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  1. Code Masters take responsibility for your crap game and give us a release date for the ps3 patch and stop passing the buck of on sony or microsoft
  2. As all this is good news I still haven't heard or seen not 1 piece of news as to when the patch for the ps3 is coming????? I have stared over 6 times now at level 45,65,90,67,70 and 14. I have also done the racenet challenges since the first week and only received one week of rewards for all my effort. Other tell people me tell me they get their racenet rewards so why can't I after all these corruptions. I don't know if you can understand why I am so mad about this or not but I am really close to returning this game for a refund!!! It's to bad to because I really enjoy playing it's just it get
  3. We'll Goresh you must not have had save file corruptions so you have no room to tell me about an immature comment!! I have every wright to be ticked off with Code Masters and leave them and leave them angry comments. If they don't like then don't sell me an unfinished game with save file problems!!!
  4. This is a JOKE OF A GAME WITH THE SAVE FILE CORRUPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't talk about something useful as to when codemasters is going to fix this crap for ps3
  5. corruption #6 codemasters thank you so very much I see patches announced for xbox i'm on ps3 how about you give us an idea when your gonna fix ours
  6. Corruption #6 F.U Codemasters You are Female Dogs
  7. 5 freakin' save file corruptions!! Do it wright the first time and you won't have to here from angry gamers!!! This is the only game I have ever bought to have this problem!!! I preordered 2 months in advance CM just to be super letdown!!!! Oh, I do like the game but not to impressed with your customer service. Also I have a really good week of challenges I lost because of this very annoying problem. Is there any truth to the patch fixing save corruptions? If so will I get my challenge rewards once the patch is finally here it would only be fair!!!
  8. :(   I give this less than 55% because on the Ps3 game I've had 5 save file corruptions but other than that the game is just ok. Do we really need another racing simulator?
  9. Still in the dark about a patch for the console games I see!! Sure is nice of CM to ignore there customers!! Of course what else would you expect from a half ass company who releases half ass games. More and more of my online friends are coming up with save file corruptions. So I imagine the problems getting more widespread. IS IT REALLY THAT HARD FOR AN ANSWER, I MEAN REALLY !!!!! So whenever the patch does come "CM don't act like you did something good because you should have done it right to begin with"
  10. After having three corrupt save games (ps3) I'm not to happy either. I even answer from Loore  after mentioning I am playing on the ps3 "There's a PC patch for July 9th" . A lot of good that that will be for me jerks. So I feel your pain with save corruptions I had level 62 with 12 cars upgraded nicely, level 85 with 15 cars upgraded nicely and finally level 45 with 8 cars with one car at level 48. So I am not going to start over the 4th time. total B.S.!!! This game belongs on the bargain rack at the dollar store with this major screw up. Hey CM how about a PS3 patch!!! Console gamers ha
  11. All I'm saying is nobody takes pride in there work anymore whether it be video games to cars it's all about the almighty dollar or quid or whatever It's not just America it's everyone so I'm not just singling out codemasters it's all companies "Get it out no matter what, will fix it later" to bad we as consumers don't stick together, so this is the way it's gonna be and yes ido backup save files when i get far along in a game but this did me no good as my backups corrupted as well
  12. Seems to to me the game should be tested more before release so they wouldn't have to go thru the trouble of testing a patch there srsrastus1701 i know there will always be problems with any product no matter what but save file corruptions seems like somebody was sleeping or they didn't test it very well griping makes me feel better and big companies need to here consumer feedback no matter negative or positive and besides this aggravates me to no end having to start over on a racing game
  13. Sorry for blunt comments but I am so very unhappy with codemasters right now tried customer service no help not even  an answer from them if I sell someone something for $50 dollars if it doesn't work or is broke then I make it right by them i have to just good business to the community manager this is not directed at you but i can find no other way to let codemasters know how disappointed in there product that I am. evidently they do not care or someone from customer service would have gave me a reply whether a get lost or sorry for the trouble would be fine
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