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  1. Civarello

    End of bug fixes

    I wanted to let this discussion slide, because I know there is no common ground anyway; especially with remarks like "your opinion/preference is a joke to me". I say I totally get why people like this game; the opposite situation seems to be way harder; for people even TRYING to understand where the criticisms are coming from and why people aren´t on cloud 9 with DR2.0. But this ? Now you even go down THIS route, saying that it´s "more likely" the system of the users, and not the game itself, just because YOU didn´t experience this annoying bug for a longer period of time ? Guess what, I had this bug happen to me just ONCE....but I never would go out and say it´s the users fault. Especially when it´s happening THIS often and to THIS many people. And in the next sentence you even mention that you still have problems yourself in this department (albeit a different part of the Audio). It was mentioned dozens of times that you all want constructive criticism; but even then this criticism gets ridiculed by mentioning it "being a joke" or "blown out of proportion". Yeah, it´s really fun to have a discussion about this game on these boards........Constructive criticism isn´t when it only mentions things that you all agree with......
  2. Civarello

    End of bug fixes

    I am someone who doesn´t like to call other peoples tastes/preferences "silly" or "trivial", just because they´re different from my own. When I found out that Dirt Rally 2.0 had this Online-Requirement for the Single Player-Career the game immediately went off my to buy-list. And DR2.0 was a very sure purchase for me, considering Dirt Rally 1 is my 2nd most-played game on Steam. As I´ve mentioned a couple of times by now I only own it because it was a surprise-gift from my gf on release. Now, that reason might sound silly to you and others, but for me it´s not. I personally don´t see ANY advantage of the SP-Career being dependent on Racenet, but a plethora of negatives. There are so many opportunities in this game to be competitive (the Online Challenges, Time Trial, the dedicated MP-Modes) for the people who want that, so why the need to have this competition (via Leaderboards) in the SP-portion as well (and I only speak about the Career-Mode, not the MyTeam-Mode in general). If a game has a feature that I really don´t like I don´t buy that game. The same reason why I don´t buy ANY game that features any kind of Free2Play-mechanic (Lootboxes, ingame-shops, fantasy-currencies etc.). The same reason why I don´t pre-order games. Regarding Hardware-Support: Analogue-Handbrakes for example; or are they now properly supported ? Or some of the Wheel-options not being changeable (due to them being greyed-out). Even though I personally am more on the "critical" side of Dirt Rally 2.0, I absolutely get why people like this game as much as they do.
  3. Civarello

    End of bug fixes

    Maybe because you have different priorities ? I always find it a bit strange when I read something like "I really don´t understand how people don´t like a game/other stuff as much as I do". That always seems to be a indication for me that these people think that their priorities/tastes are much more important/the only right opinion than the opinions/tastes of other people. From my perspective: I also think that the game is fun, and a nice improvement over DR1 in some areas, but not in ALL areas. I for example think that the pacenotes were done better in DR1. DR1 had better Hardware-support. DR1 had an offline custom-mode to earn money/car-upgrades. It had Hillclimb. One of the main-modes didn´t have an expiry-date written on it. I could use the car I wanted to use in the Career, without having to wait for the Shop to reset. Etc., etc., etc. And that´s without the still not fixed bugs that are going on for months now; plus the new ones that seem to creep up with every new update. I know many people on these boards are tired of hearing these things. I personally have went on from DR2.0, and have been pretty quiet, because I personally don´t want/need to write about how disappointed I was/ and still am with DR2 on a regular basis. But I still watch the progress the game makes; which shows that I still have interest in the game, and a slight hope that at some point the game will turn out as good as I personally would have liked it to be on release. But I also think there are many more games (not necessarily from the same genre) that at least for ME feel as if they honor/appreciate the time and cash I spent more than Codemasters did until now with DR2.0.
  4. The WRC-games were never known for their visual quality. WRC 7 did look better than its predecessor, but it´s in no way a visual powerhouse. At least on PC WRC 7 isn´t really a looker, and both Dirt Rally and DR 2.0 are visually more impressive than that game. I think what grinds the gears of people is that DR 2.0 appears to look "worse" than its direct predecessors; or at least not on par with them.....maybe because of the lower resolution, and/or the suboptimal Anti Aliasing.
  5. And the fact that it is an Arcade-Racer has what to do with the matter at hand here ?
  6. Civarello

