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  1. 13 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    The sound cutting out is bad, but if it is consistently doing that I think the issue is more likely your system than the game. I had occasional cut outs in MP during the launch weeks, but since then? I can't think of a single time in the last month Phil has forgotten pace notes like he was at launch. A few UI notes don't match the pace note called, but that is about as bad as it is. The only annoying thing still happening is that Sweden and Germany have Phil repeat himself a couple times between the "... to finish" call and actually clearing the stage end gate.


    I wanted to let this discussion slide, because I know there is no common ground anyway; especially with remarks like "your opinion/preference is a joke to me". I say I totally get why people like this game; the opposite situation seems to be way harder; for people even TRYING to understand where the criticisms are coming from and why people aren´t on cloud 9 with DR2.0. 

    But this ? Now you even go down THIS route, saying that it´s "more likely" the system of the users, and not the game itself, just because YOU didn´t experience this annoying bug for a longer period of time ? Guess what, I had this bug happen to me just ONCE....but I never would go out and say it´s the users fault. Especially when it´s happening THIS often and to THIS many people. And in the next sentence you even mention that you still have problems yourself in this department (albeit a different part of the Audio).

    It was mentioned dozens of times that you all want constructive criticism; but even then this criticism gets ridiculed by mentioning it "being a joke" or "blown out of proportion". Yeah, it´s really fun to have a discussion about this game on these  boards........Constructive criticism isn´t when it only mentions things that you all agree with......


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  2. 5 hours ago, caerphoto said:


    I agree, it’s silly when people say that. It's also kinda silly to get overly annoyed by things that are either theoretical (“expiry date”) or kinda trivial (headlights having the wrong texture).

    It’s fine to have priorities, within reason, but someone saying, for example, that they literally cannot enjoy the game because of the state the FFB was in at launch is just not reasonable. Unless the FFB was actually broken for that person, it wasn’t that bad. They’re playing a rally simulator, not a steering wheel simulator.

    Pacenotes, matter of opinion and I’m not gonna argue there. If you like DR1’s better, cool. Better hardware support, though? In what sense? VR, yeah, but the input support is much better in DR2. Offline credit earning, well, that’s a much bigger topic than just Custom Events – the whole structure of DR2 is built around being online. Again, no problem if you disagree with this, but you gotta discuss it in context.

    The other stuff, again, fine, a matter of opinion, and again I have no problem with that, but it does seem a bit like comparing feature lists without considering the experience of actually driving in the game. For me, that experience is better enough that all the other stuff you mentioned seems trivial.

    And just so I’m clear, I’m in no way excusing the bugs etc. They should be fixed, and many shouldn’t even have made it to release, but I also accept the realities of modern game development. I don’t like it, but since I can’t do anything about it I’m not going to let it bother me, and instead just enjoy playing the game.

    I am someone who doesn´t like to call other peoples tastes/preferences "silly" or "trivial", just because they´re different from my own. When I found out that Dirt Rally 2.0 had this Online-Requirement for the Single Player-Career the game immediately went off my to buy-list. And DR2.0 was a very sure purchase for me, considering Dirt Rally 1 is my 2nd most-played game on Steam. As I´ve mentioned a couple of times by now I only own it because it was a surprise-gift from my gf on release. Now, that reason might sound silly to you and others, but for me it´s not.

    I personally don´t see ANY advantage of the SP-Career being dependent on Racenet, but a plethora of negatives. There are so many opportunities in this game to be competitive (the Online Challenges, Time Trial, the dedicated MP-Modes) for the people who want that, so why the need to have this competition (via Leaderboards) in the SP-portion as well (and I only speak about the Career-Mode, not the MyTeam-Mode in general). 

    If a game has a feature that I really don´t like I don´t buy that game. The same reason why I don´t buy ANY game that features any kind of Free2Play-mechanic (Lootboxes, ingame-shops, fantasy-currencies etc.). The same reason why I don´t pre-order games.

    Regarding Hardware-Support: Analogue-Handbrakes for example; or are they now properly supported ? Or some of the Wheel-options not being changeable (due to them being greyed-out).

    Even though I personally am more on the "critical" side of Dirt Rally 2.0, I absolutely get why people like this game as much as they do. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, caerphoto said:

    It's strange, isn't it? DR2 is fantastic, and sure, it has a few issues that really need to be fixed (the audio cutouts, for example) but nothing that comes anywhere close to making it a "bad" game. I really do find it hard to understand how some people find the problems to be so obnoxious that it completely ruins their enjoyment of the game.


