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  1. FlyingDutch020

    Same items in item shop

    Gotta love the 2 toned Red and Yellow one 😂
  2. FlyingDutch020

    Zandvoort Hotlap

    That’s my point exactly, and this doen any happen at any other track. Any other track you have ERS until you cross the finish line. Also don’t know if it’s a user issue. Have auto gears and like I said, this is only track it happens.
  3. FlyingDutch020

    Zandvoort Hotlap

    I'm confused, I should have to switch my ERS during a qualifying lap to none for 2 corners, just to make sure I have some left coming onto the last straight. That's not necessary for any other track. Hope this helps: @BarryBL @martbloke
  4. FlyingDutch020

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    Honest to god it's 2020 and you can't even choose the color of your number or choose between mat, chrome or metallic paint.
  5. FlyingDutch020

    Helmet request „Spikes“

    That helmet was the absolute best
  6. FlyingDutch020

    Podium pass eta?

    Im guessing they’ll need a patch to fix it, which then needs console approval, so on consoles I’m guessing September 😂 Don’t get me wrong so annoyed by this as we already have barely any customization without it in this years game.
  7. FlyingDutch020

    Zandvoort Hotlap

    like now?
  8. Edit: 1) On PS4, when I use Hotlap ERS in qualifying, the ERS runs out in the middle of the last corner. This doesn't happen in Austria for example. I have ERS in manual, but don't touch anything related to ERS during the lap. Does't matter whether it's free practice or qualifying in Zandvoort, the ERS will go "red X" in that last corner. Was using a Red Bull car. 2) 1.03 3) Grand Prix 4) Tried 5 hot laps out of the pits where ERS was fully charged at the start of the lap. Tried with manual ERS in mode 2, tried with auto ERS, 5 times it ran out in last corner. 5) See point 4 6) Thrustmaster T300 wheel 7) Not at the moment. @BarryBL better?
  9. FlyingDutch020

    Can you choose the tracks in short career mode?

    Im still confused if I can have Brazil as the first race if I wanted to. Otherwise I don’t understand the 22 season “chopping”.
  10. For me Carlin will finally make it to F1. Love the livery and what they do for junior racing.
  11. Thanks for response @BarryBL how will we get a copy on the 7th if you can't preorder it through PSN? It seems from other games they don't do pre orders anymore, they just release it on release day.
  12. FlyingDutch020

    Custom Calendar Question F1 2020

    @BarryBL do you know if we can customize the full race calendar in Career, like Monaco at night, or simply change Brazil to be the last race and not Abu Dhabi? Or can we only do that for the 16-10 race career season?
  13. Wondering the same thing. Only places to get it in the US for PS4 are Gamestop and Best Buy. Amazon doesn't have it yet, but last time I did release date delivery they shipped it on the release date versus delivering it..
  14. FlyingDutch020

    F1® 2020 | Deluxe Schumacher Edition Trailer

    Looks great! Those Benettons 🤩
  15. FlyingDutch020


    And looking at basics even further, with the existing limit livery/helmet editor, your barely have any colors!! Basically no color pops on half the multiplayer cars. Can’t even choose between mat or metallic, it’s PATHETIC