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  1. Civarello

    Thanks for the Monte Carlo Rally stage(s) CM

    NO ONE is expecting 100 % perfection on release. How did you come up with that ? Because people are criticizing the game for the huge amounts of bugs the game released with ? People were simply expecting a WAY less buggy game. And most of the stuff I read here and on Steam is constructive criticism. Some may have a more snarky or cynical way of expressing these criticisms, but at least I can´t really blame them after what happens in the whole industry at the moment; and after what happened with Dirt 4 before DR 2.0. That game burned a lot of trust in many people (not talking about the "game is ****; Codemasters sux!!!!-kind of people). And people having no patience ? The video-game crowd is still one of the more forgiving ones. The video-game-industry is one of the few industries where the companies can get away with unfinished, buggy and even broken stuff on a regular basis. What I see is that more and more people getting angry because more and more games are released in an unfinished and/or buggy state. With less content/features than its predecessor (which is true for DR 2.0 as well regarding the base-package). With more and more crappy monetization. In my opinion it is a good thing that more and more people seem to speak out against these things. I agree that there should be respect for the devs themselves. I can imagine they´re having the most stress right now, to fix the stuff that only happened because of decisions being made by the higher-ups in the company. But I have not really a huge amount of respect for the people who decided that Dirt Rally 2.0 was good enough for release. Who decided to have an Always-Online-Career in the game. Who decided a staggered release was a good idea. Because these people don´t seem to have ANY respect for the money we pay.
  2. Civarello

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    My main problem is still that a huge chunk of the game now has an expiry date due to the Online-requirement. What happens when Codemasters decides to pull the plug on the DR 2.0-Servers ? Do people want to rely on Codemasters that they will offer a patch at that point to make the Career be playable offline ? I sure don´t. Rally Games with a more serious approach are VERY few and far between; infact we nowadays only have 3 to speak of: RBR from 2004, Dirt Rally 1 and now Dirt Rally 2.0. And one of them may not even be playable in its Main-Mode anymore in a couple of years. Maybe Codemasters will continue to produce serious Rally-games. Or maybe they won´t. Maybe the next Dirt Rally releases even MORE broken. Or the physics change in a way that I don´t like anymore. What I want to say is I don´t want to rely on an uncertain future when it comes to these type of games. It could very well be that DR 2.0 will stay the last serious Rally game for the foreseeable future. And because of this I would like to be certain that the progression-system is still functional in DR 2.0 in a few years from now. As long as this Online-requirement is in place there is ALWAYS the chance that people loose their Career-progress. It wasn´t only people with crappy Internet that were affected by this...... I´m convinced that all the negativity towards the Racenet-requirement during release DID cost sales. I personally wouldn´t have bought it. I only own Dirt Rally 2.0 because it was a gift from my girlfriend; and even then I struggled to activate the game on Steam because I wasn´t eager to support these kinds of business-decisions (I ended up activating it, because denying a gift from my girlfriend would have been even worse than acting against my principles.....😵). I hope the reasons WHY Codemasters implemented this requirement was worth it regarding the feedback it produced. Whatever those reasons may be....... I must say that I don´t see ANYTHING regarding the Online-connection in the Career that I would consider to have a real positive impact on my personal enjoyment of the game. I´m not even talking about scrapping the Online-requirement for the Career anymore; I think that ship has sailed unfortunately. But maybe a Mode could be implemented where money and car-upgrades can be earned in offline-Custom Events as well; which was possible in DR 1.
  3. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Don´t need to tell me........I have DR 2.0 on hold anyway. Am busy with Sekiro at the moment, and in two days the next Grim Dawn Add-On gets released. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will make another SERIOUS attempt at the game.
  4. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    One positive thing from my side: I think the price of 3,49 Euros is pretty ok for the individual Rally-Events. Yes, they´re still the old Events we all know inside-out from DR1. But they´re still among the best Rally-Stages ever put into a Rally-game. And they´re still different to drive due to the enhanced handling. I´m sure other companies would have taken at least douple that price.
  5. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Has nothing to do with Steam, but how Codemasters organizes its patches. And yes, its somewhat ridiculous to need roundabout 45 gigs of free space to download and install a 7gig patch. Mabe write it into the patchnotes how much space is needed to install the update. Other devs can pull that off as well if the requirements are that much higher than anticipated.
  6. The game released WITHOUT an FOV-Slider on PC ? IMO that should be a standard-feature in modern games; especially on PC.
  7. Civarello

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    "Stunning" is a bit exaggerated in my opinion. In some places I even think it looks worse than DR1 (for example the texture resolution in certain parts). It doesn´t look bad of course, but it´s not really a mouth-opener on PC. Especially regarding other Racing games, which look WAY better and at the same time RUN better than DR 2.0. It does have some awesome vistas; but in my opinion the ones in DR 1 were even more stunning. In Greece for example, and the vistas when racing down the Mountain. But of course it´s all purely subjective.
  8. Supersampling is a form of Anti Aliasing. The picture is first rendered at a higher resolution and then downscaled again; which results in less jaggies. There´s also downsampling, where you can choose a higher resolution the game is natively rendering in, but then gets downsampled to fit your monitors resolution. Both may sound similar, yet downsampling yields even better results; because the whole picture is much clearer.
  9. Civarello

    Stiff competition on the horizon...

