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  1. hopefully codies are going full steam ahead toward their first X1 and PS4 epic B)
  2. RacerPaul65

    Goodbye :)

    good luck in your future endeavours Ben :)
  3. RacerPaul65

    My New Video

    I don't know what to say apart from you need to practice that's as kindly as I can put it
  4. RacerPaul65

    xbox one

    In two weeks time I will be yeah, Forza 5 is a great drive imo. having said that, I'd be happy to see Codies do something along the lines of GAS on the X1
  5. I've not quite got a presentable lap in yet but hopefully i'll be looking at <1:50 cant see me getting a '45, that's good going mate :)
  6. You're one of the reasons I still like to do this.  For all, RacerPaul65, DJ Baker, Viperin etc., taught me a lot with our old Tourist Trophy game on the PS2.  His videos are still on YouTube and one of my favorite runs of his is here.  http://youtu.be/FMzHPuD36HQ?list=UUC3xPacqm3qC4Ln39bDI8pA His thread the needle @ :29 is a thing of beauty. wow, 9 years ago that lap :)
  7. RacerPaul65

    The future of grid

    I believe that a major part of GRID 1's appeal (for me, anyway) was the absence of tuning and upgrades just get in and drive. boom!
  8. RacerPaul65

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    McLaren, McLaren, McLaren :D
  9. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    Correct. It must make sense to someone somewhere. Someone who's never played a computer game possibly. lol! :D
  10. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    am I correct in thinking that we can't save the touring legends extra championships part way through? :(
  11. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    indeed it is, finally. and very nice it is too :)
  12. RacerPaul65

    October 7th 2014 Xbox 360 patch.

    forget the corner cutting, i can't even get the dlc yet :(
  13. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    so you think ms is withholding the dlc and that its not a technical issue?