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  1. Tecnologica


    i'm against the flashbacks, but i use them just to not ruin other people races when i forgot to brake on some turns
  2. Tecnologica

    The Ai on Brands hatch it's super annoying

    i got gold for a second and something less than 500 but i was so enraged that i didn't cared about it as a plus a couple of times i got spinned out on the last turn on the third lap UBERMADNESS!!!
  3. Tecnologica

    The Ai on Brands hatch it's super annoying

    i know how to race on brands hatch since it's my favorite track, I'm having problems with the AI who brakes you on the face and always tries to spin you out as a plus i got mad and tried to crash everyone but they were stuck to the track and the only one who got out of the track was me
  4. Tecnologica

    What happened with loaner cars ._.

    i don't think the tuning thing because it's level 1 i've never raced it, and skylines always outrun me on any race ._. and the people were all newbies and low levels so i'm confused because my sierra with 100% status should outrun everyone 
  5. i was playing the other day with my superb ford sierra on classicsidon'tknowwhat category, everybody was a low level so then everybody was using loaner cars  i couldn't catch the pack, not even cutting some edges and road, it was like the loaner cars were super powered, i know that the skyline is way better than the sierra but i like the sierra most  i don't know what happened ._. sorry i didn't capitalized some words but i'm writing that hell of fast because i'm leaving to the oculist while i write cheers! NOTE almost everybody had the sierra except for two, everybody had the default livery 
  6. Tecnologica

    the handling problem

    why when you are lagged a bit and got crashed from behind, the first thing to broke it's the direction? that doesn't have any sense... as a plus this ALWAYS HAPPENS to me, it's like the handling curse
  7. i was making the racenet race of endurance, the lola ones and i got incredibly mad, 25 is the number of times that i had to restart the race because some stupid crashed me/ or spinned me out of track, i tried to crash them and make my own way between those ducktards and magically the one who got out of track was me ._. the AI was sticked to the track, crashed one in the doors and nothing happened i'm mad at the AI now
  8. Tecnologica

    I Just Want To Say Thanks....

    the Grid autosport it's one of the best track based racing games on all ps3 platform, GT6 was a fraud and i felt like a stupid when i bought it 
  9. Tecnologica

    Racenet Open Wheel Spa Help Please

    amazing overpass, thanks for the tactic!, by the way is nathan mckane who kills my race always on the last meters of endurance, when the tires are on red and you can make a spin easily
  10. hi to all tecno is back since i went down the last week!  meanwhile i wait to fight again with the advisors of ea for some troubles what about if we make a thread where we can order and concentrate our ideas  so then would be easier for admins/devs if they want to see them after that we will make a poll over the most popular ones and well, codies will see if they are implemented or not? what do you think? Rules: as a title post [IDEA]; [FIX]; OR [OPINION] so then would be easier to make the poll later, remember keeping the thread alive so then we can get to somewhere! Here are mine ones! [FIX] -the damage expenses -the white line penalty [IDEAS] -All ghosts for the first 15 seconds of the race to avoid crashes -Fixing your car on the lobby instead after the race -When waiting for players before the race(when you are on the start grid), put a okay mark to show who's ready -Random grid start in public playlists  -kick contravote(useful for friends) -Skip the votation for when it got stuck 4 vs 5 and you have to wait till the end -Expectate the events on progress so it doesn't get boring the waiting till the race ends -Race MP cars on SP -the button "Find races for my cars" -A quick comm system for the ones who hasn't any mic (sorry, get out, good race, dirty) -A car trade system (if possible) well that's what i remember remember to add your ideas and lets try to get somewhere!
  11. Tecnologica

    the inconsistencies ov this bad game ??? GO!!!

    i don't think this is a bad game, it has it's own glitchy glitches but at least it doesn't have any gamebreaking bugs, and codies listen to the people to try to fix the game, wanna take a pill of frustration? Easy as abc play bf4 and then you tell me, freezings, crashings superb lag, rubberbanding and ea/dice only care about launching dlc's more than fixing the game, oh and it's forums are a disaster, rarely active admins (they only appear to erase certain comments ban people) and almost everything is fight over there, OOR this , bugs that, honestly in comparison this forum is heaven, the mods listen to you and your ideas, people are polite, there is a nice community here
  12. Tecnologica

    what about a trade system?

    it could be useful to buy upgraded cars also, it's hard to find races for some cars 
  13. Tecnologica

    Feedback: Online regions

    and appart from that because the brazilians drive like shit!, I understand you i'm on ps3 and I cannot change the region like you(as i know ps3 is region free for multiplayer but it keeps being very hard to find a match) so I have to play with all those random joes who doesn't even know how to brake on a hairpin turn, obviously if I find a match where i'm not get kicked out for winning for over 30 seconds ohh otro argentino listo men aca llueve!
  14. Tecnologica

    what about a trade system?

    i mean, you know like in grid 1 that you can sell on ebay your cars but instead of that, between the users on the same platform  publishing them on a kind of menu where you can trade a car for cash, or for another car or a car and cash, what people think?
  15. Tecnologica

    PS3 Engine Sound Bug?

    oh yesh it happened me once, it sounds like an electric car race in my opinion, i don't know how to fix it because it auto fixed when i changed the match sorry