    Maybe because you have different priorities ? I always find it a bit strange when I read something like "I really don´t understand how people don´t like a game/other stuff as much as I do". That always seems to be a indication for me that these people think that their priorities/tastes are much more important/the only right opinion than the opinions/tastes of other people.

    From my perspective: I also think that the game is fun, and a nice improvement over DR1 in some areas, but not in ALL areas. I for example think that the pacenotes were done better in DR1. DR1 had better Hardware-support. DR1 had an offline custom-mode to earn money/car-upgrades. It had Hillclimb. One of the main-modes didn´t have an expiry-date written on it. I could use the car I wanted to use in the Career, without having to wait for the Shop to reset. Etc., etc., etc. And that´s without the still not fixed bugs that are going on for months now; plus the new ones that seem to creep up with every new update.

    I know many people on these boards are tired of hearing these things. I personally have went on from DR2.0, and have been pretty quiet, because I personally don´t want/need to write about how disappointed I was/ and still am with DR2 on a regular basis. But I still watch the progress the game makes; which shows that I still have interest in the game, and a slight hope that at some point the game will turn out as good as I personally would have liked it to be on release. 

    But I also think there are many more games (not necessarily from the same genre) that at least for ME feel as if they honor/appreciate the time and cash I spent more than Codemasters did until now with DR2.0.

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  4. Are there any plans to overhaul the Shop-System in the Career ? Having to wait hours because the car you ACTUALLY want to drive in the Career isn´t available is pretty frustrating; and then it´s not even guaranteed that the car is available with the next reset in the first place. I´m still a bit baffled that this was considered a good idea.

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  5. 9 hours ago, FLAW3D said:

    Seems Codies want this game to be the Dark Souls of racing games infact even Dark Souls seems easy compared to this.

    Yeah, in the Soulsborne-Games, and the most recent FROM-Game Sekiro you can make plenty of mistakes, and still beat the Boss or reach the next Bonfire/Lantern/Idol. But these AI-times in DR2.0 look as if they´re demanding 100% perfection; in handling the car and by taking the ONE perfect Route through the Stage; if a time like that is even reachable at all for Non-AI-Drivers.......The AI being roundabout 7,5 seconds faster than the fastest player at this point, and that under harsher conditions seems to be WAY overtuned; even for Masters. Just another thing on the list that would have benefitted from more thorough playtesting; or an Early Access-Release.

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  6. 30 minutes ago, w3bb0r said:

    Didn't look at it that way yet, but still..

    It's confusing as every other game and DR1 use the splits as you are the last driver on the stage. Never seen the current behaviour before.

    Also the "class leader" in the left bar is confusing then, but then again is completely normal if you look at it how you told me now.


    Thanks for clarifying, Civarello

    No problem. Your point had come up multiple times since release. I don´t remember off the top of my head if there is a tooltip ingame that explains this. If not, it would have been good to implement such a tooltip. For the reason you stated; people aren´t used to how DR2.0 handles its end-results.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, w3bb0r said:

    I haven't read the whole thread, but I didn't see it in the post which lists all the reported bugs.

    In Career, I have a bug where I'm 1st in the stage with 22 seconds in front, but when seeing the leaderbord afterwards, I'm 2nd ..

    See screenshots in attach.

    I have this alot!


    I just played further in Argentina and eventually got to 1st place, but in the last stage I crashed and lost 20 seconds while I only had a lead anymore of around 13 seconds. The guy on place 2 should have overtaken me in the ranking, but he stayed 2nd with a few seconds behind me. It didn't make any sense. I was glad I finished 1st, but it's difficult to know when I have to push or when I have some spare seconds left.



    Your first point is not a bug, but normal. You are not the last driver on the Stage. So there are other drivers still driving after you who can still beat your time. In your example G. Edwards drove after you, and he went even faster than you.


    Onto your second point: The AI in the last couple of Rally-outings from Codemasters really weren´t the games strongpoints. The Rallycross-AI often thinks they´re racing in a Destruction Derby rather than Rallycross, and in Rally there are way too many occasions where the AI-Times don´t make any sense.

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  8. I played Dirt Rally with a Pad as well when it came out in Early Access; for ca. 80 hours. And it was great. But because I had the experience with a wheel before (not in DR of course, but in Circuit-Sims and Richard Burns Rally) there was that feeling that a wheel was the prefered way to drive this game. I had pretty decent Sim-Equipment before, but sold all that stuff because I was tired of circuit-Racing.

    I bought a used Logitech Driving Force GT for 50 Euros, and the first couple of days I often wanted to go back to the gamepad. Because I wasn´t used to a wheel anymore. But it got better and better. And then came the day where it clicked, and  I never wanted to go back to the pad. The moment I knew this I bought a T300 RS GT. But even the DFGT is still a great wheel considering its age; and it can be bought very cheap nowadays (used).

