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  1. But will I have to buy it again? That's what I want to know.
  2. I really want to play the game as it is now! BUT I'm wondering if I will have to buy the new-gen version again when it's released or will it be released as an update to the existing one? This is one question that I really need answered before I decide to buy it now or wait.
  3. How about the full Dakar? Make it happen Codies!
  4. I would like: Practice sessions have a "Work Program" of several mini-objectives that help the team develop the car overall. This would give the sessions more useful and make each time that you're on track more important (as it should) The ability to spectate when sitting in the garage (either while repairs are being done or you're just waiting)Bring back Interviews (they were kinda fun to interact with)Pit Assist can be turned off completelyCar reliability should be more important. Perhaps make practice running improve reliabity and more than just KERS and DRS. Engine, Gearbox, Electronics, S
  5. I think the current F1 series is already pretty good but I would like to see a "pro" mode where control of the car is never out of your control. You have to hit your marks on pit stops, be sure not to speed, etc. As well as making the practice sessions more meaningful. Right now you have a single "R&D Objective" on a few weekends each year. But as we know, Any time on track is invaluable to the real teams. Perhaps make the tire wear less the more you run on each type as the team learns more about the tires. But above all, the Holy Grail of new features would be the ability to create your o
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