    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    I think the difference is that GT Sport was advertised as an Online-Racer from the very beginning; with a huge focus on Online-Racing (or at the beginning it´s ONLY focus was Online Racing; only some practice-stuff was Single Player if I remember correctly). Maybe all the SP-Stuff that was added after release is now viewed as a Bonus, and therefore the complaints weren´t that loud. I guess it would have been different if Sony would have advertised GT Sport as Gran Turismo 7, without ever revealing before release that the Single Player-Career would require an Internet Connection. Edit: Because it somewhat fits: Again had a short "Error 500" on the Forum; something that is happening quite often here. At least way more often than on any other Forum I visit. But it quite fits with the hiccups that Racenet itself is showing to this day......
  7. Civarello

    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    I gave DR2.0 a negative Review as well. But not because of the FFB. The FFB isn´t my main-gripe. My main-gripe (or one of the main-gripes) was and still is the Always-Online-Career. And as long as that requirement is still there my Review will stay negative. I even said that the game in its core is fun, but so many things around that core feel rushed, so that I personally wouldn´t recommend the game in its current state. And that review was written around release. And now, couple of months later, and not much has changed. So many pressing issues are still not fixed. I said this before, and will say it again: The reason why DR2.0 was such a letdown in terms of sales was NOT the fault of the Reviewers on Steam (or all the other people who view the state of the game to not being satisfacory)......Codemasters has ONLY themselves to blame; for releasing the game way too early; for leaving out many, many features that the predecessors still had, for making the Single Player-Career Online only. Blame the people who were responsible for these decisions, but not the people who are simply fed up by all the **** that is going on in the Industry....... And just to say this: Wanting Steam to go away, just because some of its users don´t review a certain game to your liking, and then even wishing that the objectively inferior Store takes over is just mindboggling.
  8. Civarello

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    Even if it´s only 1 %, how does that make things any better ? The fact that it still happens is ridiculous; as I said. I never said that it still happens to a lot of people, only that it still happens. Even if it´s only that 1%, that is still something that should not happen AT ALL. And I don´t get this "Of the people i´ve heard talking about career Resets are some entitled White knights who wont play the game at all because they MAY be reset"; why are those people "entitled", when they expect the game to NOT reset their progress ? And aren´t "White Knights" normally people who defend a game, not criticize it ? So this sentence doesn´t make that much sense to me.....
  9. Civarello

    Gonna hold off on buying more DLC for the game

    Would you have posted that same worn out phrase if he would have praised the game and pointed out how he would gladly buy every single piece of DLC ? Just to add my 2 cents, I uninstalled the game one week or so ago. I still had bought the Monte DLC (which was a nice improvement over the Version in Dirt Rally), but the game itself became more and more frustrating every time I played it (because of its buggy nature, missing features, and the vast unused potential due to a rushed release). And maybe it´s just me, but I feel as if there is a slight condescending undertone in some of Codemasters responses.......... So at least in my case there won´t be any further DLC-purchases. Maybe, in a couple of months I will try the game again (maybe by then the game will be in a state that it should have been in on release). And DLCs will only be purchased when (heavily) discounted (if at all). I´m normally really not a cheapskate; but Codemasters has broken the Camels back one too many times for my tastes...... But the thing is, in its core the game is good. That is the reason why I´m still following the game and its progress. If it wasn´t I would be long gone, add Dirt Rally 2.0 to the very few games I personally would count as a loss and simply add Codemasters to the list of Publishers/Devs who I won´t support anymore (literally, not only talk).
  10. Civarello

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    So what you´re saying is that the majority of people who are against this Always Online-Requirement for the SP-Career and Single Player Games in general are people who pirated the game ? Wow. Wish my world was so easy......... I do own the game on Steam. But as soon as i heard about the Always Online-stuff it was off my to-buy list. I ONLY own it now because my girlfriend bought it as a gift for me (without my knowledge of course); but even then I was hesitant to activate it....to not support these kind of practices. And just because YOU didn´t have problems does mean what ? That all the people who did have their Career reset (what happens to this day btw, which is ridiculous in itself) or couldn´t compete in the Online Events are pulling these things out of their nose ? I didn´t have THAT many problems with Racenet as well. But I don´t have to experience these bugs myself to be against the Online Requirement. My main point is still that I want to be sure that the WHOLE game is still playable in the future, and doesn´t have some kind of "best before"-date written on it´s main SP-Mode. Ah, teknoid giving a "Thums Down" instead of replying is of course a great way to have a discussion. Great Job 🙂
  11. Civarello

