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  1. Driving almost 25,000 miles isn't long enough for you?
  2. No, that's a blue flag. Just ask Vettel, he's knows all about it.
  3. I have waited so long for this. My body is ready.
  4. Luckily, no, just the 250 trophy. I would not have a Platinum trophy if that were the case. 
  5. Could you explain.  I'm currently into season 52 and a level 9-10 across the disciplines.  What is Platinum? Platinum, as in the trophy for PSN.
  6. Periclesbr said: I think that it woul be interesting add a rally discipline, too. There was a rally discipline. It's called DIRT.
  7. I played it just enough to get the Platinum. The lamest part was repeating the final championships for Ravenwest.
  8. If you mean verbal attacks, I just laugh them off. They talk behind the comfort of their monitors, knowing they'll never butt heads in person. Their words mean nothing. If you mean on the track, just take them out yourself. If there's a large group of them, in most cases you'll have to find another lobby, but that's the worst case scenario.
  9. It's not just for a month, what are you talking about? Besides, it's just money and XP. It's not necessary to buy in the least. 
  10. Since I kinda stopped playing Autopsort and have moved elsewhere, I will share my secret technique to those of you still playing. As you start to brake in a straight line, hold down the E-Brake as well. This will increase your braking power. You do run the risk of spinning if you either hold the E-Brake for too long, or start to turn your wheels, but if done correctly, your braking distance will decrease noticeably.
  11. Yes, that's right. I believe it's per layout as well, but I could be wrong.
  12. Turns out they did respond, but it went to my spam box, so I never saw it. They don't have kits for my car, but they do for my fiancé's car, so I'm set.
  13. I've heard nothing since the first email either. I remember someone saying it took a few months to get their prize from the Intel Challenge as well.
  14. Has anyone gotten their prizes yet? I'm still waiting on my springs.....
  15. We got the same patch as 360 did a couple days afterwards.
  16. So you'd be completely silent on the issue if you were in our shoes?  Good for you.  That attitude is why developers (not just CM) get away with selling tat and why the quality of games continues to decrease.  Personally I expect more from the products I buy. If you don't like the whining, don't read the thread. Either way, you'd be in the same boat. It's not like CM is going to push harder for anything because of a few posts on this forum. Silence or not, we already know these things take time, and whether you think it's because they're truly working on it, or because you t
  17. Maybe they patched it on PC, because it's still reversed on PS3.
  18. How is there a difference between racing with a livery and racing workout one? Just because they race in their livery doesn't mean it's unfair.  It can't be considered cheating if everyone can do it. Nothing other than your own free will can stop you from doing the same. Besides, you act like this is a new problem. People have been talking about this since day one. 
  19. The patch that fixed repair costs should allow you to keep a car for a good while. If you drive cleanly, you can keep repairs to a minimum.
  20. Oh my god, you couldn't be more of a meatrider. This isn't "making light of a situation." But you can't see much outside of your little microcosm. It's sad, really. And I'm not the one that's trying to cause commotion. I'm speaking my mind. Don't like it? Take your own advice and don't read what I post. 
  21. The Demoman Derby is for PC only. Demo Derby is under party mode.
  22. And you wonder why you're labeled as a troll.
  23. Pretty sure the freezing issue is their top priority right now. 
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