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  1. SublimedNine

    Gridautosport game freeze

    You're lucky if you get 12 or 13 races without a freeze, I stopped playing about 3 weeks ago after I managed to do 1 race in an hour of trying. I went out & bought Destiny the day after, may come back if the game ever gets fixed but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. SublimedNine

    Codemasters blame xbox live

    I didn't get the win, I got lapped twice in fact :o This happened on the 2nd lap of 4, & as I said after the teleport the car carried on under the control of the game, like an AI, but at the stately speed of exactly 22 mph. I told the others in the lobby what was happening, several of whom I had raced with many times before, so I carried on in the race to see what happened & got a DNF as it timed out as normal.
  3. SublimedNine

    Codemasters blame xbox live

    The teleporting to the finish line & getting a very quick lap time in not neccassarily a cheat, this happened to me once at Chicago in a street race. I got 28 seconds into a the 2nd lap & was teleported to the start line getting a 28 second lap, also after this happened the car carried on driving, out of my control, at a steady 22 mph till the race finished. I think a similar thing happened to another player a few days later when an impossible time was set & after that the car was very slow for the rest of the race but as the player wasn't on mic I didn't ask if the same thing had happened to them. Hmmm. Looks like the post I replied to has been removed, it was about cheating for anyone who didn't see it.
  4. SublimedNine

    GAS Freezing

    Same here, 2 freezes & 2 disconnects in the space of an hour last night so gave up after that.
  5. SublimedNine

    Sale of Goods

    I got a refund from Microsoft within 2 weeks of the game's release as the game wasn't 'of satisfactory quality' or 'fit for purpose' as described by the UK Sale of Goods Act, this was due to the corrupt save issue. I then made the mistake of buying a 2nd hand copy of the game when that issue was eventually patched. Forgot to mention I bought the game as a download through X-Box live.
  6. SublimedNine

    GAS Freezing

    I've had the game freeze twice today while in my garage checking cars out. That's on top of the 'normal' freezes on the race screens. I'm on the verge of giving up with the game altogether TBH.
  7. SublimedNine

    Grid/Codemaster's killer

    Seems to me that CM are committing suicide already with Grid, P-cars will just provide the coup de grace, hopefully.
  8. SublimedNine

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    I  just got my money for the Touring legends DLC refunded, been trying to download it for over a week & seems pointless having as I.m unable to play online at all this evening due to the freezing issue.
  9. SublimedNine

    G:AS not working properly... once again

    I've had 3 freezes when doing Racenet challenges so can't be due to different versions.
  10. SublimedNine

    GAS Freezing

    Was that freeze while you were downloading something in any way realated to GAS? Like a freeze from the main Xbox main menu screen? Or was it within.the GAS game itself? I am just wondering if this was a XBL problem?  I was trying to download a gamer picture that had nothing to do with GAS. I've also spoken to a couple of other players this evening & they had probs, one was watch a film when they got a freeeze.
  11. SublimedNine

    GAS Freezing

    I had the game freeze several times last night but also had a freeze while I was in the dashboard trying to download something.
  12. SublimedNine

    Touring Car Legends Download Problem (Xbox)

    I'm unable to download the Touring Legends pack, I've tried a few times since I bought it 2 days ago, it gets to 1% then stops. I'm in the UK & haven't had any problem downloading the other DLC's .
  13. SublimedNine

    Random Grid Order

    What he said.
  14. SublimedNine

    Microsoft are doing refunds!!

    Good to hear you got a full refund too, it's not quite unprecedented though, I received a full refund on the 11th of July. I also had to go through a trouble-shooting session with one of their tech wizards before getting the refund.
  15. SublimedNine

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    That's not always the case because I was issued a FULL refund to my credit card by Sony... You have to make sure that the representative that you speak with puts in the report that you have troubleshot every possible fix to the game corrupting... Even though Sony knows there is a direct issue with the coding of the game, they still won't issue the refund unless they know that you have troubleshot. Examples of troubleshooting are... 1) Deleted and re-installed the game 2) Deleted your save data and started a fresh save 3) Restored your system files via safe mode 4) Rebuilt system data base via safe mode 5) Installed the game on a 2nd PS3 system It seems that Microsoft maybe the same, I had to remove & re-install the game, my profile & my hard-drive in a trouble-shoot one of their tech guys took me through before I got a refund from them. This was also a full refund & was on my credit card.