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  1. Hello rallygamer ! First of all, thank you for your discovery ! The 206 is my favorite car and I have all the assets to make customs liveries so it lacked only the access to the file nefs to make them. Thanks again 🙂 I followed your tutorial to test in the game but neither stage or Dirt Fish arena does not load... I missed something ? (I didn’t change the cameras).
  2. Hello guys ! Little work in progress for the Alpine, based on the Rally of Maroc 1973 (corresponding to the ingame model; except the radiator ventilation at the front) 🙂 Blue is not good but I’m working on it !
  3. Hello ! I am the author of this skin and I work on the adaptation for DR2 of all the skins I made for DR (and some new ones).But I have some problems with specooc files that don’t appear under my Photoshop (I have a big black area instead). It’s gonna happen, with an new blue, more realistic 😉
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