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    Why is having to be always online for the Single Player-Career a "must" ? I understand that this is necessary for the Online Events, but for the Career ? What do I, as a player, gain from this ? One thing I see for example is that pretty often I cannot drive the car I WOULD like to drive in my Career because the car isn´t available at that time. So I must wait for the Store to refresh and then HOPE that the car I actually like to drive is available this time. To me this mechanic feels shoehorned in, just to somehow justify the "Always Online"-Requirement. I personally don´t care what pirates can and cannot play. In my opinion pirates should NEVER have an influence on how a game is designed; the only thing you achieve is punishing the paying customer. I can´t play the Career when Racenet is down, I had my Career reset a couple of times, I won´t be able to play the Career in a couple of years anymore (when the Servers are turned off), but hey, at least those pirates can´t play the SP-Career......
  12. Civarello

    Post-release community engagement and support

    Aye, 1C/777 was one of the Publishers/Studios that I had in mind when I said that Codemasters´ way of communicating is pretty subpar compared to other Studios/Publishers out there. Their Developer Diaries are awesome. Since 2012 there have been 222 Diaries, the last one came today. I was pretty hesitant to further support Il2 after what happened with Cliffs of Dover. But in my opinion 1C did a pretty good job on the last couple of "Battle of...."-Sims, and I am happy that they (finally) acknowledged the awesome work that Team Fusion did for Cliffs of Dover some time ago. So for the last couple of years I had zero problems supporting 1C/777 and their work on the Il2-Series.
  13. Civarello

    Post-release community engagement and support

    Why overexaggerate in this case ? Nobody expects daily updates; and I´m pretty sure you are aware of this as well. I can only speak for myself, but what I would have liked are some status-updates; at least in the more pressing issues. Has Codemasters ever said if the FFB is how it was intended ? Or if it´s a bug ? If it is as intended, what were the thoughts behind its implementation ? If it´s a bug, what is the cause of the bug ? What exactly is the mentioned "headway" the devs have achieved in this matter ? Or the Ai-Times. It was mentioned that changing these times will be a "huge undertaking". But again no word if these times are intentional, or due to a bug; at least in certain classes. Why not explain WHY changing these times is such a feat to accomplish ? It just seems to me that the vast majority of the communication from Codemasters relies on REACTING (reacting to the stuff brought up by the community), instead of ACTING by themselves (for example by posting a Roadbook with more technical aspects every 2 weeks or so). To me it sometimes seems as if Codemasters is pretty shy (or maybe even unwilling) when it comes to REALLY talk about the more non-positive side of things. I can only compare this Codemasters-type of communication with the way other devs (smaller and bigger ones) are handling that type of thing. And that comparison sadly is not very positive for Codemasters; and those devs aren´t doing daily updates as well. The Roadbooks would be great to talk about these things, and not only when a new patch gets released. Or not only when there is stuff to write about to make your game look good. The last Roadbook was 3 weeks ago. I would say that a Roadbook one week ago or so would have been a great way to talk about this "headway" regarding the FFB.
  14. Civarello

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    These things have been mentioned numerous times by now. I myself pointed out several times (and pretty early as well) how a good customer-relationship can be beneficial when the times are not so bright (like now with Dirt Rally 2.0). That this lack of information/dialogue is one of the reasons why the customers became so critical. But it won´t change. It´s the same kind of responses we had back with Dirt 4. The phrase "huge undertaking" was used back then as well; in DR 2.0 it´s the FFB and the AI-Times that are a "huge undertaking", in Dirt 4 it was the sticky rear-end (which end-result we all know.......). Maybe something that gets dictated by the higher-ups once again. Maybe the same people who decided to release the game too early. If that´s the case I can only say you higher ups did one hell of a job for Dirt Rally 2.0 and Codemasters as a whole........
  15. Ah, ok. Maybe he has posted about this several times. Because at least in his last post he only talked about "fps-issues"; not specific issues when going off-road.