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  1. Im good, been in Melbourne since July aha Its been a long time since i was on here
  2. @onetwothree Oi Bruce                                                                                                                                            
  3. Where's OneTwoThree?                                            
  4. Sony phones are top notch. Although the waterproof seals always end up ripping off, happened on my last 3 Sony phones. Solid piece of kit though
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/jordiedafc/Mobile Bit of fifa
  6. Is it though? I wouldn't be happy finishing 3rd if I was a Spurs fan. That was your best chance ever to win the league and you blew it....and blew finishing above Arsenal.... I expect Chelsea to be back next season with Conte, God knows what pep will do with City and even United could be back with a few signings. 
  7. Because Everton are probably on par with Aston Villa atm playing wise, couldn't have asked for an easier must win game to secure safety.  Just feel that they wouldn't have got that result against most other teams
  8. Gotta feel that Sunderland cheated relegation a bit by coming up against an Everton team that would probably get relegated if they played like they have done the past 3 games for a full season. I dunno, I'd feel hard done by if I was a Norwich or Newcastle fan.....saying that I'm glad Newcastle went down... Everton are brutal though, they've been shocking the past 3 games and they've made a good decision to ditch Martinez who I reckon would've had then in a relegation scrap next season. How he's that team is in the bottom half....
  9. It would be a dream if Sunderland and Newcastle went down..... Sunderland been dodging it for years and are overdue, and Newcastle I just don't like 
  10. Oh yeah, there's no doubt about it that PES has the better gameplay, it's actually a challenge!  I was just really disappointed that they have the Euro 2016 license and only have 1 stadium from it compared to ea who have all stadiums ect in their World Cup games and Euro's when they did it. I like the gameplay, but I like all the extras too. It's only 17 in Asda, might be cheaper elsewhere 
  11. Whilst at work today I saw that PES 2016 was down to £17 and had the license for the Euro 2016 Championship. I like buying the World cup and Euro's games when they come out using all the stadiums, cool intros ect.... Got home and holy shit what a disappointment....the whole game....it has ONE stadium from the Euros, and only 15 of the 24 teams licensed. And like another 8 or 9 stadiums both generic and real life. And they seem to have less teams licensed than before.....it's just such a poor attempt.  Although once again it plays so much better than Fifa, as per usual. Fun to play but I
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nv3YdCBQB0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41x7ysJKjrw CHAMPIONS that is all                                                             
  13. Got a letter gym saying I hadn't paid my direct debit for this month and had suspended my account.....looked at the banking app to find it was paid and then the money was returned to my account?
  14. The dlc is payware apart from the next one
  15. Yes, Jaegarbombs will always go down a treat too lol. On New Years Eve someone brought along some Polish 95% vodka. All I can say is it nearly ripped my head off. Me and my mate had 14 in one night.....that was a good night
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