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  1. KrazyKutter

    Any new tracks to come with the planned dlc?

    ah, yes! i totally forgot milano and long beach! we need more city tracks!
  2. KrazyKutter

    Any new tracks to come with the planned dlc?

    bring back detroit and miami!
  3. KrazyKutter

    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    HOLY SHIT! I haven't watched this video until now. The cheater I wrote about a few comments after this, is in the same lobby! Moonshine Bandit! I recognized his voice, but I saw  him with a different name, "Huckleberry".  OMFG,  what a small world... :DDD I raced with him again, yesterday. First race, he was dead slow, finished 6th or 7th. Then in the next race (brands hatch), he switched on the magic button , jumped right to the pole from the back of the grid before we even reached the first turn. I followed him in second place as he messed up every high speed turn, but he was faster out in the gravel trap, than me on the perfect racing line. Any time we left him (wasn't even on the minimap), after a few seconds he flew past us with lightspeed. The fucker has no shame.
  4. KrazyKutter

    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    I saw something similar yesterday.  A guy from the USA (sounded exactly like jeff bridges) used some kind of a speed/grip hack. On the Circuit Of America he was all over the track on the twisty parts, but he was super fast out of turns and on the straights. Any time I got closer on the technical parts, he pulled away like a rocket. Superfast starts here too. Then he was dumb enough to use it on the Indianapolis oval. He was first, everyone was on the rev limit, the second and third car was closing on him in the slipstream, then a slight touch of "magic", and he started to pull away... wtf :DDDD The lobby was arguing with him, back and forth, actually, we didn't want to kick him, but when someone mentioned recording the race, he disappeared instantly and blocked everyone.
  5. KrazyKutter

    What is your favorite car?

    ford sierra. retro beast with a big ass turbo.
  6. they are working on it... yeah, i don't buy this bs. it's was a well known issue in the last 5 years in every codemasters racing game. and they EXPECT the fix will work. i'm pretty sure you can start a new progress now, miracles don't exist...
  7. KrazyKutter

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    230 online races, level 75, garage is full, and now my save is corrupted. fuckin awesome! You released  a new game with a well known issue from before, still no fix yet, what a joke... Yeah, and since the last patch, I'm getting at least  2-3 crashes a day.
  8. KrazyKutter

    Online Issues: Racing line aid, Grid order

    Nothing, really? I'm disappointed...
  9. So the new Grid is awesome, but there are a few things, that bothers me. Racing line aid: Please, please, please remove this from online racing. It simply kills the essence of  racing. There are no longer true battles between good pilots, it's only about who can follow the line more precisely. You can learn the tracks in the career, but it ruins the multiplayer. Rookie drivers kiss the wall even using it, so it doesn't matter, but when two pro racers meet on the track, you have to switch it on, or else you are in huge disadvantage. After Grid 2 we have a great engine, it's fun to race,it should be about finding the breaking points, ideal lines, but to stay competitive, you have to fix your eyes on that freakin line, and it gets dull... Grid order: First of all, the scoreboard in random playlist lobbies is pointless, but the real problem is the starting grid, based on that. Others said it before me, there is a lobby with a few guys, who have 80-150 points, good racer always starts from pole, basically no real battle, just a start-finish win. On the other hand, lets say I'm even better than him, but I always have to fight through the pack, get wrecked by noobs, while he just flies away without anything holding him up, so points come slowly. After 5-10  races, I'm leading the scoreboard, hurraaay.... wait, no. Now I'm racking up start-finish wins, or maybe there is a slight excitement, if the second and third guys are good. To be honest, the one thing I liked in Grid 2 was the grid order. High level, high experience racers always at the back, fighting each other, and through the rest of the pack, so much more adrenaline. Please do something with this. Random grid, or reversed based on the last race, anything is better than what we have now.