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  1. This feature is something I'm really looking forward to... waiting eagerly for details. Some questions I'm wondering about: - can this be played on LAN - how are the different sessions synchronized / selected / skipped? Is it possible to skip FPx, time accelerate Qx, pause race, how are the development / contract / sponshorship etc inter-race events done? - where is the ongoing career saved at and how the players can access and join it? I understood something like this was done in F1 2014 but I didn't have that one.. Waiting for more information before bying a 2nd PC and wheel j
  2. Hi, I'm running DR2 VR via Oculus Rift S with GTX 1660 Ti atm.. medium/high settings with 2xmsaa and ASW forced on.. Graphics are "acceptable", but could be a lot better.. I was thinking of upgrading to a RTX 3080 and a i9-10xxx so that hardware wouldn't be a bottleneck.. Is it really so that you can't turn things up to make it good looking? Have you tried upping the pixel per display pixel override with theOculus debug tool, I thought that could bring some improvements?
  3. ProcessExplorer suggests that -useoculussdk option is in use, which matches the info here https://steamdb.info/app/690790/config/ Maybe you know what to do with this, if I try that command line in a command prompt I just get a Steam warning and the game starting in default 2D mode via Steam.
  4. Can confirm as well that the last latest Steam update causes the effect described above, Rift S "not supported" popup when starting DR2.0 with /othervr Oculus SDK option. This is the only VR-related note on the Steam relnotes: SteamVR Filtered out Oculus SDK launch options while SteamVR is running using a non-Oculus headset.
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