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  1. A bunch of beer can make anything seem like fun
  2. If anyone has any advice for me on this I'd appreciate it.  I'm going to have to refund the game before I go over 2 hours if I can't get my wheel and pedals working. @griev0r Have you tried pressing the right hand 4 way switch on the BMW rim to start the game? I have to use that one to log my BMW rim onto the PS4, maybe you have to use the same button?
  3. One very strange thing with it is if you have the PS4 controller set to turn off to save the battery it disconnects the wheel when it turns off?  Im using the Fanatec CSL elite PS4 and at least the rev lights and gear indicator work on it but it doesn't make up for the hovercraft style handling. Maybe it feels different on a Thrustmaster we will have to wait and see?
  4. Well that was an anti climax, WRC7 drives as crap as WRC6 with regards to ffb on a steering wheel - what a let down, as usual all the YouTube vids by people with pre release copies were a load of ball cocks !!!!!!
  5. I'll send you mine if it turns out not to be up to expectations
  6. You can make a custom event and drive any car and track that you fancy to get some practice in :smile:
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