    From my personal experience I can only say that the difference between Pad and Wheel was severe. Not only the times got better, but the fun-factor also hugely benefited from the wheel. I can only recommend to try it out at some point, and stick with it. In the beginning it will be worse, but after some time you don´t want to go back. 

    And to add this: I don´t have a dedicated playseat anymore; the wheel is attached to my desk, and if it´s not needed I simply put it below the desk; in a box I made especially for the wheel. So it´s absolutely no space-issue for me. I think my better half would be pretty ****** if I would want to put a whole gameseat into our flat at this point :classic_laugh:

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  9. Has Codemasters ever responded to these AI-"problems", especially the H2 FWD-Class (but many other discrapencies as well ) ? If these times are intentional, or if some classes are bugged, and if Codemasters has a plan to change anything regarding this ? 


    I mean this topic came up early during the release-period. Some info regarding this would be hugely appreciated. I can only say that fair and especially plausible AI-Times are VERY important; but in my opinion there is a lack of both at the moment in the game.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    It's never going away. I think anyone waiting for it to magically be removed will be waiting a long long time.


    And while people want to complain about it, honestly there is no issue. Maybe if you have spotty internet it can cause you problems, but in my 100+ hours so far the only issue it has ever given me was failing to connect - when Steam went down for Tuesday maintenance. I understand the general idea against it, but when it just works for the vast majority of players I can't really see the argument to avoid the game over the requirement. Even if you literally never touch My Team and only play around in Free Play time trials or Championships, you'll get more than your monies worth from the game.

    My main problem is still that a huge chunk of the game now has an expiry date due to the Online-requirement. What happens when Codemasters decides to pull the plug on the DR 2.0-Servers ? Do people want to rely on Codemasters that they will offer a patch at that point to make the Career be playable offline ? I sure don´t.

    Rally Games with a more serious approach are VERY few and far between; infact we nowadays only have 3 to speak of: RBR from 2004, Dirt Rally 1 and now Dirt Rally 2.0. And one of them may not even be playable in its Main-Mode anymore in a couple of years.

    Maybe Codemasters will continue to produce serious Rally-games. Or maybe they won´t. Maybe the next Dirt Rally releases even MORE broken. Or the physics change in a way that I don´t like anymore. What I want to say is I don´t want to rely on an uncertain future when it comes to these type of games. It could very well be that DR 2.0 will stay the last serious Rally game for the foreseeable future. And because of this I would like to be certain that the progression-system is still functional in DR 2.0 in a few years from now. 

    As long as this Online-requirement is in place there is ALWAYS the chance that people loose their Career-progress. It wasn´t only people with crappy Internet that were affected by this......

    I´m convinced that all the negativity towards the Racenet-requirement during release DID cost sales. I personally wouldn´t have bought it. I only own Dirt Rally 2.0 because it was a gift from my girlfriend; and even then I struggled to activate the game on Steam because I      wasn´t eager to support these kinds of business-decisions (I ended up activating it, because denying a gift from my girlfriend would have been even worse than acting against my principles.....😵). I hope the reasons WHY Codemasters implemented this requirement was worth it regarding the feedback it produced. Whatever those reasons may be.......

    I must say that I don´t see ANYTHING regarding the Online-connection in the Career that I would consider to have a real positive impact on my personal enjoyment of the game.

    I´m not even talking about  scrapping the Online-requirement for the Career anymore; I think that ship has sailed unfortunately. But maybe a Mode could be implemented where money and car-upgrades can be earned in offline-Custom Events as well; which was possible in DR 1.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    Man it's all perfect except for this rocky mountain of bugs haunting the game. I'm much more aprehensive about that.

    Don´t need to tell me........I have DR 2.0 on hold anyway. Am busy with Sekiro at the moment, and in two days the next Grim Dawn Add-On gets released. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will make another SERIOUS attempt at the game.

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  12. One positive thing from my side: I think the price of 3,49 Euros is pretty ok for the individual Rally-Events. Yes, they´re still the old Events we all know inside-out from DR1. But they´re still among the best Rally-Stages ever put into a Rally-game. And they´re still different to drive due to the enhanced handling. I´m sure other companies would have taken at least douple that price.

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  13. 35 minutes ago, teknoid85 said:

    had a lot of problems with steam  with first update   and todays update..............  40gb free on  c :    after 2gb on download  it shows me there is non more space on ssd........   **** steam 😡

    Has nothing to do with Steam, but how Codemasters organizes its patches. And yes, its somewhat ridiculous to need roundabout 45 gigs of free space to download and install a 7gig patch. Mabe write it into the patchnotes how much space is needed to install the update. Other devs can pull that off as well if the requirements are that much higher than anticipated.

