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  1. Hoo said:
    If anyone who uses this data wants anything added to it, or thinks of ways we could generally improve this system then please let us know. We can't guarantee that we'd be able to make every change requested, but we'll certain try to improve things wherever we can.
    Last year (F1 2015) I developed an Android app to overlay race infos over a live streaming. The result was not bad but... I had to insert on a Google spreadsheet all visible data  during the race... hard job :'(
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Race positions, tires used, pits where easy to fix while gaps and best/last lap times where quite impossible to use because changing too often during the race. Can you add infos about other drivers in you UDP packet? Even if rarely sent, 10 Hz is enough.

    something like (sorry, not perfect syntax :# )
    struct m_drivers[22]
    string d_name;
    (PSN ID)
    int d_position;
    int d_lapNumber;
    float d_gapFrom1st; (important but computable)
    float d_lapDistance;

    float d_last_lap_time;
    float d_best_lap_time; (not so important)

    enum d_tyre; (U,X,S,M,H,I,W)
    enum d_status; (RUN, PIT, DNF, DSQ)

    Better to have, for each driver, time gap from the first driver (delay) but even with LapNumber and LapDistance it is at least possible to use timers to evaluate the gap when drivers pass the finish line (with a reasonable UDP frequency).

    Thanks in advance for your attention