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  1. @justbiglee

    Sorry to bump this to the top, but I haven't been able to play Dirt 3 since patch 1.2 or Dirt Rally until the FFB is fixed.

    While we wait for the latter patiently (I know it's coming), is there any chance of fixing Dirt 3 / Complete edition so that we can get Telemetry out without crashing at the end of every race please. This game has soo much to offer and I really enjoyed playing it until 1.2 came out :(

  2. boons4 said:

    Guys can someone pls pm me or teach me how to change fov n seat height in gas... I read few days on Internet. N I tweak till game crash. I using eyefinity triple. Screen... tks!

    Sure, check my website tutorial out: http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov/howto.php?g=GAS

  3. @justbiglee Hey man, fixing this should be an easy fix to keep us all going while you work out a FFB fix for DiRT Rally. Please can I encourage you to at least form a response. I haven't been able to play DiRT 3 since you brought out Patch 1.2 and broke the API with Error 10038 after the race and CTD.

    Please just give us a "yes we can/will fix it shortly" or a "sod off we don't care anymore"... either will do, just as long as we know.

  4. It's not actually reversed, but some of the forces appear to be inverted, such as grip/slip have been swapped. I think if just this was sorted out, then everything else would suddenly snap into how it should be, but currently it's cancelling out a lot of other forces as it is mixed in to the overall FFB through the steering wheel.

  5. Hadiii said:
    Now i made my own FFB settings for the CSW v2, i can feel the car very good now.

    You can try if you want.

    Ingame settings 50/80/60
    Fanatec Settings: FF 100, SHO 60, DRI 002, FOR 80, SPR 100, DPR 100

    If the car looses grip, the wheel strength is less.

    Well, I'm happy you posted this, it's far from perfect, but is the best yet for me... I changed the SAT to scale=2.0 instead of 1.0 and followed the rest of your file and settings in game and on the CSWv2 @ 540 SEN and it's definitely an improvement over anything else I've tried.

    Thanks man.

  6. xGabe62x said:
    There is a way of transforming the ffb...  Trust me, it's so strong,  you need to turn it down! 

    See steam thread or racedepartment sites for 'modified ffb'  mod. 

    Great start. 
    That is subjective.. the FFB mod seems to work for Logitech Wheels... but I don't have a Logitech wheel so slip/grip forces remain inverted.

  7. Hadiii said:
    I think i fixed the inverted FFB for Fanatec CSW v2

    File: devicesetup.xml in folder: \Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\forcefeedback

    <!-- Fanatec CSR Wheel Base v2 -->
    <FFBDevice name="{00010EB7-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" scaleForce="2.0"  scaleFriction="1.0"  baseFriction="0.0" maxFriction="100.0"  scaleEffects="1.0" delay="0.0"/>

    i changed the baseFriction from -25 to 0.0

    I think it gains the FFB near the Center position very much!

    Please try and let me know if its fine for you to, :smile: 

    Nope, that does not fix it. I tried that on day 1. All that does is make the FFB stiffer to start with unfortunately.

    Device setup for force feedback:

    • name= Device name to display
    • scaleForce= scale of linear wheel forces on this device
    • scaleFriction= scale of friction forces on this device
    • baseFriction= base friction value, can be negative for even lighter feel
    • maxFriction= upper cap of friction values sent to device
    • scaleEffects= scale of effects' forces
    • delay= delay of force feedback in seconds

    IMHO, the editable files contain nothing that will invert the FFB or make it right. There needs to be something in the source code of the game that recognises which way round it needs to be for which wheels.

  8. - there appears to be no FOV setting (or is it just well hidden?). On my triple screen setup the cockpit view is too wide (like I'm sat in the back seat) and the bonnet view is too close.  Everyone's FOV is different (depending on their monitor size and distance), so a FOV adjustment is a must.

    Listen Up...

    1. go to your <documents>\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml and set the following line:

    <eyefinity force="3x1p" osd="" />

    2. Calculate your correct FOV for triple screens (you can use my calculator - http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov - use AssettoCorsa or rFactor2 as the game/sim... and double the result... e.g. mine is 64... I use 128 in the file below for GRID: AS and Dirt Rally (they use the same engine)

    3. Now go to your <steam folder>\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\generics\eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml and set  the Fov angle to the value (x2) from the calculator.

    <CameraAdjustment class="Head">
        <Fov angle="128" />         
        <Tilt percent="100" />
        <Position x="0.0" y="0.0" z="30.0" />

    et voila!

  9. I recall having to set my G25/G27 settings in some games to inverse FFB. I know that Codies (Southam) have mainly G25/G27 setups to test on.... maybe other wheel manufacturers have not been implemented fully yet as it is early access... this would make sense... I'm not going to pick this up again until Codies have addressed other wheels than Logitech.  10/10 till I see you again, over and out.

  10. cswv2 is in game and recognised.... I'm messing with effectsetup.xml and am having 'some' luck in getting a kind of better feeling... but it needs proper input by codies.

    EDIT: To summarise, with the CSWv2, I get surface traction (grip) when I should get traction loss (slip) I have not tried negative scales yet, but have got it feeling better, but nowhere near what it should be... it's inverse! Simple as!

    EDIT2: even with negative scales, it feels better, but still inverse

  11. @justbiglee I was so excited when I read that I could play DiRT3 without GFWL.... yay I thought... I downloaded the complimentary 'Complete Edition', changed all 126 FOVs and started a race.

    Then I edited the hardware_settings_config.xml file to enable the motion seat, simvibe, fanaleds and DashMeterPro and remembered why I had uninstalled the Original DiRT3... it crashes with an error when finishing a race or restarting a race every time.

    So it's either play DiRT3 Complete Edition without the G-Force, vibration, Wheel LEDS and Digital dash... or bust.... DAMN... what a waste of an afternoon. Anyone know any workarounds for extradata="1"?

    It's a known bug (see link below) introduced with DiRT3 patch 1.2, but nothing ever happened to rectify it. Given the uptake of devices that use this telemetry output and the recent change to the non-GFWL Complete Edition , is there any chance of patching this out soon please?


    p.s. Not sure if you remember me from the Community Feedback Day back in October 2013 in Southam, but I just love the CMR / DiRT franchise :) ?

  12. Hi Roger, yeah, the actual screen surface is made from hardboard (Masonite), 1/16" (3mm) and spray painted mid grey :), the frame from some recycled wood from a bedframe cut out with a wood router... cost (in the UK) was approx. £30 for the screen including board (£5, paint £15 and glue £10. projector was about £800 though lol.

    oh and yes, it was me who had did some cam files for the community on Grid1/2... among many others.

  13. Hi GraphicsGuy,

    I'm wondering if it was your goodself that I met at the Community Feedback day last October or one of your colleagues, we had a good chat that's for sure.... anyway, regardless.....

    I don't have eyefinity, but I do have a rather large 21:9 curved screen running at 3360x1440.

    Is there anyway to force the eyefinity settings/FOV file even when using a single screen as I can't play GAS currently due to FOV being incorrect for me. (should be 79 vertical FOV for my setup)

    I see an entry in hardware_settings_config.xml :

    <eyefinity force="" osd="" />

    Can I use this and if so, what do I need it set to, to force the settings to use the adjusted FOV in eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml to be used by the game?


    A quick peek at my screen: http://www.mrpix.co.uk/ProjectImmersion

    I'd like play GAS and put some vids up, but just can't do it without modding every cam file and I just don't have the time.