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  1. Steam client updated last night and this problem seems to have gone away now.
  2. Can confirm as well that the last latest Steam update causes the effect described above, Rift S "not supported" popup when starting DR2.0 with /othervr Oculus SDK option. This is the only VR-related note on the Steam relnotes: SteamVR Filtered out Oculus SDK launch options while SteamVR is running using a non-Oculus headset.
  3. Kur Delli

    Car Setup Saves

    Make a backup of your profile folder contents, they are under <Steam Installation Directory>\Steam\userdata\<Steam User ID>\690790\remote\ (690790 is the dr2.0 gameID) Copy the backup to the corresponding folder in your new installation and you should see your profile with setups.
  4. There is the option to get a 2D single eye view with the OculusMirror app in the <Oculus folder>/Support/oculus-diagnostics folder.
  5. Kur Delli

    Issue with saftey car

    Career S1, 93 AI, 50% race length, damage and tyres on simulation.. SC has come out 4 times in the first 10 races (twice on A1).
  6. If this is on Steam, I'd recommend running the "verify integrity of game files" option in the DR2.0 properties first.. (I had the same issue with Poland all of a sudden and the verifier reloaded some files).
  7. Thank you for the FFB update, this is a major improvement in immersion. The Input guide referred to in the road book was nice as well, please make it a sticky here. Just wondering why my FFB settings have "Engine" and "Tyre Slip" still grayed out? Is there only a certain class of wheels that can have this adjusted? PC Steam + Logitech G920. edit: after reading the said pdf http://blog.codemasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Multi-Input-Device-System-for-DiRT-Rally-2-0-Master.pdf it seems that Engine and Tyre Slip are only for controllers, which makes sense. It's a bit confusing to have them in the wheel setup list though.
  8. About these two: How are the tyre warnings "improved"? I see no difference with the wear information. This patch seemed to introduce a new bug with the savegame state regarding tyre selection. Steps to reproduce: Create a freeplay custom championship rally with service areas. Select Soft tyres instead of the default Medium tyres. Drive a stage/stages, return to service area. Tyre information shows the Soft used tyres. Quit to main menu. Exit the game. Start the game. Resume the saved championship. Now the service area tyre information shows the used tyre set as Medium instead of Soft.