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  1. There was a DVD PC release. You will still need Steam to install that data and then to download the updates. I am not sure where will still have it in stock, we do not tend to do high numbers of it after post release.
  2. Can confirm, the last bit is rather hard. There was a previous game that had a lot of work trying to get it to work and be first party compliant, but there were problems finishing it. It was intense and hard to get working right.
  3. When purchased we did not purchase any of the products or code/content they had previously made (which makes a lot of sense, IP law is big). All of the work they had previously done is owned by Sony. This is a lot like when we bought the Sega Racing Studio or Swordfish (I would have loved to work on a Fifty Cent game!), we got people and a building but no products. SMS is different as they owned the games they made.
  4. I'd just like to chip in here, the Cheshire studio wrote the engine for Onrush from scratch, it was not an existing engine. They have since then modified it a fair bit for DIRT 5.
  5. Just so you know, there is too much content to fit on one disc.
  6. Cheshire studio is having a lot of renovations done, which is good. The new Birmingham studio is really nice, I got some jealousy at parts of it. Never try to read too deeply into these.
  7. My job involves making sure all of the development teams are kept up to date with what they might need for the future. I also went to visit the new Birmingham studio recently.
  8. Our Cheshire studio is still up and running, I was up visiting a few weeks ago.
  9. AFAIK it is just that it is simple.
  10. They are the internal codes we use for referencing the cars in code.
  11. Excuse me, whisky and not whiskey.
  12. I did the big picnic tour last year, it was great! Got a wee bottle straight from a cask that I am saving some something VERY special.
  13. It will be hard, I need to figure out what drink to have for the bells. Laphroaig is always good but I might get a bottle of Port Charlotte.
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