legal ramifications from content there, nor licensing or anything else since it's all hosted and distributed externally from the game on Steam itself. It's all on the users and Steam moderators to police. Which means certain items may be taken down due to copyright infringements, but that's not on Codemasters. Same goes for custom locations, but that's only feasible if the developers released the tools (or a version of the tools) used to make rally locations, and I just don't see that ever happening. The games would live on much longer with the community if they supported user created content of that magnitute, and there would be far less demand for a new game release. Still, there's no excuse for not being able to share basic tuning setups via the Workshop like Dirt Rally, and liveries seem like a no-brainer as well. Just a matter of doing the work to implement it, and that's also something I don't see ever happening at this point.
  22. pyide

    How much for season 3 / 4

    I doubt any content they've mentioned is going to be free. The most we can assume is that the individual locations and cars will likely be priced the same at $4 and $2 each again (USD), that adds up to $24 + $24 for seasons 3+4 separately in full, which is identical to the season 1+2 piecemeal pricing. If they offer another bundle for seasons 3+4 like the deluxe upgrade which contained seasons 1+2, would probably be $30 again, which is about an $18 discount over the individual pricing altogether. If you're that stingy it's worth mentioning that the deluxe upgrade on Steam has been on sale for as low as $18 before, that was only 3 months after launch. If you can wait for future sale you might see the new seasonal content priced as such. I would not be able to wait that long for Finland, although it's coming fairly late as it is - Nov. 5th. Still, there's no guarantee the new seasons will go on sale as fast, or even that they'll priced the same or bundled together at all.
  23. pyide

    All ingame settings reset after update

    Yeah, it sucks but probably due to the new settings added to the existing config files for VR support. They couldn't just splice those new variables in, so they had to replace the config xmls entirely.
  24. This patch has definitively busted the game here. MENUS aren't even working properly, framerate drops even there and the menu stops responding to controller inputs only to rubberband them all in consecutively later. When I manage to actually start an event (have to use a mouse to point and click directly since the gamepad inputs are randomly unreponsive), the gameplay has a lot of random hitches / stuttering / freezes that weren't there before. It's impossible to drive like this. No settings adjustments resolve these new issues. Please, don't let this go for weeks until the next update, you need to take action and let us downgrade to the previous version via Steam's beta branch feature so we can actually play the game as it was mostly fine before, or revert the patch for all and put 1.7 on the beta branch so people can opt into testing VR support and Dirtfish there. This update should not be live for all of us. The game is unplayable now. PC/Steam/Standard edition w/some DLC, 4790k/Nv2060/16GB, only the same xbox one gamepad and kb&m peripherals connected as before.
  25. Same issue as JellyD. No VR here, but even the menus are dropping down to 15-40fps at random and the inputs on the controller are no longer responsive. Inputs will be dropped or skipped and later multiplied. The game seems totally broken compared to the last version, and that's not even gameplay. During an actually rally / race there's a lot of new stutters and hitches and freezes, and that's with gsync active. Something is busted somewhere.