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  1. Check out this post from another thread, this sounds like the same thing. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/21451/#Comment_21451 thankyou very much kind sir, that was exactly the problem. Had autoclutch on without realising it.. much appreciated!
  2. I have just started GRID Autosport and found that it doesnt recognise my Fanatec CSR, just shows as a Microsoft Racing wheel same as everyone else. The problem being, if i select manual sequential, the assigned buttons are wrong for the shifters. i cant shift up or down. When i try to edit the controls, ive found using left/right shifters only bring up "A" as selected. There is NO MAPPING FOR LB/RB WHATSOEVER!! What is going on.? I cant use manual gears because of this which is ridiculous! There is NO button on the wheel mapped to LB or RB whatsoever. The shifters just show as "A"? What am i d
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