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  1. For me, online racing and the community is the two most important things. So i hope we get more online features. Leagues, spectating, broadcasting and stuff like that on consoles aswell.
  2. An odd thing happened today while i was browsing youtube looking for good g29 ffb settings. I just stopped and fired up DR2 and started mixing and changing myself while playing around with different cars. All of the sudden the ffb felt great, i could feel what was happening with the car, almost 100 feedback of the road and behaviour. Wth i thought to myself. After a few minutes in the menues and trying out more cars it suddenly struck me... FW cars! All i been driving in DR2 are the AW cars. It's night and day really. It's strange though, that AW and RW cars have
  3. Tyre slip and engine are greyed out for med under force feedbacken ps4. Why?
  4. Hi CM, Could you guys please release a patch for consoles and pc with the same code for ffb as in DR1.
  5. Just installed dirt 4 and set everything to max in ffb.. Same softness as in DR2. Something went wrong with ffb after DR1. Did you get complaints from the manufactures that DR1 ffb broke the motor in the wheels or something?
  6. Hi CM, Could you guys please release a patch for consoles and pc with the same code for ffb as in DR1. I got both games on ps4 pro with a g29 and shifter. Playing dirt scares me and I can feel what a beast i'm driving on gravel, in a forest, at 160 km/h. Struggling to keep it on the road. Playing dirt 2.0..it's like driving down to the supermarket in a stationwagon. Please don’t abandone all of us that screams for more ffb. Sure Dirt 5 is around the corner and all focus is on that.. but come on, I've seen threads a year old from loyal fans asking for a ffb fix. It
  7. In all fairness.. No racing game is a simulator. It's a game. A game trying to mimic real racing sure, but not a simulator.
  8. Hi folks, In the shop building a mount to hold the shifter that arrives later today. What i've seen is that there are holes underneath it that you can use m6 screws to tighten it real good. I'm drilling holes on my mount but have no idea what the measure is between the two holes. Anyone know? Preferably in centimeter. Thanks in advance.
  9. I just bought a logitech G29 and have very weak FFB. Tried all different kind of settings but not getting any good FFB. Tried DR, PC2 and the FFB are much more present. I feel the different road textures, understeer and much more force when trying to make hard turns. So there is nothing wrong with the G29. System: PS4 pro
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