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  1. on the ps3 (new user), i did this 2 days ago and still have access to racenet challenges, i will not link this ps3 user id to racenet website as i don't see the point unless you want to join a club, and i think it may mess up the profile again.  i just wanted to do the challenges and some online races.  
  2. I created a new user profile and everything works fine now, as for the season pass this is a pre-order item so it won't download yet.  Check the Services List in account settings and it should be listed.
  3. The only solution i could think was to create a new user on psn and start fresh with a new racenet account for grid autosport.  As if like magic there are the racenet challenges.  So must be a corrupted account. Still heard nothing from CM so will use the new user account from now, probably won't post here again so see you online! Enjoying the game, just not the racenet hassle...uhhhh
  4. Thanks for your replies so far, it is beginning to make sense now.  It is not too great a loss if things don't work properly.  Interesting that US has a 'headstart' with challenges, oh well, c'est la vie! Relax, keep calm and be patient???? ps. For reviewers who say that you can't swap disciplines each season, and the races are too short.  Try looking through the menus and playing for more than half an hour.  25 lap open wheel races no assists and with descent AI on very hard is pretty acceptable in my book.
  5. Racenet challenges on the PS3 was available for a while, but now I can't connect.  Is anyone else having this problem?Not exactly ruining the game but it is frustrating.  Online races seem to be fine and have been really good fun so far.
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