  14. 1 hour ago, chukonu said:

    Don't know why Toyota is being like this. Why wouldn't you want your car represented in a game? It's how I learned to love even ugly ducks like the Metro.

    Don´t think it has anything to do with Toyota themselves, but the WRC. All those cars are part of the official WRC-license, which is held by Big Ben. I think we got lucky that we had the WRC-Polo and Fiesta for example in DR1. Wouldn´t be surprised if Big Ben  made a claim against Codemasters; so that they´re not allowed to use some of these WRC-cars anymore; or strike deals with the car-manufacturers directly.

  15. 32 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    It doesn't mean some of those things won't be implemented later. Some of the features you mentioned didn't come all at once in DR1 either, it was a gradual process through EA (steam workshop for example).

    Precisely. That´s my point. DR 1 was Early Access and therefore cheaper; and everybody knew it wasn´t feature-complete. DR 2.0 isn´t an Early Access-release. If these things come at a later point (or they don´t - like in Dirt 4; but I´m still optimistic) has nothing to do with my argument; I only compare both games in terms of what they offered on release.


    Holy hell; I really feel that I sound more negative than I actually am; which isn´t my natural normally....except in specific cases like Fallout 76 or Anthem.

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  16. 3 hours ago, Rallystu2 said:

    I don't see dr2 as a lighter package, rather a more focussed package doubled down on detail with things like stage deg. I was as disappointed as the next person when we found out that we were only getting 6 locations and 2 stages per at release, but its the first game with live service, and needs to be treated that way, assisting devs to fix and adjust the things we want, not just ranting and whining and hurling abuse around.

    Of course, describing DR 2.0 as a more focussed game than DR 1 is one way to see it. But that was what was already said about DR 1; to explain it´s rather bland Career-Mode and general lack of "fluff". And I was absolutely fine with that regarding how DR1 was conceived within Codemasters. Again, we shouldn´t forget that DR 1 was more of a side-project and test-balloon; to see if a more hardcore-Rally game would still be viable. But DR 2.0 is nothing of that anymore.

    But it´s not only the pure content side-of things that somewhat irks me; but the amount of features as well. I´ve mentioned these things (Steam workshop, custom liveries in Online Events, worse support for custom-stuff in general, missing options in the setup-menu compared to DR1 and D4, no Rally-school, a WAY worse Career-mode compared to D4, worse wheel-support, no money/car-upgrades via custom mode etc.) a couple of times; for me this is simply a step back compared to its predecessors.

    I can only say that I don´t mention these things because I wish any harm to Codemasters. I mention these things because I would like to see them implemented into DR 2.0; or at least into a potential follow-up. I´ve said numerous times that I wish Codemasters nothing but success; but I also think that they´re partly to blame as well for all the criticism the game received; more (justified) criticism than was necessary in my opinion.


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  17. 19 minutes ago, FearFactor said:

    You dont need to abort the stage. Press pause, then Alt+Tab, Sound settings, change ausdio source then back to your standard one and come back to game and sound should be back. Worked in my case.

    But this is a workaround and not a proper solution.....

    Thanks for the workaround. Appreciated. But of course that doesn´t help when you´re already in the ditch 🙂

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  18. 1 hour ago, Rallystu2 said:

    Game breaking? Occasional racenet issues aren't Game breaking. 


    Basic functionality? Like what? Being able to pick a car and race it? That's already in.

    People loosing their game-progress isn´t game-breaking ? And even IF these things don´t happen so often anymore, as long as the Online-requirement is in place this stuff can always happen again. The sound still cutting out, even after the patch isn´t very beneficial either. Especially if that happens during an Online-Event and you get a dnf because of that.


    And my point wasn´t Pikes Peak in particular. But that DR 2.0 is a lighter package on release than BOTH DR 1 and D4. And sorry, I personally wouldn´t  expect a follow up to have even less stuff/features than an already pretty bare-bones predecessor (DR1).


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  19. 10 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    Hillclimb has been cut because only a very tiny minority played it and resources would be better allocated in Rally and RallyCross, where the majority of the players are. Hillclimb was a bonus in DR1, compare the RX content from DR1 to DR2. Rally content is the same as DR1 at launch and it's getting expanded from tuesday on.

    While there's still no Delta Times, there's a lot more community events still.

    I personally LOVED Hillclimb in DR 1. Rallycross on the other hand is still not my cup of tea; but that has something to do with the fact that Codemasters seems to have problems to create an AI in this mode that is fun to drive against. Either they´re too slow in certain parts, or way too fast, or act as if Rally-X was some kind of destruction-derby-event.

