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    online race time counter

    should it not be counting down so that we know how long is left to wait? it counts upwards and I'm a tad puzzled
  2. hopefully codies are going full steam ahead toward their first X1 and PS4 epic B)
  3. RacerPaul65

    Goodbye :)

    good luck in your future endeavours Ben :)
  4. RacerPaul65

    My New Video

    I don't know what to say apart from you need to practice that's as kindly as I can put it
  5. RacerPaul65

    xbox one

    In two weeks time I will be yeah, Forza 5 is a great drive imo. having said that, I'd be happy to see Codies do something along the lines of GAS on the X1
  6. I've not quite got a presentable lap in yet but hopefully i'll be looking at <1:50 cant see me getting a '45, that's good going mate :)
  7. You're one of the reasons I still like to do this.  For all, RacerPaul65, DJ Baker, Viperin etc., taught me a lot with our old Tourist Trophy game on the PS2.  His videos are still on YouTube and one of my favorite runs of his is here.  http://youtu.be/FMzHPuD36HQ?list=UUC3xPacqm3qC4Ln39bDI8pA His thread the needle @ :29 is a thing of beauty. wow, 9 years ago that lap :)
  8. RacerPaul65

    The future of grid

    I believe that a major part of GRID 1's appeal (for me, anyway) was the absence of tuning and upgrades just get in and drive. boom!
  9. RacerPaul65

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    McLaren, McLaren, McLaren :D
  10. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    Correct. It must make sense to someone somewhere. Someone who's never played a computer game possibly. lol! :D
  11. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    am I correct in thinking that we can't save the touring legends extra championships part way through? :(
  12. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    indeed it is, finally. and very nice it is too :)
  13. RacerPaul65

    October 7th 2014 Xbox 360 patch.

    forget the corner cutting, i can't even get the dlc yet :(
  14. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    so you think ms is withholding the dlc and that its not a technical issue?
  15. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take the money till it was installed successfully, but here I am 10 quid down in my ms account and nothing to show for it before anyone says it. I'm aware that ms purchasing is the same in all cases, ie take the cash then send goods and that codies didn't make it that way in any case, I've paid in good faith and I want my product codies. simple as that
  16. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    I still haven't been able to get the touring legends dlc. I've cleared my 360's cache, bebooted my internet connection but still no joy come on codies for heavens sake. I've given you the money for the game and I want to give you 10 pounds more!
  17. RacerPaul65

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    indeed, I tried clearing my cache but am still unable to get the touring legends pack keep trying and await news I suppose
  18. GT Legends on pc is that game B) Can be bought very cheaply, will run on quite low-spec pc and Crystal Palace can be obtained for free as an add-on track It's an epic game
  19. The result is bored  simply because repeats cars and tracks. Obviously the  number of challenge is clear why there are 6, that´s the reason i´m purposing 10, 2 per discipline, is not so difficult to add it and give more variation and interest. Grid 2 is even more interesting in that. I watch the RN Challenge from the game, the Racenet web is under maintenance....i was hoping that someone was changing the challenges...mmm...XD, should i hope a change or not?? Salute. maybe you could treat the racenet challenges as I do. I don't see them as entertainment but a means to an, end ie the money the rest of GAS is the entertainment B)
  20. RacerPaul65

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    cossie of course B)
  21. RacerPaul65

    Is this the upcoming TOURING CAR DLC?

    I love toca! roll on next week B)
  22. RacerPaul65

    online race time counter

    yeah I kind of arrived at 280-ish being the max but then I was proven wrong lol
  23. RacerPaul65

    online race time counter

    oh please. we could do that before the counter. if there's a counter it should eliminate guesswork