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  1. Well, here are my thoughts.... What most of you guys seem to misunderstand is that Codemasters didn't create a full driving Sim. This game is a cross between arcade and sim. Give you a taste of different types of car. You expect the cars to handle like Assetto Corsa. If you want to be real, get a full sim game and drive there. I run my own online Sim League, so I know what I'm talking about. The game is what it is and I think the makers have done a fairly good job that gives you some fun but won't push you to the limit like real Sim racing would. Thumbs up Codies for a Arcade game that gives t
  2. Hi guys The skins look great! Well done. I run a online sim racing league and I'm trying to get the drivers into GRID Autosport. If some good GT skins could be made ,it would go a long way in helping interest to grow for the Grid series. The sim guys usually look down on "Arcade" games, as you well know. Keep up the good work
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