    And how was Hillclimb a Bonus in DR 1 ? It was part of the overall package, and was released during the Early Access-phase; it wasn´t a small side-activity that was put into the game as an afterthought. They even released the full gravel-layout of Pikes Peak after release.

    I would get that for leaving out Hillclimb they could concentrate on adding more stuff in Rally and Rally-X. But that´s not the case; it´s the same amount of Events and Stages as in DR 1; there are not more events in the game now with Hillclimb missing.


  20. 54 minutes ago, Dytut said:

    All cars don't have all settings, simply because the settings are available on the real life cars. Older shocks didn't have fast/slow rebound, newer cars have them and can set the threshold between them. This is an actual improvement of the barebones setup of DR1, where the suspension is modeled more accurately in DR2. 

    I have now checked ingame; and no, the modern Rally-cars don´t have fast rebound; checked the R4 and R5 cars. They have slow rebound, and slow bump/fast bump, but no fast rebound like in DR 1 and D4. 


    Regarding the content on release in DR and DR 2.0: Hillclimb makes up for a huge chunk of missing stuff; that´s one whole Mode of play missing. Or another, albeit rather small thing (next to all the other stuff): Where are the Community-Delta-Times in DR 2.0 ?

  21. 22 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    Here's a fine example, considering everything you've said in your post: Assassins Creed Unity

    Check it out.

    I know about Unity. It ran like **** on release, had bad bugs (everybody remembers the faces without skin) etc. But I was talking specifically about game breaking stuff, and not buggy releases in general; and I specifically talked about the time-span. I don´t remember Unity erasing peoples progress. But of course that doesn´t mean that Unity was acceptable. A better example would have been Fallout 76; that one REALLY had some game-breakers on release. But again, it didn´t take Bethesda 4 weeks to fix the most glaring ones after they were acknowledged. I didn´t buy Fallout 76, because for me personally even Fallout 4 was a HUGE letdown regarding the name and roots of the franchise; but what I witnessed at a friends house in 76 was pretty sad.

    And regarding the game and the team deserve to concentrate on the bigger picture: I guess one could say that Codemasters should have done the same during development.


    @ Versedi: Are these game-breaking bugs ? I specifically was talking about the more severe stuff; not bugs in general. I have even written it down 2 times. I am fully aware that some bugs can take a good amount of time to fix; but that wasn´t my point.

    But as I said; my main gripes with the game aren´t the bugs anymore; even though I also think the release was (way) too early. What really brings my experience down is still the Always-Online-Stuff and that DR 2.0 is even more barebones than DR1.

    Just to note something positive so that I´m not ONLY negative: The pure driving-experience is still awesome, and a step up from DR1. The Stages are also great and  well designed.  I REALLY hope we will see my favorites from DR 1 in DR 2.0 as well; Wales and Greece. I´m looking forward to drive these Events with the improved handling.

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  22. Well, regarding the FFB I understand that it takes time to implement properly. But game-breaking issues ? Roundabout 4 weeks is too long in my opinion. And then a patch that is supposed to fix stuff, but doesn´t in certain situations (for example the Audio cutting out; which is STILL happening).

    I can only compare DR 2.0 to all the other games I played. And I can´t remember one that took almost 4 weeks to patch game-breaking stuff; most of them didn´t even have game-breaking stuff on release (if any). Now of course, just because I say I don´t remember a game taking this long to patch doesn´t mean there wasn´t one; I of course don´t play everything; and especially when it comes to racing games Dirt Rally 1 and 2.0 (and the good old RBR) are the only Racing games I play anymore; got bored of Track-Racing a long time ago. Now, as I said; I´m only talking about game-breaking stuff; like the Audio cut-outs, people loosing their Career-progress etc.; not smaller things like textures not alligning correctly or Stages being too dark.

    One mustn´t forget that this  isn´t a racing game/Rally game from a new developer with a new engine. Codemasters is doing these type of games for decades now; and is using the EGO engine for over 10 years now (since Colin McRae Dirt in 2007).

    But yes, I guess all the major bugs will be squished in time. But every time I play the game, and I enjoy it there are new things I discover that are missing that the predecessors had. Yesterday or example less options in the Setup-Menu; for example positive camber and fast rebound; I didn´t check ALL of the cars, but it was missing in all the ones I tested. The first Dirt Rally was pretty bare-bones; Dirt Rally 2.0 is even more bare-bones on release. I really did expect Codemasters would take all the stuff that worked in DR 1 and D4 and combined it into one awesome package; but no, they even went backwards when compared to Dirt Rally 1 in terms of content/the overall package.