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  1. CMMcBabe

    Why is my VIP Code on Dirt 3 not working?

    The code will already be redeemed by you, so cannot be redeemed again. If you go to your owned PS Store content you will be able to find it there and download it again.
  2. CMMcBabe

    Grid Autosport

    We released a fix for this. Could you let me know how it goes?
  3. CMMcBabe

    GRID Autosport

    We have released a new update that should fix the problem.
  4. You are not able to see their PSN ID/Steam Name. They are free to enter it as their RaceNet name, but they do not have to do that.
  5. If they have signed up to RaceNet then it will show their name from that, if not it is DiRT Player.
  6. CMMcBabe

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It's not "only stage results data", the other cars are running it. There is a lot of changes that would have to be made to make it work, it would be rewriting the multiplayer system.
  7. CMMcBabe

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The AI are not the problem. Short answer is that it would be a lot of effort.
  8. It was always off before, now it is possible to turn it on and give yourself more of a challenge.
  9. No great conspiracy, I forgot to include it on the list. Liveware problem.
  10. CMMcBabe

    Season pass

    The DiRT+ events are only unlocked with either the Deluxe Edition or the Deluxe Edition upgrade pack.
  11. CMMcBabe

    Infinite loading

    Which platform are you on?
  12. CMMcBabe

    Achievement "Fire Up That Car... Again"

    Yes, fixed on PS4. You will have to top tier in a daily event with the Quattro after downloading the patch.
  13. Unlikely to be something that comes in the near future, it would be a lot of testing to ensure that it is not affecting performance or causing any issues.
  14. The simple answer is that we overhauled the entire input system in the mean time. It works a lot better than it used to, both in the parts that you see and in the under the hood parts we use.
  15. Chipping in as a game developer, it is not simple.