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    Random Grid Order

    Loore has told us that the dev team think that the current grid order in playlist lobbies (IE player with highest number of points is 1st) is a good idea. Personally I think it sucks and random grid order would make things far more interesting. Please vote if you would like random grid order to be part of a future update.
  2. Loore seems to have been a bit quiet recently. We're waiting for  a new patch for consoles which promised amongst other things a 400% increase in track in playlists. This was announced July 15th! Impact ratings also have been broken since the last patch. Reduced repair costs were also promised. No doubt there's a few other things. So how is progress on the patch? Can we have some info please?
  3. Crumplezone

    Online Track Voting

    As we have a patch on the way to increase the size of the online playlists massively, it would be extremely useful to be shown what cars will be used when voting for the next track. It doesn't show this currently. The only way I know what cars will be next is because I am familiar with the current selections.
  4. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    I believe that this is the current playlist for touring CategoryCar ClassCircuitCircuit LayoutTouringCat A Touring CarsBrands HatchGP Circuit ReversedTouringCat A Touring CarsHockenhiemringGrand Prix CourseTouringCat A Touring CarsSpa-FrancorchampsGP Circuit ReversedTouringCat A Touring CarsYas Marina CircuitChampionship CircuitTouringCat B Touring CarsAutosport RacewayInfield CircuitTouringCat B Touring CarsCircuit Mont TremblantNorth LoopTouringCat B Touring CarsCircuit Mont TremblantSouth Loop ReversedTouringCat B Touring CarsCircuit of the AmericasNational Circuit ReversedTouringCat C Touring CarsAutodromo Do AlgarveGP CircuitTouringCat C Touring CarsBrands HatchGP CircuitTouringCat C Touring CarsCircuit Mont TremblantSouth LoopTouringCat C Touring CarsHockenhiemringShort CourseTouringClassic Mini CupAutosport RacewayClub CircuitTouringClassic Mini CupBrands HatchIndy Circuit ReversedTouringClassic Touring CarsAutodromo Do AlgarveNational CircuitTouringClassic Touring CarsIndianapolisGP CircuitTouringClassic Touring CarsOkutamaGrand Circuit BTouringMini CupIndianapolisSport CircuitTouringMini CupMount PanaramaMotor Racing Circuit ReversedTouringMini CupSepang International CircuitSouth CircuitTouringSuper TourersAutodromo Do AlgarveClub CircuitTouringSuper TourersCircuito Del JaramaGP Jarama Circuit ReversedTouringSuper TourersMount PanaramaMotor Racing Circuit ReversedTouringSuper TourersSepang International CircuitGP CircuitTouringSuper UtesAutosport RacewayNational CircuitTouringSuper UtesCircuit of the AmericasClub CircuitTouringSuper UtesMount PanaramaMotor Racing Circuit I also believe that an update is on its way. I would like to request that the playlist is extended hugely to basically cover all cars on all tracks (but ensuring that reverse tracks only come up say 1 out of 5 times). I know the classic Minis are only really suited to the shorter tracks, so there would be a more limited selection there. I find it strange that after everyone saying how much they love touring cars and Spa, that Spa is only included once, but in reverse! More Spa please! I also think it would be a good idea to have more mixed playlists like the 'all' playlist but with 2 disciplines in each EG Touring and Street. It would be good to be able to race the touring cars on the street circuits and vice versa too.
  5. Crumplezone

    The future of grid

    I would like any new GRID game to be nothing like GRID 2 and to be properly finished and working on release and not slightly half a***d. GAS would be perfect if the damage system made any sense, upgrades worked and the online playlist was expanded to include all tracks for each discipline.
  6. Crumplezone

    Everything there is to know about Impact Rating

    It's just because there are no custom cup sessions within your search parameters. AFAIK impact ratings are just online, so if you haven't raced online, then it will be good. Pretty much the only online rooms with anyone in are Touring and they're getting a bit sparse too.
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    Lag probably.
  8. Crumplezone