    For me it´s not only the next Rally-game. Yesterday Sekiro was released and I haven´t started DR 2.0 since then; and I think I won´t as much as I did the days before. Not only is it awesome from a gameplay-perspective (as almost always with FROM-games), but it REALLY feels like a 100% finished game. In 4 days the next Grim Dawn-Add-On gets released as well. So another game that is fighting for my time to play games. I know, totally different genres, but if I´m more eager to play other games the less eager I am to buy any DLCs for example. At the moment I´m a bit annoyed by Dirt Rally 2.0. Regarding WRC 8: Kylotonn made some good improvements from WRC 6 to WRC 7. If they continue to do so, or even improve the game even more (considering they now had 2 years of development) I can see WRC 8 turning out to be a worthwhile Rally-game. More so than any of its predecessors. And the more choice we have in this sector, the better. It may not be as "Hardcore" as Dirt Rally or Dirt Rally 2.0, but that doesn´t mean it can´t be fun as well. But we´ll see once WRC 8 is finished; my expectations are not very high; so if it turns out to be good, great. If not, same as usual.
  10. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Don´t think it has anything to do with Toyota themselves, but the WRC. All those cars are part of the official WRC-license, which is held by Big Ben. I think we got lucky that we had the WRC-Polo and Fiesta for example in DR1. Wouldn´t be surprised if Big Ben made a claim against Codemasters; so that they´re not allowed to use some of these WRC-cars anymore; or strike deals with the car-manufacturers directly.
  11. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Precisely. That´s my point. DR 1 was Early Access and therefore cheaper; and everybody knew it wasn´t feature-complete. DR 2.0 isn´t an Early Access-release. If these things come at a later point (or they don´t - like in Dirt 4; but I´m still optimistic) has nothing to do with my argument; I only compare both games in terms of what they offered on release. Holy hell; I really feel that I sound more negative than I actually am; which isn´t my natural normally....except in specific cases like Fallout 76 or Anthem.
  12. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Of course, describing DR 2.0 as a more focussed game than DR 1 is one way to see it. But that was what was already said about DR 1; to explain it´s rather bland Career-Mode and general lack of "fluff". And I was absolutely fine with that regarding how DR1 was conceived within Codemasters. Again, we shouldn´t forget that DR 1 was more of a side-project and test-balloon; to see if a more hardcore-Rally game would still be viable. But DR 2.0 is nothing of that anymore. But it´s not only the pure content side-of things that somewhat irks me; but the amount of features as well. I´ve mentioned these things (Steam workshop, custom liveries in Online Events, worse support for custom-stuff in general, missing options in the setup-menu compared to DR1 and D4, no Rally-school, a WAY worse Career-mode compared to D4, worse wheel-support, no money/car-upgrades via custom mode etc.) a couple of times; for me this is simply a step back compared to its predecessors. I can only say that I don´t mention these things because I wish any harm to Codemasters. I mention these things because I would like to see them implemented into DR 2.0; or at least into a potential follow-up. I´ve said numerous times that I wish Codemasters nothing but success; but I also think that they´re partly to blame as well for all the criticism the game received; more (justified) criticism than was necessary in my opinion.
  13. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Thanks for the workaround. Appreciated. But of course that doesn´t help when you´re already in the ditch 🙂
  14. Civarello

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    People loosing their game-progress isn´t game-breaking ? And even IF these things don´t happen so often anymore, as long as the Online-requirement is in place this stuff can always happen again. The sound still cutting out, even after the patch isn´t very beneficial either. Especially if that happens during an Online-Event and you get a dnf because of that. And my point wasn´t Pikes Peak in particular. But that DR 2.0 is a lighter package on release than BOTH DR 1 and D4. And sorry, I personally wouldn´t expect a follow up to have even less stuff/features than an already pretty bare-bones predecessor (DR1).
  15. Civarello

    New to dirt, skipped 2.0 and bought 1.0

    Good decision to start with the first one. It´s somewhat cheaper and if you don´t like the experience you at least haven´t wasted THAT much money as if you had bought DR 2.0 outright. And if you get bored you can jump into DR 2.0; which hopefully will have its major flaws ironed out at that point. Even though I must say that I don´t think that DR 2.0 is a step up in EVERY regard compared to DR 1. There are some features that are even a step BACK in my opinion (for example Always Online, money/car-upgrades not obtainable through custom events anymore, no Hillclimb, support for custom content worse than in DR 1). But even though I´m pretty often a bit more negative towards DR 2.0, at the end of the day I would STILL say it´s a pretty solid experience. DR 2.0 is still a better game than the stuff that gets released via BigBen and Kylotonn with the official WRC-License.