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  1. Does anyone want to boost the PVP trophies please? Need these for the Plat... any help much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone have some good setups for Ford Fiesta Rallycross please?
  3. This is awesome @PJTierney - thank you so much guys!! Can I just ask, will there be new achievements with this DLC?
  4. It’s still being teased. As Codies have ruled out PSVR support, I’m guessing it will be an announcer for DiRT Rally 3.0.
  5. Hopefully one of these sets works for you: XK2GLVUQRMJL6 - no more money worries AEX0LR2RA8RR5 - training boost 907NB0CM7W5Q9 - card free zone 6MTTYJMTFF3PC - creme de la creme WVMFWK53P0Y8B - healing hands 2HAG20NHHJ3K1 - do you want to join my gang? Q1QK1Q2RP0KAC - rome wasnt build in a day Y62DAT8C39P1E - armchair selection 7F3HC29LUC911 - full to the brim 6TK66H3JP02A8 - youth stars MCFVY23NYLM50 - transfer free for all 96K1KU07FDX02 - super staff VVKC46VLJE2Y0 - happy talky talky CTA3PPMEH5GL6 - job for life 1GLTHEM96BHHB - confidence Enter 618
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