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  1. bigburt82

    DiRT Rally

    Does anyone want to boost the PVP trophies please? Need these for the Plat... any help much appreciated.
  2. bigburt82

    DiRT Rally

    Does anyone have some good setups for Ford Fiesta Rallycross please?
  3. bigburt82

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    This is awesome @PJTierney - thank you so much guys!! Can I just ask, will there be new achievements with this DLC?
  4. bigburt82

    Something is coming closer...

    It’s still being teased. As Codies have ruled out PSVR support, I’m guessing it will be an announcer for DiRT Rally 3.0.
  5. bigburt82

    Something is coming closer...

    THAT is a beautiful thing
  6. bigburt82

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    I feel that trophies and achievements are a personal thing and shouldn't depend on anyone else to achieve them. The whole concept of multiplayer trophies for platinum is wrong. If you have to have trophies that require you to beat other players online, they should be classified as additional trophies like DLC, and not required for plat. There's a difference between a challenging achievement and 99% of players still not being able to get it nearly a year after release. #justsaying
  7. bigburt82

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    PJ this is amazing! Thank you so much! :)
  8. bigburt82

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    You did well, mate!
  9. Codemasters, please bring back the Delta Daily events - especially for Group B 4WD. Like 99% of other players, I stand no chance of finishing in Tier 1 of a four tier event when the leaderboards are full of Professional Sim Racers that we just can't compete with. A Delta Daily is our best chance of getting the "Fire Up That Car... Again" trophy" achievement. The current conditions alienate and frustrate much more than three quarters of your customer base, which isn't a good thing. Please consider this request, or consider the option of easing on the requirements for this trophy, because it just isn't achievable for the vast majority of players. Here we are 7 months after launch and still only 1% of players have been able to do it. I don't doubt that some will say "Just get better at the game", but working full-time with three kids I don't have the time or money to practice, practice practice. Please just make it fairer - competing with pro youtubers with top-of-the-range rigs is not fair for most. I want to keep playing the game and enjoying it, but logging in daily looking for another chance and being disappointed is just getting me down. Please do consider this polite request.
  10. bigburt82

    LMA Manager 2007

    Hopefully one of these sets works for you: XK2GLVUQRMJL6 - no more money worries AEX0LR2RA8RR5 - training boost 907NB0CM7W5Q9 - card free zone 6MTTYJMTFF3PC - creme de la creme WVMFWK53P0Y8B - healing hands 2HAG20NHHJ3K1 - do you want to join my gang? Q1QK1Q2RP0KAC - rome wasnt build in a day Y62DAT8C39P1E - armchair selection 7F3HC29LUC911 - full to the brim 6TK66H3JP02A8 - youth stars MCFVY23NYLM50 - transfer free for all 96K1KU07FDX02 - super staff VVKC46VLJE2Y0 - happy talky talky CTA3PPMEH5GL6 - job for life 1GLTHEM96BHHB - confidence Enter 618MMMXQEEW67 Card free zone Enter 1FMFUE20HTFH6 Crème de la crème Enter GMW2FDGCAFQ40 Defying time Enter JRV9BFHU2NH9E Healing hands Enter VL1LNQ48P8515 Do you want to be in my gang? Enter 24HWQKQJ0BLMC Rome wasn't built in a day Enter 3VHM2AGVLHYF8 Armchair selection Enter WHRPMCVGNA2GA Full to the brim Enter HR6QM05KHPRA6 Youth Stars Enter 0W4BKF8CAAE0B Transfer Free-For-All Enter 13QU0DATABEE1 Super Staff Enter K5CP8U7K9NLC3 Happy Talky Talky Enter CK9NEK5V9D7P1 Job for Life Enter BUY0AX2TU4AAF Permanent Vote of Confidence Enter TQ02A0YBEFHF6 Fantasy Team in the Money
  11. bigburt82

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I've gone ahead and created the Forum Community Club. Join here: https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/179223 See you on the DiRT
  12. bigburt82

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    Anyone fancy creating a forum community club? Happy to set one up if you'd like! Would be great to meet you all in game and race each other,