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  1. i'm against the flashbacks, but i use them just to not ruin other people races when i forgot to brake on some turns
  2. i got gold for a second and something less than 500 but i was so enraged that i didn't cared about it as a plus a couple of times i got spinned out on the last turn on the third lap UBERMADNESS!!!
  3. i know how to race on brands hatch since it's my favorite track, I'm having problems with the AI who brakes you on the face and always tries to spin you out as a plus i got mad and tried to crash everyone but they were stuck to the track and the only one who got out of the track was me
  4. i don't think the tuning thing because it's level 1 i've never raced it, and skylines always outrun me on any race ._. and the people were all newbies and low levels so i'm confused because my sierra with 100% status should outrun everyone 
  5. the Grid autosport it's one of the best track based racing games on all ps3 platform, GT6 was a fraud and i felt like a stupid when i bought it 
  6. amazing overpass, thanks for the tactic!, by the way is nathan mckane who kills my race always on the last meters of endurance, when the tires are on red and you can make a spin easily
  7. i don't think this is a bad game, it has it's own glitchy glitches but at least it doesn't have any gamebreaking bugs, and codies listen to the people to try to fix the game, wanna take a pill of frustration? Easy as abc play bf4 and then you tell me, freezings, crashings superb lag, rubberbanding and ea/dice only care about launching dlc's more than fixing the game, oh and it's forums are a disaster, rarely active admins (they only appear to erase certain comments ban people) and almost everything is fight over there, OOR this , bugs that, honestly in comparison this forum is heaven, the mods
  8. it could be useful to buy upgraded cars also, it's hard to find races for some cars 
  9. and appart from that because the brazilians drive like shit!, I understand you i'm on ps3 and I cannot change the region like you(as i know ps3 is region free for multiplayer but it keeps being very hard to find a match) so I have to play with all those random joes who doesn't even know how to brake on a hairpin turn, obviously if I find a match where i'm not get kicked out for winning for over 30 seconds ohh otro argentino listo men aca llueve!
  10. oh yesh it happened me once, it sounds like an electric car race in my opinion, i don't know how to fix it because it auto fixed when i changed the match sorry
  11. i heard of a dude who'd happen the same, i think the save is getting corrupt but i don't know + not sure
  12. you say cote d' azur and i think about the track, point to point of need for speed porsche lol
  13. we should make a party lol we made a change on the game well done to all!! :D
  14. i don't even like f1 either but i think it's a nice category well balanced, and you can have some real fun in there
  15. as a good person when i was playing i got some ideas for the game +wouldn't it be nice if you could race your multiplayer cars on singleplayer, since i'm not finding a good match and the matches i got in, i end kicked out for winning or being second(ironically) why can't we use out own cars for a better sp campaign? or adding them on custom cup to race with the bots   +fix your own car on the lobby, i mean you know, i started buying my own cars so i need to repair them,  but why repair them on the 30 seconds before race if you can do it in those minutes where you are doing nothing on
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