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  1. Hey CM i just got the drag pack dlc and why cant we see the other cars in game will there be a fix also top fuel dragster would be cool thought...
  2. Hey Codemasters i would like to say some things about the GRID Autosport Intel Challenge Ok the GRID Autosport Intel Challenge is fun but there is one flaw in the game and that is the vehicle case in point i did the GRID Autosport Intel Challenge with my club vehicle  and my team mate did that same his vehicle is fully upgraded and mine is not so to me that is an unfair race challenge. if there's going to be a Challenge like this in the future i think you should add only one car so it could be a fair race for all of us thought...
  3. I've got about 19 cars in my garage,and six of them are all level 1 and i cant level them up every time i use them and if i am in 1 place or 10th place my game crashes and restart it is so annoying and i cant sell them it will not let me so if you have a level one car's don't use it use the loaner car then your game will not crash i tried this last night and its works ok for now. So just now i play on PC so don't know if it's going to be the same for 360 and PS3 hope this fix comes really soon
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