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  1. OzSmurf

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Hi again, After reading through a number or praise and gripe sessions about GA, I must agree with near all that Stringue comments on in June 2015. I especially would love to see wet track or rain conditions included as an update and the availability to have the pits at hand. I often set up single races with numerous laps and to get over half way through a race and have some stupid AI take me out, just to have to restart the whole race instead of limping the car to the pits for a quick repair and keep racing is just lacking. I am sure that others have mentioned this as well but seeing an AI collect a wall in front of me that would have normally totalled the car and killed the driver, yet continues the drive away without so much as slowing down where I get a minor tag and my steering is damaged does get very frustrating at times. Just something to keep in mind for future Grid releases. Don't get me wrong, still a great game but there are some issues that need to be considered to keep in touch with Project Cars, Forza and yet to see what Gran Turismo bring to the table.
  2. OzSmurf

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Hi, I have loved the Grid games since the very beginning with the only issue I ever had with Grid 1 was the lack of support for the steering wheel systems, was just not drivable but still an awesome game smashing the keys on my keyboard. So to play Grid Autosport with a steering wheel and being able to easily control the game on either the PS3 or PC is a dream in comparison, thanks heaps for that, been playing it since it got released and still use it for stress relief or a cause of it depending on what mood the AI is in. The only issue I have with the game is the obvious missing element that has probably not been looked at for licensing issues which is the inclusion of something similar to the V8 Supercars. Understand that the Forza guys have the deal with this now, but if you are going to include an iconic track like Mt Panorama, then Grid needs to at least include a Falcon and a Commodore to put round the track for the Aussie players. Throwing a Audi A5 around it is pretty fun, but it is not the same for the Aussie fans, especially since Codemasters had the deal with the V8 Supercar games many years ago. Obviously they don't need to be called V8 Supercars or even look like the teams. It is just nice to have the current and last era of the Aussie Falcon FG-X XR8 and the Commodore VF SS. The missing V8 is something I have heard a few players mention and although can get this on Forza, for anybody with a PC or PS3, well we just have to miss out on it. Not a major complaint, so not making a big deal of this but if you could get around to making a DLC that had this in it, you would make a lot of Aussies pretty happy. Thanks for the great racing games and looking forward to what comes out next around the corner from the Codemasters camp.