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  1. This feature is something I'm really looking forward to... waiting eagerly for details.
    Some questions I'm wondering about:
    - can this be played on LAN
    - how are the different sessions synchronized / selected / skipped? Is it possible to skip FPx, time accelerate Qx, pause race, how are the development / contract / sponshorship etc inter-race events done?
    - where is the ongoing career saved at and how the players can access and join it?
    I understood something like this was done in F1 2014 but I didn't have that one..

    Waiting for more information before bying a 2nd PC and wheel just to have this opportunity with friends in home LAN party ūüôā

  2. 8 hours ago, AngryFerret said:

    Not as good as expected. 


    I've recently upgraded from an RTX 2060 Super to an RTX 3080 graphics card and I'm using an Oculus Rift S.

    The graphics don't look much different in ultra vs. medium-high and I still experience what seems like medium level textures and terrible pop in of objects short distances from the camera view. I also see a kind of pixelated texture/mask on trees and grass. It's all quite jarring and immersion breaking in VR.

    Project Cars 2 seems to fare better in VR from my experience so far. 

    Hi, I'm running DR2 VR via Oculus Rift S with GTX 1660 Ti atm.. medium/high settings with 2xmsaa and ASW forced on.. Graphics are "acceptable", but could be a lot better.. I was thinking of upgrading to a RTX 3080 and a i9-10xxx so that hardware wouldn't be a bottleneck.. Is it really so that you can't turn things up to make it good looking? Have you tried upping the pixel per display pixel override with theOculus debug tool, I thought that could bring some improvements?


  3. Can confirm as well that the last latest Steam update causes the effect described above, Rift S "not supported" popup when starting DR2.0 with /othervr Oculus SDK option.


    This is the only VR-related note on the Steam relnotes:

    • Filtered out Oculus SDK launch options while SteamVR is running using a non-Oculus headset.
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