    A warning to you all

    If this were Forza, the behaviour of some people and teams on Xbox would see online bans being handed out left right and centre. Unfortunately, CM doesn't seem to have the resources or inclination to police what happens on line. There are regrettably massive childish vendettas going on that often spoil the game for people who just want to race. Some people's posts on this forum make themselves out to be victims, when in fact they are the ones who are aggressive and continually escalate minor incidents into targeted crashfests, then there's retaliation etc etc ad nauseum. They know who they are and everyone else online knows who they are, but they seem to think their behaviour is OK and there seems to be no end to it. I just stay out of the way, race clean and ignore them. It's a shame everyone can't do this, but some grown ups can't seem to help acting like little children.
  9. Crumplezone

    grid autosport league xbox 360

    Can't we all just get along and forgive and forget? All this 'I'm going to wreck them because they wrecked me', 'You're a dirty driver' ,'No you're a dirty driver' and team vendettas is totally pointless and is ruining the game for those who just want to race clean. I've had good races with everyone on this thread. I've also been subjected to being constantly wrecked by a certain team because of this too. Despite having nothing to do with any of the incidents mentioned. There's huge amounts of childishness going on on all sides. People just need to grow up. It's only a game and I'd like to enjoy playing it without knowing I'll be deliberately targeted by certain players if I end up in a lobby with them. I'd also like to see an end to individual/team revenge wrecking by everyone. If people want to play dirty I just ignore them and try to beat them clean.
  10. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

  11. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    What he said. I'd also like a full technical explanation too. It's not even kb it's just bytes. The bits of data that control the the car type and tracks for each car type will be absolutely tiny. As in a few characters each. What your devs are telling you just doesn't ring true @Loore I assume PC users will be able to look at the file that controls the playlists. It can't be much different for consoles. Would anyone care to take a look and show us the relevant bits of the file please? You've got PC version too haven't you @RTAnoskills?
  12. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    I'm not asking for an expansion of the play list as your programmers seem think this might be problematic (though I doubt that a few extra bytes would cause a problem), just a few of the current tracks to be changed as they suck. This would not take any extra memory.
  13. Crumplezone

    CM, open your mind!!!

    Did PC version not get a big playlist expansion?
  14. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    Not for consoles at this time, sorry. Care to  elaborate on that? Surely it's just a case of changing a few values in a table. Any possibility in the future?
  15. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    @Loore so any possibility of changes to the playlist? If so, I'll let you have my suggestions.
  16. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    @Loore so any possibility of changes to the playlist? If so, I'll let you have my suggestions.
  17. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    @Loore so any chance of getting changes to the playlist? If so, I'll post my suggestions.
  18. Crumplezone

    Online Playlist

    Now we've (hopefully) got the patch for freezig issues on the way, how about getting some changes to the online playlist. If CMs coders are really, really, really, really adamant that the playlist can't be expanded (I would like to hear that they have at least tried it though), then there's definitely a few tracks that can be swapped for better ones in Touring at least. I will post my suggestions at some point.
  19. Crumplezone

    GAS Freezing

    @Loore Thanks. Hope your guys can get it solved soon.
  20. Crumplezone

    GAS Freezing

    If they revert it to the previous patch, people will have corrupt game save issues, which I think is far worse than freezing. As I said in a previous post, I reckon it's related to custom liveries. I don't use them and have only ever had one freeze playing pretty much every day for a couple of hours. I do  get disconnected from the session sometimes, but this is pretty rare.
  21. Crumplezone

    GAS Freezing

    I don't use any custom liveries and I've only had a few freezes playing pretty much every day since the dodgy patch, so maybe it is a custom livery thing. More common is getting a lost connection from session error, but again this is quite rare for me.
  22. Crumplezone

    Newbie- Grid Autosport Query

    I'm on 360, but I'm in the UK and have raced with people from Canada and NZ.
  23. Crumplezone

    Has console support ended already?

    I'm somewhat skeptical about the reason given for consoles not getting the playlist update, but if we're not getting it, I'm hoping for at least a change in the combos. I'm sure there'll be a patch for the freezing/disconnection issues, but not expecting particularly soon given past form. Just read about the extra championships saving issue. That's bizarre.